Build MT4 EAs (No Coding Needed) with Visual Strategy Builder

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in this video I'll show you how to build automated trading strategies with forex testers visual strategy builder all right so this is the visual strategy builder by Forex tester and you can get a link to how to access this below this video this is very much a beta testing product so I just want to throw it out there and see what people thought of it and how they could make it better so keep in mind that it's very basic and I don't know if you could build completely automated trading strategies with this tool as it is however I believe that you can use it to test some ideas that you have and I personally believe that most people aren't cut out to be fully automated traders but we can use automated trading to test some ideas and you know see what works and have a quick test so that you can get some ideas on where to go next and I think that's what this can be really good for so let's take a look at it so I logged in I created a free account I have gone to my profile page and the first thing you want to do is create a strategy so you can build strategies templates and indicators I think most people are going to be most interested in strategies but the indicators are definitely a good one to look at also so let's go into strategies and then create a strategy and we'll give a strategy okay so great strategy and then you have this visual interface that allows you to create new strategies according to all of these different elements like the value the price the time and you have all these indicators that you can use right now the thing that we want to start with is a basic idea well what kind of what idea do you have that you want to test out so one of the big things in trading is a moving average right so maybe what what if we bought if price is above a certain moving average so for example let's say that the take the 50 moving average right so what we're gonna do is we're gonna add price here and then we're gonna say price mm greater than right so let's try greater here and then greater than the moving average so we'll take the moving average and drop that in there most platforms have a moving average features so I think this is a good one to test so let's take a look at the 50 moving average I'm going to change this to 50 and then let's go to exponential I like the exponential moving average we'll apply that and that's good to go okay so this is very basic obviously you know you wouldn't only want to take along but let's just try to sell it for the sake of this exercise now once this condition happens when price is greater than the movie the 50 moving average exponential moving average now what are you gonna do so this is the action so let's say we're going to open a market order right and then we're gonna edit this market order and we'll do a buy let's do to 0.5 and then keep everything else as it is except for the stop loss and take profit so let's just say that we're gonna do a 25 pips stop-loss and a 250 pip take profit so 10 basically 10 our trade will leave the rest of it as it is just for simplicity and we'll save it now once you've created this create your rules for this trading strategy hit save at the bottom here and you'll see that the save the changes are saved and then you can hit test strategy on the bottom and then you can do one of two things you could either download it for metatrader4 and that will give you the ex4 file so you can upload it you can download it for meta editor which will give you the source code or the mq m q4 and kill for file whatever the source file is for Metatrader and then you can download for forex tested for and that will give you the dll file that you can install and start testing it so let's do it that way because I've always found many traders back-testing feature a little not not so easy to use so I'm gonna download that file let me take a look your strategy being downloaded okay yes so I have a dll file downloaded as you can see down here now what I'm gonna do on my other screen is I'm I'm gonna drop it into my Windows machine so that we can start running it on a Forex tester for so put this in there and then have an update cool okay so now that that's on my Windows machine I'm gonna hop over to my Windows machine and they were gonna create a new project so new project and I'm gonna test this on the let's call it so this is test one let's call it test two I already have a test one and gbp/jpy and on a daily chart right so we're gonna go next and then I'm going to find the poly and it's gonna test it from 2003 until 2019 so that's good we're going to create the tics okay so once that happens it will start testing but now we need to pause this here and then we need to upload the strategy so we're gonna go to list of strategies and then we're gonna uncheck the one that's currently there and then we'll go up install a new strategy and then install that test one strategy that we had this one install okay strategy strategies installed now we check on this and then you have to check the properties Forex tester has this weird thing where you need to set the symbol I don't know why that's necessary but so you set the symbol there timeframe let's do the daily I mean yeah daily and then apply and close okay now make sure that the strategy button is clicked right that's unclick this is clicked when it's blue okay so that's selected now we're gonna start the test and just to show you what's going on here for you to get a better idea of what's going on I'm gonna put the moving average in there we're gonna go 50 exponential and it's gonna be yellow okay now let's start it up since this is automated let's put this on full speed and go I'm sorry it starts in one minute so let's sum so let's go over to the one day since we changed it to daily okay there we go now let's start that up oh I didn't put the moving average back in on this time for you okay yeah for accessorize this weird thing where you have to add the indicator to each time frame I don't get that but okay so let's start it up and here we go so as you can see every time price closes above the 50 moving average you get a buy order if it's below the moving average it doesn't do anything and it just simply arbitrarily sets the stop-loss at 25 pips and at a profit at 250 pips now this is obviously a bad training system right or is it let's see let's find out now obviously I'm not gonna have you watch all of the trades that would take too long but I've run the test already I let it run and this was the result on the pound yen so I think you might find the surprising if we go to view and statistics we can see that we started with a $10,000 account and we had a 10% win rate now ordinarily you might think that's terrible right and it usually is but if you set your profit targets wide enough or you have a big enough pack the target to the profit target to make up for the losses then you know some of these systems can potentially be profitable so with about 10% win rate but we also had a 900 percent return so that's phenomenal now I'm not saying that you should trade this I don't think this is a viable trading strategy and it only seems to work on the pound yeah I tried it on other currency pairs and I just tanked the account so this is the only one where it seemed to work and I don't think that you know this is a viable trading strategy unless you really put it through its paces and figure out why this is the case and why this works one thing I did notice what the execution is that if you look at the bottom here the DEA is opening two trades per signal and I don't know why that is I'm gonna have to look into that but it's only opening it's only supposed to open one but its opening too so I don't know why that's happening so realistically you're probably gonna you're looking at 400 you know 50 ish percent return but which is still pretty phenomenal so I think this would be a really good jumping-off point to possibly refining the strategy and seeing why why only the long side right why does the long side work so well and I've tried different variations of this with just the short side and long and short and they both did terrible but for some reasons along side it seems to work pretty well so you could experiment with different moving averages different lot sizes this is a fixed lot size also so if you tested something with percentages like risking 1% per trade that might give you a better or different result at least so this is one way that you can use the visual strategy builder as a quick and dirty way to test some ideas that you have no obviously I don't think that this is ready for primetime yet they have said that this is very much a beta product and they just want to get out there and get it out there and test some basic features so you're not going to be able to do things that are too complex like for example you can't do candlestick patterns they don't have that yet but if you want to test some very basic things related to common indicators and price movement then this can be a good way to get started so again if you want to try this out the link is below this video that I don't think they've publicly advertised that anywhere so this is the beta testing project so you can get the link down there and if you found this useful hit subscribe because that helps me make more videos alright thanks for watching

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    The fact that its a monthly subscription is a no no for me. i stopped buying adobe products because of this exact pricing scheme.

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