Basic Graphics Design – Day 3 session 2

July 25, 2019 posted by

and we all ready to go we are good to go looks all oh nice oh okay so let's add one more complete okay probably would add our team add new page then okay unless it wants to list the names of our team obsolete I don't really want to add our companies our company's Instagram Facebook or treater hundred there so that is right now these comets and I said sort of regards nice make it as small as wanted to be no search for make the smallest village it should be okay so gentle to this point so now add jeez the color you should see order and then you don't so I use a confined sometimes you go on you can find you don't find the ankle she wants you I see I find peachy way I can say is also so he has various types a trait I would say location location like both free and be another please go get icon can be free prek-3 Peaks come after a good please together icon so there's so many of them so many of them so many resources just go on and on we get to discover them gets to find out how could you use them as soon as possible I'm happy that has been a very exciting experience for me and I hope that has been exciting for you too thank you very much for joining us in this journey appreciate for joining appreciates my team members and appreciate pshhh

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