Best Designer Setups – Episode 1

July 25, 2019 posted by


46 Replies to “Best Designer Setups – Episode 1”

  1. Seso says:


  2. Cryptic says:

    Techsource moment

  3. Dat Boi Dylan says:

    I was so close to submitting my setup then I see these setups that are like an aston martin and my setup is like a power wheels lol

  4. Óscar says:

    mark 2 haha. it's a type of ssd, m.2. looks like a ram but pins are in the shorter side

  5. NoisyButters says:


  6. Émile Painchaud says:

    Nice video, beautiful images, but these are all gaming setups. Designers usually work with Macs, don't they?

  7. Nebula says:

    Once I build my PC, it will be on the list

  8. Sean McGowan says:

    Once you go triple monitor you never go back. Just saying

  9. ViozoDesigns says:

    u should add infographics

  10. Callmelandon says:

    Awesome video! I enjoyed everything about it!
    Also what was Romeo desk I couldn’t find it anywhere… I don’t know if I’m spelling it wrong or not.

  11. Remix4D says:

    Guess who took the pictures of Triumph's setup 👀. This going to be a dope series homie

  12. claud leneus says:

    what about the desk?
    i want to know where did he get that dest, the second setup

  13. Romeo Costa says:

    Hey look, it's me

  14. Alex Shaw says:

    Thank you so much for including mine! <3 I loved all the other setups as well

  15. Triumph says:

    Shaw's setup was a vibe

  16. Dexter D says:

    Does anyone know where I can get the desk or something similar @ 4:14?

  17. Cabunnda says:

    wow that first setup looks so similar to my setup, almost same ROG theme haha!

  18. Muaaz says:

    really excited to see more episodes in this series — gonna be a hit forsure Seso 🔥🔥🔥

  19. easkate concepts says:

    "Setups you'll never be able to afford – Episode 1"


  20. Trey Shelley says:

    I’ve got 1 ultrawide monitor for graphic design and I’ve got a Benq 24 inch monitor for console gaming.

  21. Xtra says:

    love this series already man

  22. Warrior Ox says:

    I didn't know I needed a wrist rest until I got one

  23. AuraDZN says:

    Don’t forget to do a potato edition

  24. True Chaos says:

    Who disliked the video!?? Guy's content is off the hook, love your videos seso I am a huge fan of yours love from the 🇮🇳

  25. Jonah Canepa says:


  26. Wizard says:

    who made your intro?

  27. Saze says:

    Can anyone recommend a not too expensive color accurate monitor?

  28. STARVOLTZ says:

    How do I submit?

  29. Senji says:

    Which Fonts have you used in the Thumbnail on Designer and Setups?

  30. Freaky Traps says:

    Any ROG fan boys here? 😂

  31. Artic Uji says:

    I have a 75hz monitor

  32. MorsVitalis says:

    Designer techsource

  33. Jordzyy says:

    Old school triumph :3

  34. Faith Rokas says:

    49 like noti gang

  35. SniperArts says:

    I have 4 monitors and a 32 inch TV lul

  36. Cri Cri says:

    Thaaaanks :DD

  37. Flame says:

    Bruh moment

  38. Emperor Pig says:

    I'd definitely get a wrist rest for your keyboard and mouse if I were you. I almost got carpal tunnel syndrome not using them and that sucks to have so its worth it. I got one for my mouse and my keyboard and my wrists thank me for it.

  39. Proxy HQ says:

    totally mean't 500mb :^)))) that would be tragic.

  40. SniperArts says:

    Noti gang <3

  41. SerzafyFN says:

    Really clean I like

  42. Việt Hoàng says:

    i5 9400f gtx 1660 is good for designer?

  43. AXILIO says:

    3 rd comment if ur seeing this seso then pls give a heart

  44. iistxphen says:

    Make this blue if you love Seso


  45. المصمم d.ifi_ says:


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