BLENDER TUTORIAL – How to create a realistic glass cup

October 9, 2019 posted by

Controlls – shift Z for rendered view controll B for the bevel tool shift A to add an object X to delete an object S key to resize selected faces Tab to go in and out of edit mode Z to see through an object for this type of render only cpu rendering works otherwise blender will crash please like and sub if you find this tutorial helpfull 😀 Shift Z S key controll B use the scroll whell to smooth it out S key Z key S again Controll B – scroll Controll B – scroll Shift Z Hold shift while selecting to select multiple objects at the same time Z key while moving the object to snap into the Z axis numberpad 5 numberpad 3 press numberpad 5 again Add a camera and press controll, shift and numberpad 0 to change the camera to your view The box you see highlighted is what your picture is going to contain so adjust it till you think it looks good you can copy what i do here for the final render or you can adjust these setting to fit your computer or the quality of the render make sure you use the cpu for the render or blender might crash this may be fixed in later versions of blender so you might want to save this and then try it now hit render and wait for it to finish if you did this correctly it should look similar to the thumbnail thanks for watching 😀


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  1. Jake Moore says:

    This is great – really enjoyed watching! 😄

  2. Jack Birch says:

    Hey bro, this was a really helpful tutorial, thanks 👍🏻

  3. Asante Wilberforce says:

    Pls add voice

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