Branding and logo design in Fairfield, CT andHOW Graphics

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what is up everybody Dave were they in how graphics I wanted to show you how cool this is I just got done doing a couple hundred high-visibility neon green shirts with a navy blue print totally awesome is so much fun to show you how they came out really nice next cool thing I actually developed this logo a couple years ago it was under new ownership they wanted to update it so I'm talking maybe three or four years ago I designed this logo and now I'm able to print them on their charts totally awesome I'm just sitting here printing hundreds of these and looking at him like man I developed this logo now they're on shirts they're on their cars I believe they have them on their delivery vans and everything like that so I'm super excited about this I'm super excited how they look printed in one color totally awesome again I just did a couple hundred and now it's time to do the pockets guys here's a Finnish logo pull back so again if you need any help with branding logo design business ideas marketing ideas apparel give us a shout 203 two nine three zero five zero eight or hello and and how graphics calm or visit the website WWE and how graphics calm sea

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