BBVA applies new thinking methodology to disaster preparedness

July 29, 2019 posted by

number one all disasters are local they begin and they end locally people can come in and help but they move on to the next disaster the community is here and they have the vested interest anytime that you can have any type of planning ahead you are better able to cope with the initial shock that comes with disaster as a planet continues to change its environment impacts communities like Miami Beach we have to be constantly understanding what we can do to prevent life loss and property loss and it's part of why we're doing what we're doing so we work with the emergency management we work with the community members and we worked a whole lot of interesting innovators to really listen to where the challenges are the most complex and then we use a three-step design process a three-step prep with the community with the incident command and we work to come up with really innovative solutions in these disasters emergency preparedness is for everybody it's not just for the professionals in the field but even the average psa's and community members should be involved and proactively engage and having these conversations ahead of time it is a co-creation process we're all about working together we empower survivors and community members to come together to create cutting-edge disaster solutions and without the community without the emergency managers solutions are only going to be part way we've got to come as a whole community together to make those solutions events like this do propose solutions where we probably may not have thought of before it helps us to realize what the agencies can come together to help us and becomes a self-sufficient community that we really need to be the connections that get made here I know will help us serve the community better it's going to translate into how people keep responding step by step as the situation develops it's about having business industry faith-based community civic organizations everybody coming together to support each other it's always so heartwarming to see that a large number of volunteers supporting local communities when a disaster strikes this partnership aligns perfectly with our mission of creating opportunities for every community in which we serve you

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