C# WPF Material Design UI: Dashboard

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  1. Victor Van leeuwen says:

    This is the paste @5:47



    <ResourceDictionary Source="pack://application:,,,/MaterialDesignThemes.Wpf;component/Themes/MaterialDesignTheme.Light.xaml" />

    <ResourceDictionary Source="pack://application:,,,/MaterialDesignThemes.Wpf;component/Themes/MaterialDesignTheme.Defaults.xaml" />

    <ResourceDictionary Source="pack://application:,,,/MaterialDesignColors;component/Themes/Recommended/Primary/MaterialDesignColor.Blue.xaml" />

    <ResourceDictionary Source="pack://application:,,,/MaterialDesignColors;component/Themes/Recommended/Accent/MaterialDesignColor.Indigo.xaml" />



  2. Marko Rothe says:

    The icons in 4:10 are not visible and not in the middle of the button. I cant find the error.

  3. Hans Bams says:

    is it possible to have 2 areas in the piechart so i mean 20% male 80% female for example

  4. Eduardo Kuhn says:

    Muito legal hein cara. Parabéns!!

  5. DevilLand says:

    how was it done?

  6. Heitor Vinicius says:

    Caraaa… antes de tudo parabéns!!! Amo planilhas de Excel e tenho em mente tornar algumas que criei em Softwares/App… o que você me sugere aprender??? Não conheço nada de programação, mas sou um grande curioso e admirador do que vocês fazem. Desde já agradeço!

  7. haydar M.Al-samawe says:

    Really Great Job Sir, I hope you can make a video about DataGrid its very helpful for a developer who works in the database , with my respect

  8. haydar M.Al-samawe says:

    great job, just I do not know why I cannot get the same button effect as you have in your project you have this flash effect but I just get a color change, I hope you can help , with my big thanks

  9. Ahmed SCHHAIDER says:


  10. Renan Pinheiro says:

    Muito bom, estou começando agora com o mundo UWP foco em IOT e isso me ajudou bastante, fico feliz de ver tantos gringos comentando em um vídeo de brasileiro, orgulho define ! Parabéns pela iniciativa.

  11. Thiago Caldas says:

    Muito bom!!

  12. Paperfold Oriart says:

    Thanks for the video. Easy setup

  13. Aleksa Djordjic says:

    Is there a way to change the Chart size , i want to use it in my project , but it is kind of big , and i can see the preview in the Designer (is there a way to enable that ?)

    Edit : The documentation is archived , and i can see the answers to discussions and issues …. :/

  14. rafik azizi says:

    layyrham lwaliiidin hahaha

  15. Andrei Pashkov says:

    Very good but the music is annoying…..

  16. mounika reddy says:

    I download the material design but when I use it in my xmal code it shows materialdesign is not definded why these happened

  17. MorselOfBread says:

    Very good, thanks!!

  18. zia khan says:

    how can i download this ?? i can't download the material design via visual studio.. can you please give me the direct link?
    i m using visual studio 2015 professional.

  19. Kura Tason says:

    Nice, very nice. more Videos pls.

  20. Muhammed ASLAN says:

    great job keep going 🙂

  21. Галюк Сергій says:


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