Basic logo design techniques – Adobe illustrator CC Tutorial

July 26, 2019 posted by

Hi Everyone this Kage from logo Welcome back to another video tutorial. Today, we are trying something different,
a concept I had in mind the other day. IT is very simple to achieve and it is meant
to show you that it doesn't take much sometimes to produce
visualy coherent designs. Once again this is a 3 minutes logo which
I hope you will like. If interested to download the source file
of the resulting tutorial, as well as loads of other freebie logos, check out our website… or click the link below in the description! We're serving tons of logo templates for your
next project, fully layered and easy to customize. Let's get started!


13 Replies to “Basic logo design techniques – Adobe illustrator CC Tutorial”

  1. Genius Max says:


  2. MY MOM science says:

    Nice video, good!!!!!!

  3. LittClipsYT says:

    ledgendery and cool

  4. Saeran Bùi says:

    keep working dud and nice logo

  5. 3StarGMs 3SG says:

    that Is a really cool design logo thing. I have seen so many videos on this same stuff so don't post it again.

  6. EAS Freak Productions says:

    This is really good once again you really do seem to be good at Adobe Photoshop stuff

  7. Fahim Arafat says:

    nic video
    you have done a good job

  8. MujjØ Harmonica says:

    beautiful work very professional

  9. RandRProductions says:

    likee your content!
    please check my channel!
    keep it up!

  10. MundoAnimeYVideojuegos says:

    buen video amigo

  11. MR Jnot says:

    nice video continue the gd work

  12. BassBoostedinc69 says:

    nice nice once again thanks for all the tutorials that you make its nice that you also speak clearly

  13. Forty Diecast says:

    Wow nice!!!!!!!!!!!

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