Chicago Graffiti Artists x Cubs | Art & Baseball

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22 Replies to “Chicago Graffiti Artists x Cubs | Art & Baseball”

  1. Forest says:

    Wassup Stuk

  2. Norwall Music says:

    Rollin out great stuff as always fam. Very amazing work, my friend.

  3. eat out virigins daily says:

    OHB making big moves… Weres the first lady merlot

  4. Vicente Ramirez says:

    Graffiti is becoming more acceptable. I love it.

  5. Kevin Treski says:

    Everything looks so good! I need to get my hands on those hats and prints! Great collabs!

  6. Fraily Recio says:

    Let's gooo cubs


    wow all their art looks amazing!! GO CUBBBIES!!!!

  8. J.Marz says:


  9. Noel Duran says:

    Hi guys I was just trying to say that I am a big fan of the cubs and every time you guys play I always watch your games!!!!

  10. Kelli Bradley says:

    Yeah Stukone reppin Rockford!!

  11. Morgan G says:

    My dogs name is Clark 😛😂

  12. Joyce Gresham says:

    I love my Cubbies!!! You guys are so talented thanks for being on the Cubs team!!!!

  13. Camden King says:

    lets go cubs been a fan since birth

  14. Bradeeen Brunth says:

    In 2016 when the cubs won it was my b day

  15. Hello People says:


  16. Lil Guppie says:

    Go cubs

  17. Softball Girl19 says:

    Hi everybody!!

  18. Bradeeen Brunth says:

    Let’s go cubs you da best

  19. Mason Griffin says:

    Hi guys I just wanted to say y’all are the best team and y’all are winning the World Series again

  20. Hayden Coffman says:


  21. HugoPrimeGaming says:

    go cubs go

  22. Miso Weeso874 says:

    Please consider subbing to me.

    If you are thinking of there’s anything else about this comment we’ll not

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