Cannabis Church Goes High Tech – Reflections Show Podcast With Psychedelic Visuals 4K 2019

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giggles the motherfucking shade and it's your girl Vee and you already know what time it is I'm here with my main man Joseph Andrew yeah I'm so excited to have you on like I don't think people understand so yeah I've been stalking your social media cuz I like all things colorful and pop in and you do everything that's poppin so can you tell like my followers a little bit something about Joseph and how you started the reflection show well it was about eight years ago and vision having a show that had a lot of programming put behind it so that people could really feel the energy of the technology a lot more than something that was kind of maybe sometimes throwing together in a month or two because it's like years in the making or refining and continuing to make it better so I thought that yeah there was a little bit of a lacking area there and it's it's gotten better Productions are still amazing out there but there's always room you know for more competition and stuff but I'd say my biggest inspiration from the show has been through you know like the use of cannabis like the way that it opens up the receptors in the brain to create creativity and I wanted people you know to enjoy the technology but the enhance you know how the hi enhances what you feel and then using technology to continue enhancing the way you feel when you're stoned and that's kind of why I have all these different elements in the show to bring your your altered state to another level because for like people that haven't seen it you allowed me to watch the show first so I can get the full effect not just like social media yeah images because photography doesn't do it justice like the photography's dope but the show is fucking killer like my mind is blown a few months ago I died like only you know my followers know what happened oh wow and I saw that hole tunneled like parts of your show literally triggered something in me and I felt like I wanted to cry I was shocked I wanted to scream like you really did hit all the nerves would you consider this like a visual effects type of a show or like just soul touching I think it's very sensory experience you know mind-bending altering type thing where nosov in you up to like a deeper understanding like who you are and what you're reflecting on when you hear the message and then the technology with it to just like help enhance it a lot more and really dig it into you by using technology and in a unique way to push that message into you more so you can create that change that we all need right now yeah well we all know like from us talking privately we know you've been through a shit ton of stuff yes artists go – yeah I mean you know the best go through the hardest shit right but like who was little Joseph like when you were growing up is this something like you envisioned or were you like I'm gonna be a doctor and then you were like nah fuck it I'm gonna do dope shit I've always wanted to be an airplane pilot because I like you know working with a lot of buttons and tech and then I decided that I want to go through the schooling of it and all that confusing stuff that I have to learn about it's like teaching our fighters play and I'm the one learning about wind and this scientific miss of wind I don't know that so I think for the barriers of college and learning things I don't really care to learn about is why I just been more self-taught but the young Joseph you know I've always been into lighting as it's a core level and then I got into like Club lights like heavily in the last eight years when it comes to using intelligent lights and and programming them to not just do whatever all night or whatever during a performance or just more than just a static look where it's kind of just lights lighting up a stage blue or something just creating like a dynamic level of lights that move with the music see like inside of it like a lot of people say I felt like I was inside the music that's the whole point depending on the sound what's happening will determine if I want to put you through a tunnel or put you through some type of different effect you know I felt like in the beginning like I was dying again when I was dying it literally was the most peaceful tranquil thing ever if that song makes sense and there was that moment and when I saw that tunnel and then all of a sudden you incorporated just this light it literally brought me back to that moment how'd you how'd you design something like that like what triggers you that inspires you to manipulate sound and vision the way that you do because it's it's genius by the way well I guess learning what the lights are capable of by sitting with each one of them and learning about the mechanics and what it can do is the first thing before I start to create sit here is knowing what my technology can do and then using all kinds of different calculations and numbers and programming effects here to create it so but the first thing is to if you know what the technology is capable of then you can learn how to create what you want to envision but it first takes time in the manual spending time with it and learning what it can do as far as the optics go zoom wash Spock prism gobos different things that are part of a light color and then trying to like put all that together based on sounds that you hear most of my inspiration comes and I'm actually driving in the car oh I'm all about it you know we're taking a chance like real loud and sometimes it will happen here in this room but we try to keep it down nowadays but it used to used to get a little bit more loud in here and just like experience all the energy of the lights and life control it and just go on these epic journeys there were four hours long a lot of people have been on and just amazing and then drew that I can be like I'll change this should do that you know see just there's no like direction it's mostly like most things are discovered accidental or just create to try on there that's why it's kind of like when some people say oh you got to have to have a plan for this and plan for that I mean what I like about reflections of the most is that we're open to many different directions for expansion and there's not like just one set way obviously would be good if all the different things that you're trying to do you know composition and happen but having as an artist having you know just do whatever you want and not have to answer to someone that's like a director or just doing it as much as they can there's less barriers but certainly it definitely takes knowing what the equipment can do before you can start creating this show took you how long to come up with it's been eight years long time and lot of Education and I was up till 5:00 in the morning and tweaking the show before y'all got in here any more stuff so and I gotta do more things and you know we like any artist you go through different you know creative blocks and things that are going on so it's always evolving what you saw is like you know looks good it's amazing but still you know unfortunately we have that we've had that creative block just because of the different energies that surround you in a place when you're doing something like this and you know now we're learning do you know how to overcome that so we're back to BAM now what was the first piece of tech that you had that made you say oh I'm gonna fuck with this I'm gonna get into this heavy was that the computer was it a light switch like well I've always been into lighting on decor level and then when I moved to Florida I met a friend of guy a friend of Mines that had like some club lights in his house and it was really it was really neat degree old but and then from there I got 18 I got into club lighting but I always did it like as a hobby and then it wasn't until you know getting into real professional lights that I discovered that more that's capable of by having like software and hardware which is like super expensive so unfortunately we're sitting in front of one of the sick it's that can you tell us like about the kind of equipment that you're using cuz it's not like me with a strobe light at home yeah and twinkle lights this is fuckin intricate like there was snow there was bubbles there was it looked like the graffiti confetti I don't know there was so much shit going on bro so I'm still dealing with it I'm gonna I'm gonna have dreams about this shit tonight people are speechless for a few weeks after yeah I'm kind of fucked up it's um it's amazing and to watch it a little bit again cuz the one person you know one you like that was a treat yeah so I was all into it but um yeah so like was it just lighting or did you get your first computer and like discover software well I always been moved since Doss and Windows 3.1 always been the computer since I was real young so you do coding and all that yeah we do our own code things like that would be like white hat yeah we do I had all right no mess no that blackheads no that's too much yeah so with the all the equipment here to go back to that this is all like being used at like the biggest shows right now out there so we have a small space but that's why we need to grow into something much larger because there's a lot more potential to what we can do we can spread the lights out more have a bigger auditorium have the right kind of rigging you know do a lot more things already walls so that's like the next phase we're in word beta 4.0 but you know we hoping that 5.0 is gonna be like off the hook now there's the size of the audio let's say you were in Madison Square Garden you can still pull this show off there well yeah I have a lot more of it and spread I want to have three times the amount of lighting that you saw tonight when it's we have a lot so just imagine like three times more and yeah we could definitely do something in there so no no size is an issue doesn't matter how big the spaces yeah these lights freakin right there like cannons you know there's just they're way too big they don't amount of picture that they can throw is just wait this room's way too small you know we need some like five ten times the size they really give them justice and that's just give them justice but they could still go you know they have limits now what I like about the show is like not only does it have all this like visual and and um you know even the music stimulates you all that but there's also like a deeper message behind the show itself like what I got from is is like pursue your dreams like never let nobody including yourself hold yourself back or others who do back so am i tripping with that or did I get that that's right you got it right you know it's uh because I was like fuck yeah today I'm gonna work I got so had a lot of people yeah a lot of people real hype after you leave when they hear the message and there's a lucky little tried to derail you in your plan and then they have they do they do it it's tough at first when you're going through it but I've learned to you know take it it was positive now but you know when you're when you're going and I grew up on my own a small town so I wasn't use of that type of culture that I experienced in different cities you know people are really fucked up so it was definitely a change I'm still learning every day New York because there's some fucked-up shit out there yeah my I was ex born there but I didn't grow up but yeah there's a lot of screwed up things going on everywhere and that just holds everybody back you know so it's not I think it's like the people that don't have because one of the messages was like even about like um having that passion that drive like putting in the work basically and I maybe I believe that that's what has people so angry at times and where they try to derail you because they don't have the passion like you do to teach people like to see other people suffer and it's unfair because it doesn't make any sense for growth of humankind civilization but I think that they should find the passion and not have their previous regrets a lot of people are older and have purpose regrets of their path and their choice in life and that's your choice that was your life that's not mine don't get in my way but it's kind of yeah I've learned it to lift me up with all that bad energy now you have to keep pushing but for anyone that you know is going through like not having the motivation that they seek you got to determine like what kind of future you want to have and what yeah it had to be passionate about it like if you're passionate about something you'll find that Drive so maybe these people haven't found what they're passionate about and that a lot of times happens like people don't know they haven't sit there to try to discover something that makes them feel more whole and with me I think about what I've been wanting to do with most of my life since I was a kid I've always been trying to think about what I want to do I wanna do something awesome I'll do something amazing I just always think about it every day and then it finally the idea start popping in but if you don't take time to think about it and meditate about it you're never really gonna find your direction no way you were chasing this dream like were people supporting you because sometimes when you told people I have this plan I wanted to kick ass shit they're like no get the nine-to-five bro it's a close family and close friends unfortunately that you know they just want you to be at their level and stuff and everybody's just want everyone to grow but yeah there's people that create doubt there has been and you know I just believe what's deep inside my soul and in my heart and it's just there's just no way that I can be taken from me and I'm I no matter what I've gone through I've always there's a protector watching over me and the project yeah because no matter what I've gone through always find a way through it the problem is a lot people are going through a struggle they'll give up or they resort to you know destructive behaviors and then that's when they fail so even being down there's times I talk about being down on my last dollar and show speeches and I still found a way you know so a lot of people to get down to that last dollar getting near it and they get depressed they'll get you know they start doing things that are a counterintuitive to getting out of it and then that's when you become a statistic that's when you become you know trapped in your own yeah you can't allow that you know and then there's sacrifice like for me I'll be here working on this versus going out partying or doing something else you know so sounds like my life another thing is people don't want a sacrifice way they need to get where they're going and that takes a lot of sacrifice it takes a lot out it takes a lot out of me to sit here in program and I don't align and it's straighting having fun it could be you know you're cursing at the board sometimes and you know making everything do what you want and what you envision it takes a lot of the combinations and things get put together then you get it but you always always get and always sit here I'll sit here you won't quit and I'll fucking hand hash that shit out for 10 hours so I figure it out I'll do it so now I don't have run this thing like I could pop around this no you know no you really can't find a lot information about this on Google you know what I mean this is not something you're gonna find tunne you could go to the website you can do online manual you know but I think for me with my lighting system and any lighting system is like owning it having it out there so you can actually physically use it work with it is or if you do it in 3d or something you know you have to have the resources to try to kind of create by just putting it you know having having the board and stuff so right yeah I had a different board at the time so that this is now the granddaddy of boards oh yeah this is the software all this stuff and everything is working cohesively together yeah they all work together yeah that you're missing you got every piece well no we're got more like led walls more rigging so you're not done there's so much more going on barely twenty percent there so this is gonna continue to just elevate and get bigger and bigger correct yeah we have to I have to continue growing it is an insane experience for a lot of people they love it they can't get enough they feel you know renewed and like spiritually connected again with the universe and a lot of people have lost like their connection to you know mother earth and nature and the universe the media and society is kind of like angry and it's just so look things that have going on people have said about you and politics all that so it feels good to have something that is kind of spiritual yeah what needs it yeah we all need it and there's a lot of great there's a lot of room for great productions and more productions like it you know sometimes get frustrated when people think that you know there's not you know you can't be doing something a little different and you're just put a little twist on whatever you're doing and it could be done even if it's being done already look at Steve Jobs with the phone he did a twist made it more easy to use and more friendly more serious and like a dick so you know he always said just don't look at your competition is competition look at it and look how to do it differently you know something wild or anything just a lot of time I think what sets me apart of a competition there's a lot of time they'll sit here and dedicate to suit programming and you're how old and you've achieved all this just turn 35 oh my god happy birthday shout-out to you happy birthday to you thank you yes sixteen it's coming so so older but whatever oh so you're a Gemini Oh cancer oh you're a cancer where we tended you know can't just tend to be more you know they have my best friends in cancer so perfect fit so what do you see like this show going in the next five years like where do you want to take it ultimately well we were looking at Denver Colorado or Portland Oregon want to be a cannabis ministry you know cannabis church so we're officially a 501 C 3 not-for-profit and we also have our for-profit version of it too but we want to you know have different or you know inspirational speeches throughout the day and throughout you know the weeks and the show different speakers that come and talk about like their journey and what they've gone through is it it you know it's not gonna be any nothing biblical related as yet because I believe in like a higher power where the aliens are God whoever creators you know I there's more out there than us so I believe in just like telling people how to go through life's journey as an entrepreneur if they're really trying to do something and using just high-end multimedia to help you get there and that's all this is so mind-blowing to me now what can people like find your work like you have a youtube cuz i stock instagram and all that yeah so yeah so on you know facebook you can go to reflections show and you'll see like the upside down triangle there like a dingy background on it and then you could reflect join Instagram as well same thing YouTube reflection sharing it we're still starting to grow like the YouTube presents and stuff you can focus more on like social but yeah social media is everything but YouTube is like so huge especially with what you're doing are you able to even show your work maybe showing some of it yeah we're gonna be doing some film but not a lot of it cuz it's like never I can't capture the way I want to capture the show in this room cuz it's so small so I don't really get the view that I want and then we want people to really want to come experience it too but when we get into the bigger space that you'll spread it out and to create the picture that I want the look that I want to really really really want to be able to get all that on tape it up the camera being so close to not being able to see the entire entire view they can't really just can't see everything yeah and if it'll use it fisheye it doesn't look good you know so but we are gonna have some highlights very cool very cool now we know where to find you it's gonna be fucking sick is there anything like you're looking for you looking for dancers anything or you guys recruiting or you're hiring like do you need anything because this is everything like you need to have music videos you know we need to be doing so much stuff here you're done a perfect yeah Mitzvah yeah well this room is we want to do we're open right now into social media influencers a good engagement that want to hire them for the next release that we're doing with tight times that's coming out have the potheads here you'll have to go on their show there um that a web show do you know them I you know I've hired a lot of people that we hired we're like from Europe in different parts of the country they're out here well one of the one that like to be more local – yeah oh I gotta introduce you they have a web show and they do like cooking with weed like everything and he wants to talk nerd shit so we have over here go through a show and then I'll go on a show – you know we'll tweak out yeah we got time well thank you so much roast of like it really is an honor to be here this is so badass like I can't wait for people to experience it I don't think that they could experience it the same way on TV as in person so it is a show you have to come in person to see cuz just it's so much like I don't know what the fuck I'm gonna do with myself tonight when I go home like I wish I could take it home with me is that weird well it's definitely a treatment be able to play with it and just sitting it whenever you want and enjoy it maybe it's more like a program that like is the wallpaper for your phone and it's like trippy like that we have different backgrounds and we're gonna be coming up with like videos that people can watch the real trippy and have visual type experiences like we need atmospheric music and we've done a lot of journeys in here oh we take you on like a real atmospheric psychedelic trance II type of journey like three four hours it's the very spiritual the very very unique life people into him there's the live control there's a pre-programmed show and then there's the motivational speeches there's a lot of things you know it's a party that BJ's come in sometimes I play music we party well it's a good fucking time here so if you guys are looking for a good fucking time definitely look at Joseph um fine reflection show I'm gonna be sharing their work we're gonna be doing more work together I'm sure cuz I'm not gonna just like stop visiting yeah so but yeah definitely check you out and it's been a freaking honor thank you so much for having me thanks a movie – thanks it's bigger than she did my mother fucking out you

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