Canvas: Making a Content Page with Tabs

September 11, 2019 posted by

This video shows how to make a tabbed content
page inside Canvas. Tabbed content pages can be useful for putting
related information on one page that is easy for students to navigate. There is a sample content page with tabs located
in the Canvas Commons. To find it, click on the Commons link in Global
Navigation. There are many content pages with tabs inside
the Canvas Commons. For this video I’m going to search for one
that I shared [spell “Beyrer” correctly for best results]. It is the Sample Page with Tabs. To import a resource from the commons into
a course, click on the name of the resource select the course, and then click the import
button. Once the import has finished, go to the Pages
tool in the Canvas course [click] View All Pages, and the page Sample Page with Tabs
will be listed. The Sample Page with Tabs includes header
and footer text, which is useful to have because sometimes students will not click on the other
tabs as they advance through a module. When editing a page with tabs, it’s important
that the link structure is kept at the top of the page. One way to do this is to write link titles
*inside* the sample and then delete the extra characters at the beginning and end. And then of course make sure that the headings
on the page match the links at the top. The content paragraphs can also be replaced. [even with embedded video!] Another way to edit, when in HTML view, is
to change the link text at the top within the hyperlink [] tag
and then to change the tab content paragraphs within the

tag. Of course this might involve changing the
paragraph breaks back in the Rich Content Editor view. The header and footer text can be changed
either in rich content view or in HTML view. As long as the text or images or other links
[include video embed code] are placed within the tabs, the tabs should be kept true when
the page is viewed by students.


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  1. marusia petrova says:

    how do you make you page full width, without the right side menu?

  2. Biochemist says:

    Thank you for taking the time to make this!

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