Become an intellectual explorer: Master the art of conversation | Emily Chamlee-Wright

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  1. ScarMsanii Aggrey says:

    4:27 this is difficult. Especially with religious people.

  2. Atang Motloli says:

    Which other INTP here needs to stop hunting for the for the slightest misstep in logic or reasoning when listening to another person?

  3. Alex Light says:

    it'd be all over if i met this girl in her twenties

  4. Language and Programming Channel says:

    There is no truth. Wow, so profound. Is that statement true?

  5. Mateo says:

    One major problem with finding interesting conversation these days is that so few people are interesting.

  6. Aditya Jaykumar says:

    What's the difference between sympathetic listening and empathetic listening?

  7. Aditya Jaykumar says:

    Wow, I love how well she articulates what had so far been on my mind. 🙂

  8. Jacob Lagasse says:

    This is why I took LSD

  9. LxTxSURGE says:

    I suck at conversations lol

  10. Dan D says:

    We navigate through life using a series of models about how things work. These models are often only built out just enough for us to function, but if it's a subject that we care about such as our profession, they can be very detailed. But no matter how well-constructed, our models cannot conform to reality in every way; there will always be predictions that they will get wrong. Therefore even our best models can lead us astray. This is why we need other people, who are like parallel processors that have received different data and have inferred different models than our own. Other people can tell us what features they find important, and can see where our own models are wanting far faster than we could discover on our own. It's also why we need free speech, to speak ourselves but even more importantly to have the opportunity to listen. Restrict it if you dare, but you are virtually guaranteeing self-harm!

  11. Dan D says:

    Ooh, Emily, I DARE you to tell a black activist that you have something useful to say about race in America. They don't want to have a conversation, to engage. They want to call you a racist (for daring to disagree with your moral betters!) and move on.

  12. shinny eyes says:

    Could anyone be kind enough to point me to the parallel universe where such remarkable beings can be found? Greetings from Europe, land of paramount arrogance.

  13. Glen Ashley Baez says:

    Thanks for this one. This is good.

  14. Shubham Kainthola says:

    just out of curiosity, Snape is that you with a wig ?

  15. anonkiddo says:

    wtf? my last awesome conversation was awesome simple because it was funny😂😂😂😂 wtf man it's two people talking , why are making the idea so complex?

  16. Carpenter Family says:

    I like it, and agree. However the other person must be honest. Also I wonder if the benefit is lessened if they’ve not yet intelligently figured why they think what they do. Still good points are made here and I am going to try to use them.

  17. Anony Mouse says:

    I just want to be left alone

  18. John Burnett says:

    Wow that was a beautiful assessment

  19. The Path To Knowledge says:


  20. ChicagoTurtle1 says:

    Oopsie. Critical thinking isn’t just what she says. It’s more than that.

  21. folken1761 says:

    a discussion should assume a mutual hunt for objective truth and as such Hunting logical missteps should be encouraged by both sides and considered the corner stone of any reasonable discussion otherwise why bother?!and presenting such completely opposite advice between critical thinking and sympathy is a bit suspicious it's almost like you're saying that sometimes you should put aside critical thinking in favor of humoring your counterpart which is obsolete.

  22. Full grown midget says:

    I believe the lizard people have been here longer than us, this brood queen here looks like she just pinched off a fresh batch of eggs. be careful people be vigilant. we are children of the light.

  23. Milan van Eijk says:

    Wow. I literally had a conversation today about this topic. Thank you Big Think & Emily Chamlee-Wright for helping me to improve it further.

  24. John Harris says:

    The introvert in me knows that these conversations are a terrible idea.

  25. Mottahead says:

    It takes 2 to tango.

  26. QY says:

    Confucius said: Walking among three people, I find my teacher among them.

  27. Dane Reid says:

    You shouldn't assume everyone is smart. Listen first.

  28. Richard Richardson says:

    i really enjoy pedantic people

  29. Charles Yeo says:

    I'm trying to be a sympathetic listener but… I just can't. I can't do it when someone with zero grasp of a topic start spewing FUD in order to feed their own beliefs. Antivaxxers, naturalistic fallacy and just plain stubborn people

  30. Nick Scotto says:

    I could listen to this woman all day……feels right

  31. Daniel H says:

    You can learn all this by working in a Care Home.

  32. Sadder Whiskeymann says:

    that was really deep.
    thank you!
    one question though:
    what if we are dealing with a genuine idiot? maybe possibly a bad person?
    do we still have to learn something worthed?
    thank you again.

  33. Yunus Alj. says:

    I love listening to you❤

  34. Scott says:

    I wish the media and politicians kept these things in mind during conversations.

  35. Storminmormn6 says:

    The thing is, I understand their perspective and I understand why they think that, but the logic they are using to get to that conclusion is wrong.

    Most the people in the world are not smart and easily are misled by statistics presenting with a slant/twist/lean.

    Great thinkers apply the same logic to their own mind and figure out why they got to their specific stance on an issue.

    Teaching others can be a waste of time and often doesn’t yield results due to stubborn behavior.

    Not everyone will fill every need in your life. Some friends will be strictly for one part of your life (ie. Sports, video games, conversation)but lack abilities that you have to make it an enjoyable experience together in another activity.

    Once you figure that out and know your place in your group of friends/world I think you will begin to prosper. What I mean by that is you won’t waste time and have less conflict with your friends/family and have potential less problems in your life

  36. Jeff Wilkinson says:

    It's amazing how many people are saying the same things in different ways.

    Treat yourself and each other better. Stay humble and be compassionate. Grow. Learn. Try to make the world a better place.

  37. Victor Palmer says:

    We are better to say we know nothing than to say we know many things, because we are all born ignorant.

    Emily, says humility is useful in understanding that we need each other, in order to learn from each and every other person that we can possibly learn, and she has also mentioned critical thinking, as a means to avoid finding faults in what other people are saying during a conversation.

    Emily, seems to highlight humility and critical thinking skills, as a means for good conversations.

    After Emily mentioned critical thinking. I immediately thought of my favourite book called by Ellen Galinsky who is the author of Mind in the Making.

    Please click on the link below:

    Also here is a link for her big think video for her mind in the making book:

    I think all of the seven of the essential life skills are critical in each and every single person’s individual development, these life skills, such as critical thinking, paying attention, focus & self control, communication, perspective taking, making connections, and commitment to life long learning are the pillars to having matured minds.

    Mind in the Making focus areas include:

    Focus and self control
    Perspective taking
    Making connections
    Critical thinking
    Taking on challenges
    Self-directed, engaged learning

  38. Supreme Reader says:

    Great video, especially about that sympathetic listening instead of just injecting your own view.

  39. R M says:

    Getting your brain washed videos after videos. This is pure trash

  40. Aamir Afzal says:

    If you feel you know everything, you lead a stagnant life. The curiosity to learn and explore is what drives a human to seek for more and seek new things that might have been completely unexplored territories.

  41. Casklord says:

    These are some really good points

  42. Javier says:

    Basically an openness to the Other.

  43. steveb0503 says:

    Pro tip: Learn and use Socratic Method…

  44. Sonny Torres says:

    I got nothing from this.

  45. Jared Zufelt says:

    She is fantastic at mansplaining the reason behind mansplaining. It's to keep you from being perpetually miss-taken.

  46. Dylan L. says:

    She speaks 100% truth here.

  47. mtn10001 says:

    Such a positive advice. Thankyou

  48. There is no Spoon says:

    Just be yourself.

    You’ll have less regrets when you die and see your memories flash before you.

  49. Goonwood says:

    "sympathetic listening" might save us all.

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