Borderlands – Original vs. Remaster GOTY Graphics Comparison & Frame Rate Test

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26 Replies to “Borderlands – Original vs. Remaster GOTY Graphics Comparison & Frame Rate Test”

  1. m3t4llic says:

    Shouldn't let your FPS sink from +120 to 40s ffs this is ridiculous a remaster my ass…

  2. Jordan Starks says:

    Literally paying extra for better shadows. The Orginal aged pretty well. But idk how you could call this a remaster instead of just a port.

  3. Kit Carson says:

    2080 Ti……….super good PC………and this game has an unique blurred glare especially when you move fast…….it will drive you crazy putting up with that constant blurred glare.

    Not sure how to fix it……or if you even can as it seems it is what it is.


  4. Fabricio Alonzo says:

  5. Legion Iscariot says:

    From what I've read its not well optimized.

  6. BonyXVIII says:

    Playing it on the Xbox One S, even in the first town its got some real issues with screen tear considering its a remaster from the previous gen. Not sure if the original on BC has the same issues.

  7. Vlad Stoyanov says:

    Look the same to me 🙁

  8. happy dead fairies says:

    aim your gun more geez

  9. Ben says:

    wow it's the same shit

  10. Umbruhh says:

    My favorite thing about the remaster is the Minimap rather than the compass exclusively

  11. jacoblgames says:

    At the end of the day, both are ugly cel-shaded games.

  12. Iwan_Psih says:

    У Лилит сиськи немого больше стали)

  13. TupacpolatVEVO says:

    Wo ist borderlands 2 4k borderlands 2 release date 03.4.2019 4k all dlc

  14. arcadable says:

    I think it's hard for the game to age graphically due to the cartoon style, I think it still holds up in 2019. Same with Borderlands 2

  15. 1nZaneR says:

    I was hoping the insane frame drops in remaster would be history but no they got worse? Dang. That's the biggest issue I have with bl1 and bl2 and it never got fixed. Doesn't matter what hardware you have you'll always have drops down way below 60fps even with highend gpu. 🙁

  16. welp that says:

    Ima be real with you chief, i cant tell the difference.

    Borderlands relied ''and still relies'' on its style rather than its graphical fidelity for its looks. That's one of the reasons that Borderlands 1 has aged so well compared to contemporary games of the time, Borderlands doesn't need fancy new tech to look appealing. It looks appealing by default.

  17. Oxy Dioxide says:

    I appreciate the addition of an FOV slider and the updated graphics but the online lag is unplayable at the moment.There is also a bug where you are in third person when you go down and can't shoot meaning you need a teammate to revive you and you can't utilize the self revive feature.

  18. Pichkalu Pappita says:

    So the boobs shine now😗, time to play with lilith again😅

  19. xdc says:

    YES! There is no gap by the lockers and the corner of the wall! 2:36

  20. Cipher Twelve says:

    The motion capture for her was a dude btw

  21. Levi Lang says:

    Wow big difference…. Looks exactly the same. Good job gearbox

  22. its Agido says:


  23. Austin Powers says:

    No they look less anime

  24. Ronald R says:

    En el remasterizada lilith tiene las tetas mas paraditas jajajajaj

  25. HCIbn says:

    Nothing to see here if he’s playing on pc.

  26. funnyguy3D says:


    fuck off with your shitty music

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