C# WPF Material Design UI: Tab Menu

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  1. RANS SS says:

    thank you it's very nice and helpful

  2. Никита Кузнецов says:

    Полнейшая хуета.

  3. Umidbek Mengliyev says:

    It isnt tab menu, its simple changing viewcontent with button several event.

  4. Shannon Chow says:

    Hope to see more your videos. Thanks for you kindly sharing.

  5. Alvin Chesaro says:

    Great tutorial man. Incredible job 🙂

  6. UnRunDead says:

    I have a App with only 2 Buttons as Tab, The Stackpanel is HorizontalAlignment="Center", how can i set the Position of the GridCursor, that it fits with the First Button ?

  7. UltraElec says:

    Cómo hiciste para abrir ese desglose por favor en el minuto 2:24

  8. Ulul Azmi says:

    Share Source kode

  9. Er. Himalaya Chawrasia says:

    where you have apply application resources code… i don't understand have you copy from anywhere please tell?

  10. The Professional المحترف says:

    design spacetonat

  11. Luiz Gustavo says:

    Cara, continue com esses vídeos que tá sensacional, melhor conteúdo sobre wpf disparado. Simples e direto, ganhou mais um inscrito!

  12. Кирилл Филиппенко says:

    Great stuff! But let me make some adjustments:

    Im not sure that using events in WPF is a good idea.
    You'd rather override TabItems via custom styling. For example:
    1. Make TabItem's BorderThickness 0 0 0 5
    2. Set triggers on prop "IsSelected" on true
    3. Assign setter Border to prop Background with Value of any color you'd like.
    4. profit.
    That way you gonna get pretty 'material design' tabmenu. Or use dragablz. Good luck 🙂

  13. FGA Creative says:

    Ok nice, but how to show different content in each tab???

  14. Amir Gharajedaghi says:


  15. Shahdan Turung says:

    good tutorial, you earned a new sub . (^,^)

  16. DotaPlayerArt says:

    Você poderia mostra como adicionar uma Page, em vez de mudar a cor ele adiciona uma page assim como um menu hamburger. não achei nenhum menu q seja no top assim como o seu com evento de navegação

  17. hassan nasir says:

    from where you get resource dictionary? copy paste?

  18. jiapeng hong says:

    thanks teacher,you did a good job, I really like your tutorial, I hope to see you more videos.

  19. Arika Afrin Boshra says:

    tnx 🙂
    how to show table data in a graph…plz upload…i am waiting… 🙂

  20. Sayko Men says:

    nice bro

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