Chuck Jones – The Evolution of an Artist

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  1. Fábio De'Rose says:

    Chuck Jones and Tex Avery are two of my greatest childhood heroes.

  2. v1e1r1g1e1 says:

    That F***ing FROG!!

  3. odibex says:

    there's a couple few things things I see on YT that really bend my shit and one is going to listen to music that happens to be old, and looking in the comments and people saying stuff like "Oh they'll never be music like this again!" or "These guys are better then 99% of that crap out today!" – like they somehow totally forgot that when they were younger their parents and grandparents were saying the exact same things. it honestly sets me off in a way I can't justify . . . but, I gotta say I've just not seen anything like the Looney Tunes cartoons in the years since I was a kid. just not anything, it's a different headspace. it stretches your mind and gives it room to be in that space.. I dunno I feel like I'm being a hypocrite, I don't think I think so. they were actually the only thing on TV that both me and my dad wanted to watch..

  4. Anthony Longobardo says:

    7:59 that line reading killed me lmao

  5. Doom Brownies says:

    Deadpool ain't got nothing on all this fourth wall breaking…

  6. Adam Jackson says:

    Can we please start a petition or something to get these back on TV, I’m sick of the shit they try to pass off as cartoons today

  7. Mr. Brightside says:

    Chuck Jones is responsible for some many great childhood moments

  8. WillN2Go1 says:

    I was photographing in the Warner Brothers Museum on the back lot in the 1990s. Movie stars everywhere. One day a buzz went through the studio, everyone was excited: Chuck Jones was coming to visit the studio. That says a lot. I also knew Ralph Warner's daughter. I asked her what was it like being the kid of a Warner Brother? She didn't talk about meeting celebrities and the perks of wealth, she just said, "We got to see the cartoons first."

    'nuf said.

    Two things every animator had a stop watch and a mirror. What does surprise look like? Make the face while looking in the mirror, or sneak up on the person at the next table and watch their face. The stopwatch: how long does something actually take. The first thing I think any animator learns is just how fast things happen in the real world.

    I kind of suspect that the Twitter/instagram world understands the funny image, the punchline, but they haven't yet got to the set-up.

  9. Andrew Rodriguez says:

    I don't know if we'll ever again have cartoons as great as Chuck Jones' Looney Toons.

  10. Michigander in Exile says:

    2:57 Grinch face.

  11. alex carter says:

    It's just so weird seeing these in color. The road runner was blue???

  12. dagoelius says:

    Carl W. Stalling was also the secret weapon behind Looney Tunes. Without him they are just cartoons without emotional timing.

  13. PinkOld says:

    From a time that will never be again.

  14. PinkOld says:

    To this day, Bugs Bunny seems more alive to me than so many actual human actors.
    It's really a testament to the magnificent animation, writing, and Mel Blanc's incomparable talents to voice that character that Bugs nearly comes physically so alive.

  15. PinkOld says:

    Growing up, the two men I most wanted to be were Chuck Jones and Mel Blanc.
    Lives very well lived.
    Total legends

  16. Cool Coyote says:

    and is not the only one either. back in those days there were loads of decent artists and animators , but only the best survived hence all the greatness we got, also this level cartoon was the norm. but there was much better hand drawn animated movies than this. Now we have crap

  17. Jim Jim says:


  18. Jason Schultz says:

    Not to mention the fantastic underscores! Amazing!

  19. tomgio1 says:

    I always wondered why the Looney Tunes cartoons resonated with me more than the others when I was a kid (1971 – 1978), even though they were already 20+ years old, bumping up against the more modern competitors. As an adult, now I have at least a little insight as to why. They still hold up, and to this day, I quote them (or do arguably decent impersonations) at work or with friends…and it kills! The writing and the gags and the visuals were always apparent, but this next-level knowledge of the context, direction, and underlying thematic expression brings it home. Thank you, Chuck Jones.

  20. Troy •Artist says:

    A bygone era. Keep moving forward i suppose.

  21. James Passmore says:

    I was an Inbetweener for a while.

  22. BibiBosh says:


  23. James Cn says:

    A real genius

  24. LoganX69 says:

    Now compare what you've heard here to modern cartoons… it's like they literally have no soul :/ they have nothing… ofcourse there are few good modern cartoons 🙂 but 99,9% are extremely bad :/

  25. Blame USA says:

    Far batter than anything we have now, or ever will have. He should thank all the lefties for killing comedy and film. He will be the greatest forever thanks to them!

  26. Micah McGowan says:

    every gag that shows up i laugh and im playing into their meta mind games

  27. Malcolm Wolfe says:

    too short.

  28. KONGO JOHN says:

    The Platinum Age of cartoons

  29. pukeylukey199 says:

    Films studies class paying off?

  30. Roman Herbig says:

    Small thing: at 5:30 it is said that Bugs Bunny never picled fights. The early Bugs Bunny acgually picked fights, e.g. haunting Elmer while camping and searching for gold.
    I once heard they changed that immediately because Bugs would get mixed sympathy, creating no stable character.

  31. Slack says:

    the old cartoons are the best…today's modern cartoons are absolutely abysmal by comparison.

  32. MrSpaceMan 11 says:

    I teared up there in the end

  33. blackl1steddrums says:

    Wow I really took these cartoons for granted when I was younger, now I'm in my thirties and can see just how sly and clever they really were. Genius!

  34. Kyle Frank says:

    00:45 This will never not make me laugh.

  35. soakedbearrd says:

    Chuck Jones is a legend, by far my favorite animator.

  36. khatdubell says:

    I always liked the original daffy better. Before he became bugs bunny's bitch.

  37. DAFU Really Though says:

    That's the good stuff right there

  38. Disco Biker says:

    I grew up on Looney Tunes & now I watch with my granddaughter. She & I love the episodes where the big dog takes care of the little kitty! Ooh, ouch, ouch! Lol! Then there's Bugs, when he gets hit on the head…"I'm only 3 1/2 years old!" I love them all…the crazy scientist, Foghorn Leghorn, Bugs, Marvin Martian, Yosemite Sam, etc. Good stuff!

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