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boost your adobe illustrator productivity
with my second video on game changer tips and techniques for Illustrator welcome back to Satori graphics everyone
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comment on your way out now 6 tips on how to boost Adobe Illustrator
productivity the first game-changing Illustrator tip is using the symbol tool
this will help you save a lot of time when making designs and patterns of the
same shape you can open up a symbol window here let’s say I want to make a
design with this clover icon select it and then go up to the top right of the
symbol window and add a new symbol add a relevant ID to it now we can drag and
drop a clover easily over and over again there’s an even faster way to do it you
will find the symbol sprayer tool right here you can then either click and hold
down to spray the symbol over your art board or you can click in specific
places that have the symbol lastly you can grab the simple spinner tool with this you’ll be able to quickly rotate each symbol within the pattern or
design more interesting when you know how to use this simple but effective
operation you will boost your adobe illustrator productivity command D
basically repeats the last operation you made in Illustrator so as an example I
will copy this top circle in irritation around the bottom one it still ran
through that over and over again I can simply hit command D to repeat it like
so the next illustrator game changer tip is great for those who use illustrator
or making illustrations and cartoon style designs first open up the swatch
library and choose a color swatch collection that you want to use for your
artworks when you 100% happy with your
illustration highlight all of it and then grab the Live Paint Bucket tool
here you can then simply select the color you want to fill a specific part
of your design with and then click it like so this speeds up the process of
coloring your artwork in illustrator and also at the very end you can choose
to turn off the stroke of the design if you want to I have shown how to use the
image trace tool on my channel before but I have to add it in this list
because it really will help you with your graphic design workflow you may
have a client has given you some icons used on your design but you want to edit
them or you may be you want to ensure the quality is going to be good enough
or the JPEG is not going to serve this simply open of the image in Illustrator
and then access the image rate window you can create a black version or a
color version of the image and play around the settings to see how it will
turn out remember to click preview when ready go up to objects image trace and
expand my aim it will be a vector and if you improve it the entire thing will be
able to be edited in Illustrator and also scaled up or down to any size normally if you copy something in
Illustrator and paste it with command V it will paste it into the center of your
screen you may want to base it back exactly where you copied it from instead
of pressing command V try pressing command shift V or control shift V on a
PC and it should pay to write back into place wherever your screen is focus done a last game-changer tip to boost
productivity in illustrator is one of my most widely used techniques with your
text go to type and create our lens now with the direct selection tool you can
move the anchors around editing the text and if you simplify the text like so
you’ll be able to editor even easier illustrator is a great tool for editing
typography so did you find my tips on how to boost
your adobe illustrator productivity helpful if you did let me know in the
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graphical design uploads and until next time design your future today peace you


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  1. Satori Graphics says:

    Tomorrow a cool but simple logo design tutorial.

  2. Nanni Galaxy says:

    can paste over copied press ctrl+f…… right?

  3. CallMeZarkN says:

    Thanks man, new tips always appreciated 😀

  4. Auto Extracts says:

    great video man! helped me get more tricks!

  5. green chilli says:

    Amazing Tips…Now, I am BIG fan of U…., plz tell me something about transparency mask and Highlight the some pat like 3D… ;).Best of Luck

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