Brand Identity: David Brier on Botanical Bakery

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the technical bakery is one of those kind of dream assignments when you have a wonderful small cottage type business out of Napa Valley where you have this incredible it's or like this nucleus of culinary discovery and wonderment from the west coast and when they came to us they had had something and looked a little new agey kind of script it looked kind of like you know but it did would not stand on the shelf there was a script that literally it I think about six feet away you couldn't read it blend it into the Shelf so we did is we created and this is this is one of my really one of my moments it's like you go wow that I am proud to have you know develop that and conceived of that there was this the idea of everything was so natural and came from an actual essence the whole notion of creating out of leaf these lips this little little you know sort of smirky kind of just you know you just kind of just got the there's a little bit of of mischievousness a little bit of playfulness we're not like serious because one of the things about botanical Baker and whether they were creating was shortbread cookies now if you look at the Heritage comes from England it tends to be a little more formal tea and no we want to sort of shed that we want to sort of have shortbread cookies gone wild but not that not that wild but really kind of shedding some of the dust off of the shoulders and really getting it so it was really a fun alive brand so we introduced the whole concept then the lips were speaking each of the flavors with a little speech bubble and we used the color palette it was so alive it was interesting when we launched it and it would spread like wildfire on the blogosphere blogs design blogs and that one in communication arts and all of this recognition for me but people were saying if I see this in the store in the shelf I will buy it just because it's making me smile it will stop me in my tracks and if you can create a brand that has that much of an immediate emotional connection that's where it becomes incredibly incredibly rewarding not only to you as the creator of that but to the client in terms of actual business and so we're thrilled with the outcome of it thrilled with the energy of it and we also developed titles that were you know that we're also in sync with the you know the actual brand I think the sales personally named the senior taste to tantalizer you know the owner who previously had the title of founder and owner now as the chief of flavor officer so we did all of that to create this brand and there's a vibe that was pretty resistible and the outcome has been fabulous people have been loving it and once you see them in a shelf there's no mistaking and that shortbread cookie and it's buttery deliciousness with any other one on the shelf and so that's a quite an achievement than that we're really really happy to have gotten to that special place for botanical bakery

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  1. Marcia Fialho says:

    Beautiful packaging! Such a great idea, congratulations!

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