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Do you want budget Hackintosh for 4K video
editing? Built from brand new components and ready
for massive future upgrades? Then this video is the right for you. Hi, I’m Teresa from morgonaut.cloud and
I help people to save money on their Hackintosh builds, I help them simply to build a perfect
Hackintosh. If you are new here, then please click that
subscribe button and hit the bell next to it, so you won’t miss any of my future videos. The people who are in touch with me already
for some time knows, I build hackintoshes of all categories, from ultra cheap based
on old components up to monster brand new top specs builds, like now my last build as
this Intel Core i9-9900k Hackintosh monster. But I’m getting lot of comments about how
to build really affordable Hackintosh for 4K video editing, which users can easily upgrade
in the future even to the mentioned i9-9900k. So I decided to build such a cheap Hackintosh
based on brand new components just for purpose of this video, but than I felt in love with
it and now I use this Hackintosh primarily for all my video recordings. So now let’s jump straight into the specs
and what components I chose and recommend. I chose the Asus Prime Z370-A motherboard,
because it is by my opinion one of the most compatible mainboards for any Hackintosh build. And it even supports Thunderbolt 3. You can expand RAM up to 64 GB and CPU support
goes up to Intel Core i9-9900k. So you are absolutely not limited by this
board in any aspect and the same board you can reuse for your next upgrade to a monster
Hackintosh sometime in future. For CPU I chose the Intel Core i3-8350k, which
is the cheapest easy overclockable CPU with 4 cores and high frequency and Intel HD 630
integrated GPU which will help with encoding acceleration using Intel QuickSync technology. Now I can hear you – Core i3 CPU for video
editing? Are you kidding? So wait till I show you it’s real life performance
later in this video. What surprised me, was a fact, this Core i3
CPU has about 60% of performance of my Intel Core i7-8700k, but for just about one third
of the price. So I started to use this machine also for
all my video encodings. Yes, again you can hear right, i3 CPU for video
encoding. Am I a looser? So those are the most important parts. For RAM I chose just two 4GB sticks of some
cheap 2800MHz memory so in total 8 GB of RAM, and yes I can hear you again – whaaaat?? Only 8 gigs of RAM for 4k Video editing? As I said – wait 🙂 Yes, you’re right, it
is really recommended to have at least 16 GB of RAM for video editing, in my main production
machine I have 64 GB of RAM, but we are talking now about BUDGET 4K video editing Hackintosh
and this little baby can handle it even with only the 8 GB with ease. And finally for storage I chose very affordable
Samsung 970 Evo 250 GB NVMe M.2 drive. And I forgot to mention GPU – I chose again
very affordable Sapphire AMD RX 580 8GB Nitro+ version which is 100% compatible with macOS and is running
great in the latest macOS Mojave. BTW if you want to build also similar system,
just look at this video description, there you can see links to all components I used. And because I always try to make Hackintosh
easily available to all people, even absolute beginners without any knowledge how to build
a Hackintosh, in this video description you can also find link to already prepared and
tweaked EFI Clover folder, so all you need to do is to just follow my tutorial (link
is again under this video), install macOS on your disk and then just copy my whole prepared
EFI folder into it’s EFI partition. That’s all. You can have your own perfect Hackintosh up
and running in just an hour. First I will show you some synthetic benchmarks
and then I will show you the point of this video how it performs in 4K video editing
and some conclusion. So, synthetics benchmarks. First let’s have a look at About This Mac. Latest macOS Mojave, 4 GHz Intel Core i3,
8 GB of RAM and RX 580 GPU. Onboard audio is fully working, as well the
Intel Ethernet, RX 580 Metal supported Samsung 970 EVO NVMe M.2 disk drive, all USB ports
correctly mapped and working on advertised speeds. So let’s run now the Geekbench benchmark. 5461 single core performance and 17090 multi-core
performance. Let’s check now the GPU compute benchmark
in OpenCL. 143080 points OpenCL score. Let’s check the Metal performance now. 142252 Metal score. Now let’s go to Cinebench benchmark CPU
and GPU. 668 points is not so impressive, but the strength of this CPU is somewhere
else then 3D rendering, you’ll see that later in this video. Let’s check now the OpenGL benchmark. Quite 125 fps, that’s very good. So I enabled back all my monitoring utilities,
which I disabled to not influence the benchmarks. Intel Speedstep working, so power management
is working OK, also sleep and wake is OK. All sensors and monitoring tools completely
working. Also the same for GPU power management. So let’s open the DaVinci Resolve. I prepared some 4K test project based on RED
files, which are converted from their 6-8k resolution to 4k. So when you look here, all files are exact
4K footage and they are in 4K timeline. All clips have some colour correction applied
and added a LUT and some of them have few more nodes with additional corrections. So, scrubbing in timeline is absolutely fluid
with not a single slowdown. You can look at the GPU usage and also check
the CPU usage at the same time. Absolutely no dropped frames. Realtime playback exactly at 24 fps, that
means realtime. CPU usage around 44%. So let’s render it out. Most of you will publish to YouTube, so I
choose YouTube and H.264. And now, that’s interesting. As you can see the CPU usage and the GPU usage
are at it’s maximum, that means we are fully utilising both at the same time, so there
is no bottleneck in the system. Rendering is twice as fast as real time playback. So this build is what I would called a perfectly
balanced system. So let’s try export it into ProRes 422 HQ and again, same scenario, absolutely maxed out every portion of this build. CPU temperature stays in high fifties even
with the cheap air cooler. I absolutely love this build. Nice performance for cheap, and also the low
power consumption is a very nice benefit. Now back to what I mean by the “perfectly
balanced system”. Absolutely does not matter if you have top
spec high end CPU, high end GPU, but poor disk. The same in reverse, it’s pointless to have
the best GPU but the rest not on par. The key is BALANCE. The whole system must be balanced so any of
it’s components is not a bottleneck. So as you could see, none of the components
in this build was a bottleneck. Better GPU with this CPU would not help in
any way and also better CPU with this GPU would not help too. This is what I call perfectly balanced budget
4K video editing Hackintosh. So again, just a reminder, links to all components
used in this Hackintosh and also already prepared and tweaked EFI Clover folder configuration
you can find now in this video description. So as you could see you absolutely don’t
need to spent thousands of Dollars on a Hackintosh, to be able to edit and render 4K videos, even
with a low budget, you can go and buy brand new components and build of it a perfect Hackintosh
for 4K video editing. And you can easily upgrade it in future. So I hope you’ve found in my todays video
some new inspiration, if so please click on the Like button below, share my videos anywhere
you can, so more people can benefit from it. Subscribe to my channel and hit the bell next
to it, so you won’t miss any of my future videos. And don’t forget I don’t have only one,
single video, I’ve done lot of useful videos and tutorials already, so watch them too before
asking. You can also join my Hackintosh and Macintosh
groups on Facebook, Reddit or my website, links are again now in this video description. So that’s all for today, thank you for watching
and see you next time my Hackintosh friends.


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