Civilization VI Intel HD 520 Integrated Graphics Performance

August 18, 2019 posted by

Good day to you and welcome, I’m Backerization and today I’m going to show you how Sid Meier’s Civilzation VI actually performs on this integrated graphics, which is HD 520. Now, on the left you can see the rig and it’s i-5 6200U processor which is an ultrabook one, weak one. HD 520, which is the integrated graphics of this kind. It’s in the ultrabook ones, so it’s quite common if you have M-version, you have slightly more powerful integrated version, or integrated graphics. There’s 8GB of RAM, 800 Mhz, which is the slowest one and stock hard drive 5200 RPM. Right away I have to say that I was unable to record this on just the integrated graphics so the FPS you can see on the top left is higher than you would usually have, because right now I’m running it on the dedicated graphics. However, the graphics (visuals) that you see are the lowest settings possible… if you want to keep the ratio… I’ll show you one of the problems… beforehand I’ll tell you that the FPS you usually get with the integrated graphics of this kind is somewhere around 19. Sometimes it drops to 17 or 16 once you go really outside… you know, with the zoom. However, as you reveal more of the map actively, which means it’s colored, not this retro style map, the performance decreases heavily, so if you have a lot of cities around it can actually drop to somewhere around 12. However, very often you will deal with FPS around 17 and it cannot be helped simply because of this reason. Now, this is the graphic settings and this 1366×768 there is no 1280×720 option! You cannot lower that even that bit. You can of course go even lower with 4:3 settings, yet no one wants to play for 4:3, because it’s a non used ratio right now. You can definitely try it, it helps a bit, howeve,r it doesn’t really help that much. Eeven with all these things lowered you can still get something around 19 FPS, if you lower the setting/the resolution and go to the lowest possible resolution and then play at 4:3 ratio, you can actually go above 20… For the majority of game… However, once again as you get more and more stuff discovered with this colorful style, so it’s actively discovered, it gets even below 20 and even though this is a turn-based strategy game getting below 20 is the pretty bad and it makes the experience a lot worse, so I wouldn’t recommend at all. If you want to play Civilization go and get Civilization 5 (V), which will be discounted and it’s actually a solid game. This one I feel is not better for single-player because of its AI, however, for multiplayer it is better. Just take a look at Trump (TrumpSC at if you want to see someone playing a lot of multiplayer of Civilization VI. However, Five is ok, so if you want to go and try some stuff, a 4X strategy game with the just integrated graphics go and get Civilization V. Civlization VI is… I’d say unplayable right now. Well, hope that this helps you decide whether to get Civ 6 or not and, well, thanks for watching and see you next time!


4 Replies to “Civilization VI Intel HD 520 Integrated Graphics Performance”

  1. lifehackertips says:

    In the video it says nvidia 940m not Intel hd 520

  2. Ardeshir Panahi says:

    Bummer. I was thinking of getting this on my laptop since the demo played OK, but I suspected it would get slowed down as more map got revealed 🙁

  3. Martin Žitniak says:

    Backerization only you need is better ram. I have same problem on Intel HD 520.. fps is 17-26 max but use standard memory….in another vieo use i3 6100u and has better fps as mi on i5 6200u ? … big ?i3 6100u max fps in some scene 34-35fps (another video), 6200u max only 26fps.. wtf…. is big different…as your video same spec. same result…I have

  4. Neil Carlon says:

    The title is misleading what a pity youtuber. The video demonstrates the nvidia 940m capability. Eh don't bother telling me that you were unable to record it on integrated graphics. It's bullshit.

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