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  1. Mihir Gosavi says:

    Woooh ….. Sir u are just amezing your thoughts were jst mind freaking i was in hunger to know about this field and u did it very well uthis video give my lot of inspiration to do this ||| thankyou soo much #ChetChat for this pricious interview………………….




    Really superb ,helpfull information regarding industrial design………..

  4. jitesh Dutta says:

    Could you mention some of the german universities teaching this course…!…it'd be really helpful.

  5. sobita dias says:

    Thanks madam

  6. sobita dias says:

    My son want to do bachelor of UI/UX design. Now he is doing IT enineering 2nd semester
    He wants to discontinue
    Please advise

  7. Varun Raj says:

    From this interview
    means fine art student not eligible to automotive design because they are not from maths science background.

  8. GANESH BANSOD says:

    it was amazing session sir. I am looking forward for such more session on Industrial design

  9. Dinanath Lad says:


  10. M. Sudha Manvitha Manvitha says:

    I have interested…in..fastion design.. sir….but fastion design course fee structure is very high sir..my Dady ..normal farmer …plzzz.. I have more more more interested in fastion design course.. plzzz help me..sir give me chance to me..

  11. Atul says:

    Me Diploma holder in Mech. Engg. with 3 years of Experience as Service Engineer, but i want to switch my line into designing field,

    which is best software for learning and getting good salary in industry?

    in between, solidworks, unigraphic nx, catia?

    and after 1 or 2years of Experience in designing field, how much salary i can get?

    Please Reply

  12. Divya Acharya says:

    Hey ma'am..
    I am really impressed by the video..
    And i had one request to make..
    Right now im employing my 11th grade and im more intrested in designing and mathematics.. So gan you do a video which would give a brief about other designing feilds and also about the different batchlor courses offered in NID.. Because I really want to make a successful career in designing and im able to get a clear picture of what kind of designing I need to study for..
    Hoping for reply and a helpful video as soon as possible :).

  13. Ankit Jha says:

    Where's the second part? Pls upload

  14. harsh borderwala says:

    Whats the difference in industrial design and product design?

  15. harsh borderwala says:

    I like to do drawings. Can i do masters in industrial design after b tech mechanical engg? And whats the scope for it,?

  16. Arya rb says:

    What are the opportunities??

  17. Digvijay pawar says:

    sir… which is better in industrial design is product design or transportation design…

  18. shinto v says:

    Very useful video ❤👏

  19. Ajay Krishnamani says:

    Wow! We should shift discussions to things that matters…

  20. MOHAMMED AZEEM says:

    I am a mechanical engineer from 2018 batch. And I love the way things are designed around me and it inspires me to think how could I possibly enhance it or solve the problem related to it. I want to be an Industrial design engineer and this video of yours provided me with some good unknown websites and facts about the industry. But one of the difficulties related to mechanical engineers is that they are not given an opportunity unless until they have good experience. For a fresher it becomes difficult to guide oneself in the right path due to lack of opportunities. I am practicing sketching an know few CAD tools and actively looking for an opportunity. Can you help me deciding exactly what should i be doing to get into the industry .

  21. Kabo Kesiilwe says:


  22. The Weak Potato says:

    Hello Mam and Sir, I'm currently doing Diploma in Mechanical engineering 2nd year, 3rd sem. Should I give my UCEED during third year? If yes, Should I appear for it during third year or after third year? Thank you for this amazing video, I took Diploma since Sir said it's better to have an Engineering base. Looking forward for your reply.

  23. Solution For All says:

    I m a mechanical engineer and i want to do some job oriented course and thus i thought to go for industrial design.So should i do it and exactly from where and also the scope in state like chhattisgarh

  24. Seba says:

    Nice interview! Like the idea of sketching instead of taking photographs. Really good advice.

  25. animesh bajia says:

    after doing 4 years of (BFA) fine arts can we do our masters in product design?

  26. Praveen Kumar says:

    Very good one. !

  27. abu adil khan says:

    thank you so much sir for your helpful talk ..

  28. Vineeth Ganji says:

    awesome… really informative..sir ..
    very much thankful that i have got this video to watch….i thank #ChetChat you are doing a good thing in help youth like us.. thank alot..

  29. Dharshini Kavitha says:

    Can a person do EEE and do designing..please can anyone answer

  30. prabhjot singh says:

    i have done mechanical engg in 2013 and hav job exp in quality and wish to move in desigining….and sir interview and my thoughts co related ….but how i know iam good enough for taking this course …and is it to late to move in designing..

  31. viraj lohate says:

    Currently I am doing BE(Mech) after BE shall I go for BDES/MDES investing 4-5years will be worth it or shall I do Design courses? & I subscribed:)

  32. asish mathew says:

    Is there much kind of drawing works in industrial designing?

  33. Tippana Sreenadh says:

    thanks for sharing excellent information

  34. AayushnBabita Kumar says:

    Hello ! I'm Aayush, Can i choose Humanties after 10th cbse if l am focusing only on designing as career aft.er 12th, for which i will give nid and uceed exam? Will doing so have benefits?… Not boasting but i have been very good in both science maths and also sst, or is taking science have any benefits?,

  35. Riya Verma says:

    Hello mam.
    I am a PCM student. I am good in art and sketches . So should I choose architect as my career or industrial design or fashion designing because I am perplexed completely…Plz guide me

  36. Sagar Vasyani says:

    Tysm sir for being so informative even globally,n mam u r surely doing great,helpfull job…👍😇

  37. Czr says:

    I agree with this guy. ID needs a highly amount of technical knowledge. Maths and physics foundation are very important.

  38. UX Design Master says:

    Your video is also very nice!

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