BROKEN Apex Legends graphics for best performance! (FPS Boost / Athlon 200GE)

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TierZoo: I got no ammo. LSG: Hahaha TierZoo: Oh my. What is happening?! Are you seeing this? LSG: This is not good! OH GOD. Let’s see: a new free to play battle royale
game from the devs of titanfall 2 releases with no warning and it is actually really,
really good? And if your PC is just a bit under the minimum
requirements you can actually make it look like this to make it work? Is it my birthday? Welcome to the LowSpecGamer. Is your PC not quite enough to join this latest
craze and you are willing to sacrifice almost anything to get there? Badabim, badabum, what the f$% is happening. Want to get in on this fun? Let’s get started. So: Apex Legends runs on the same fork of
the source engine that Titanfall 2 uses and believe me I have tried most of the source commands
I know which are mostly ignored or they prevent the game from starting but there
is still a couple of real things you can change for better performance. For this, you will first need to lower the
in-game settings to the lowest and then navigate to the configuration file (videoconfig.txt), shown in your saved games folder show on screen. Inside this file, there are two major variables
you can still play around with. The first is setting.csm_enabled. This controls the cascaded shadow maps that
are used for a lot of the shadows in the game and if you set it to 0 they are gone. Simple as that. More interesting is setting.r_lod_switch_scale
which control the distance at which the lowest poly models are loaded to save up on resources. Set it to 0 to force the low poly models to
load at all distance and boy do not underestimate this change… Characters? Low poly. Cars? Low poly Stones? Low poly. Some of them are missing chunks that just
do ghosting of whatever else was there in on a black hole as endless as my sorrow when
I heard they cancelled Titanfall 3. Parts of terrain does not have enough polygons
to load correctly so there are things floating in mid-air. This is amazing. The freaking lootboxes? These are also low poly now! Now this is LowSpecGaming! And it does help a fair bit too. With shadows still enabled on the exact same
scene, the usual models do about 23 fps at the lowest while the low poly models actually
pull a bit higher! This is almost enough to try this game on
my favourite setup, the $55 Athlon 200GE APU with its integrated GPU from the video in
the corner. The last piece that bothers me is that the
game only allows a minimum 720 16:9 resolution on the in-game settings. This was easy to fix, you can add a custom
lower resolution in your gpu’s control panel like 960×540 and then set that resolution in these two
lines of the configuration file and just like that… it works! The performance can get to some absurd high
numbers in some parts but when under fire it drops while still being playable. And surprisingly the low poly models do not
ruin the game at all with the basic gameplay loop being basically conserved. TierZoo: All right… got the Mozambique again. LSG: HAHAHA. Oh my god! Parts of the floor aren’t rendering. Oh god this is so confusing. I don’t know where I can stand and where I
can not. To prove it I streamed an hour of matches
here in the channel, which some of you might have caught with my friend Patch from TierZoo. LSG: Here. TierZoo: Thank you. LSG: OH S#$%. What the heck just happened? OH S#$%. TierZoo: There is another one! AND ANOTHER ONE! LSG: Don’t leave me! I am dead! TierZoo: GRENADE. GET AWAY. Can I close the door? LSG: No! It blew off! TierZoo: The door is destroyed?! LSG: They blew up the door! LSG: Behind you! TierZoo: I am down. YOU GOT EM ALEX. YOU GOT EM. He is hurt! NICE So yeah, the game is free and if you are just
in the border of being playable hopefully this information can help you. Apex Legends does inject a couple of very
cool innovations to the Battle Royale genre that makes it very fresh to play. It is so polished that I am very surprised
this is free to play. How will they make money from this? Well, there are a couple of locked characters,
skins, lootboxes but even if you never pay anything they might get to profit from YOUR DATA. The new gold of the information era. Did you know that the need to process the
growing amount of data is one of the main reasons that lead to the development of computers
as we know today? Or one of the reasons for the popularity of
the binary code that makes up all our software is being able to encode phone calls in a
way that was more resistant to noise? I learned this from the Joy of Data, a very
fun documentary made by the BBC and hosted by mathematician Hannah Fry from a series
called the “The Joy of…”. The whole thing is super interesting and is
all available on this video’s Sponsor… Curiosity Stream. Curiosity Stream is an online streaming service
for documentaries and other interesting content and one of my personal addictions. When I am too tired from working and have
no energy for games or action or action and violence Curiosity Stream is just the perfect place
to relax, be entertained and learn. I say that seriously. Reach me out on discord and ask me if I am
lying and I will convince you that my love for this thing is real. It is only 2.99 a month for HD for the whole
service and at that price, it is honestly a steal. And you signed up with
the code lowspecgamer you get your first month free so you can try before you buy. Ping me at discord as well if you need any
recommendations on what yo watch. Thank you to them for sponsoring this video,
and you for watching.


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  1. LowSpecGamer says:

    Thank you to Curiosity Stream for helping fast track this video and for being awesome and supporting the channel for this long:

    Thank you to TierZoo for carrying my ass on this game.

    This video was produced in record time for its complexity. This took a lot of extra hours from me and the Joe the LowSpecEditor. Thank you to everyone involved

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    run it in 4gb ram plz

  4. Meme Loaded says:

    Hey, can someone help me out. I haven’t been able to play with transparent doors for a while. The glass part is completely blacked out. I’ve tried many things in my NVIDIA panel and am now starting to think it’s a videoconfig thing. I’ve changed loads of things so please pitch any ideas my way. Ty!

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    is it possible to make the game look like clay using intel?

  6. MaXer says:

    Тупа подписка

  7. G-Hinfo says:

    i never never can run this game on my pc
    Pentuim Dual Core E5200 2.5GHZ
    2 GB ram
    Intel GMA 3100 with 256 mb vram 2.0 shader model 1.4 OpenGL

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  10. Force FUTURE says:

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  13. YUNG MAN!!! says:

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  14. NYGGA CZ says:

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  27. #CreepyLargo says:

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  28. #CreepyLargo says:

    Setting.r_lod_switch_scale "0"
    Lara Croft on my Nintendo 64

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    EA hates the phenom and the sempron processors.

  30. gsdRoyce02 says:

    Holy moly looks like a PS 1 game but it still looks good something like you are playing Halflife 1

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    I have AMD Ryzen 5 2500U with Vega 8 integrated graphics, but the custom resolution option isn't there in AMD setings. I've tried using CRU, but the custom resolution won't show up in windows. someone help.

  38. Chinglenkhomba ngangom says:

    What if i set the lod scale to 0.6?

  39. Faris Khalifa says:

    Plz. Make a new one for pubg cuz the configuration files don't download

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    Si pudiste jugarlo de 30 a 50 fps en una Vega 3, no entiendo por que mi vega 8 con los mismos cambios solo me llega a 30-35 :,c

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    guys i think its imposible but i can run this game on a intel celeron 847 with 2 gb ram

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    so in the end can you get ban cos we lowspec realy need this no text thing

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  54. SLICKDADDY_YT says:

    i have a i5 core and my fps is 15

  55. a vOoGa rOoGa dO says:

    Even if i do all of these, my frames are still 15-40.

  56. Nico Terrone says:


  57. Arturo Bejarano says:

    What happens if i have a GPU that doesnt let me change the resolution? I can still put it down to "960" and "540" ? Or not ?

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    Your cpu and gpu are way better than mine. 😭😭

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    1:09 it won't let me find these settings

  67. tailer em says:

    can you run it at low spec on:
    HP ENVY M6
    i5 3230M 2.6 Ghz
    6 Gb RAM 1600 Mgz
    AMD HD Radeon 7760M

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    Intel HD 5500
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    Bro, can I play this game with Intel hd graphics, 4gb ram??? (With ur tweaks
    )…waiting for ur reply.

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    All low disable
    Adaptive res
    You will get 45fps avg

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