C4RF_Vyper [Visuals: Vyper by Dan Butcher]

July 29, 2019 posted by


9 Replies to “C4RF_Vyper [Visuals: Vyper by Dan Butcher]”

  1. gioni lotyo says:

    Great music: keep it up!

  2. WizardOfAfrica says:

    came from Film Theory!!

  3. OakTheGuy says:

    love your music man

  4. G-piste Etana says:

    Here from game theory, good job dude!

  5. Lead Skeleton295 says:

    Can you please make me an 8-bit intro song for a new series that I'm doing on my youtube channel? I have a small channel and I want to start a theory series.

  6. Meta Christ says:

    amazing, as always 🙂 danke and spasiba 🙂

  7. Kaci Phillips says:

    Heard your mix on the background of Film Theory. I'd be checking the live stream right now if bandwidth in my house wasn't on premium at the moment :/ anyway none of your sounds disappoint, I'm looking forward to more

  8. Cian and the animated doggo army says:

    So glad you’re back

  9. The Sir Rolfe says:

    Very cool, very 80's to.

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