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this is Radio 3:14 on the red ice radio network hello this is Lana welcome back to the fourteenth interview on radio 314 featuring artist musician philosopher and cosmologists Matt Presti we're going to discuss the philosophical and scientific ideas of an American polymath by the name of dr. Walter Russell born in 1871 he is known as the man who tapped the secrets of the universe well it's trick-or-treat how are you mad I'm doing well Lana thanks for inviting me on your program my pleasure I heard there's been mass chemtrails spring over the East Coast's over the last week have you noticed anything I actually saw John Cale's video on the South Carolina chemtrails sky it was it was more than dotted with chemtrails it was just utterly disgusting to me to see all that garbage in the atmosphere but Missouri is not immune to chemtrails I wish it was but really no place over the u.s. is immune and I often wonder what the purpose of it is but it makes no sense it's pretty nasty stuff though well it's just interesting – yeah I saw Cales video he said that usually around Halloween Charleston gets really sprayed but it's just interesting because there was just a huge hurricane hurricane sandy so maybe they were trying to control that a little bit that's interesting this this one kind of I think was beyond their control I don't know that they actually you know a lot of people think they engineer these things but I'm kind of you know look at the Sun prior to these hurricanes and there was a massive solar flare about four or five days ago in the opposite hemisphere of the Sun so it kind of seems like that might have had something to do with the intensity of the storm as well as the full moon so I just hope I hope they don't I hope that everybody's okay and at least that they get that nuclear power plant that Easter Creek power plant under control because that's all we need is another Fukushima that's right I know and this kitten goes into Walter Russell's work because he was against the power plants anyway I read lessons one through four that you sent me and his words were more like food food that kind of gets you in a sweet meditative restful place it was more like a message going soul to soul rather than body computer to body computer if you know what I mean so how about we begin with you telling us who Walter Russell was and how he received his information you're going to share with us sure thing Walter Russell was an American polymath and autodidactic who was a master Horseman master sculptor Asst master artist master musician master philosopher a master scientist he had a degree conferred upon him a doctorate degree in science and believe it was around 1949 or so all his life he worked knowingly as he called it with the Creator with with God which he considered to be the universal one which also happens to be the title of his first book this is an interesting fellow in terms of his power to demonstrate his knowledge to the world I have to also insert here he was also an ice skater and a master Horseman you know Walter Cronkite Cronkite quoted of him when he passed away or refolded as the Russell's used that term instead of death or dying that Leonardo da Vinci of the 20th century had died so they considered him to be a upon that par as an artist and how did you discover him ironically I was in a used bookstore and this was probably around 2005 or so and I kicked the book the secret of light was on a bottom shelf and I picked it up really didn't think too much of it I kind of figured it was a Masonic book of some sort so it was 2 bucks and I bought it and it sat on the shelf for a few years and till later I got a interesting nudge out of the gate if you will kind of a suspicion to open it up and read it and as soon as I read the first page or two I was glued and from that point I've just basically consumed every single bed of this universal law living philosophy and natural I could get my hands on well I definitely want to focus on the more philosophical principles but also I think we should briefly discuss his view on science how are Walters views of the universe different friend let's say like quantum physics the electric universe there is a holographic universe there's some more for genetic field ideas so how are his views different well his views he basically through his illumination he was shown which was a 39 day long illumination that's where he gained the knowledge from the light of mind as it's called in mystic circles and these experiences of mystics and illuminance having this flash of light has happened to last 39 days where he was pretty much out of his body the entire time he wrote down some 40,000 words and hundreds of charts and drawings and having never studied science at all in his life or chemistry for that matter I know his wife Helen at the time called the authorities who friends of his came over to evaluate him and they saw his writings and and they basically advised her to let him be that he was he was doing something that was out wit meaning Walt Whitman so they advised her just to let him go on with his illumination and fortunately for us that's the case because today anyone in that kind of state would probably immediately be thrown in a nuthouse but basically what what his science teaches is that this universe is a two-way continuous motion universe as opposed to a one-way Catholic universe which I got us to stress that the Catholic universe origin is is the child of Monsignor Jesuit priest George's lemaître and ylim eight ironically after he had stated his theory Pope Pius the 12th referred to the new theory of the origin of the universe as a scientific validation of the Catholic faith and Walter just could not imagine that a universe could not first build itself up into solidity before just tearing itself apart it was a discontinuous one-way heat exhalation only universe whereas all bodies in nature that we can experience and witness breathe in and out and so he he firmly disagreed with that as well as disagreeing with Newton's law of gravity which he said was only half right because Newton didn't explain how the Apple got up in the air in the first place so it's just little things like that that in the science end of it got me really interested in wanting to put this information out there because it it does call into question some of the things we refer to as laws and I think it's a little bit premature in man's world to call things laws until we really really get in a good dissection of what it is we're referring to that's right and you did a good job you presented some videos on the secret of life comm that really shows detailed diagrams laying out his scientific theories which is probably easier to understand looking at some diagrams versus talking about it on radio certainly yeah I recommend anyone go there for a more thorough breakdown but yeah that the philosophy you know is a beautiful part of it too and just the natural science you know it's basically men like viktor schauberger who also saw the vortices in nature Tesla had his flashes and most of these great men what what they presented to the world was you know just a gifted view using nature as their background and I think what that does for mankind is it gives him a UH a little more clarity when you base it on something we can understand like nature as opposed to theories that are kind of bizarre and out there that really are you know like string theory for instance is basically less than 1/10 of 1% of the entire human race can even understand string theory and kind of got to be in the good ol boys club too to really understand the universe from that perspective but it is interesting that that most of the chairs of the major universities in science are held by string theorists yeah that's interesting huh so what would Walter say about parallel universes and multi dimensions were those myths to him as well I would say so because I mean what we're dealing with is three dimensions in this physical reality and other dimensions he referred to dimensions like being time and height and weight and if you're talking about other dimensions in that aspect I think he'd agree but like dimensions where you know there's a parallel you happening doing something different I just don't really see that he would necessarily agree with something like that yeah I read a quote he was saying creating your universe and forms that reflect your nature but working with God's assistance so to me this can mean that there are even multiple ways to interpret the universe and maybe that's why we have so many different theories floating around that's correct this one can be what's interesting is he seemed to lay it out in such a way that it aligns perfectly with nature so I attend myself not to necessarily think of what he delivered as a theory more or less of an actual working model of creation that we see and I must clarify that his reference to God and I know God is a very loaded term but that's what they spoke in the 40s and 50s they pretty much they would also refer to it as the Creator I think just right off the flip for the listeners the word God according to Russell is sexless stillness and silence and this is where the entire theory of the wave mechanics overselling science come from is the unfolding of stillness into motion and then the return of motion to stillness and basically this is what we see in all through nature from the the atom up to the galaxies that's right he also referred to the electric wave universe as an electric record of God's thinking basically that's correct and he called his first book the universal one in respect to the one mind of which all of us are part of can you talk about his idea of understanding and being the cause in order to command the effects well sure if it's a thought wave universe which I tend to side with that basically the two differences between mystic science are the one difference between the science of the mystic and the science of the materialist rests upon an assumption where the materialist assumes that mind is an effect of matter but generally the mystic throughout all the ages has has known mine to be the cause of matter so there's therein lies I think the fundamental difference in the way that mysticism works versus materialism and if you can look at the universe I guess what what what happens with thoughts is pretty much if you need an experiment to see that thought is the creation or is the impetus for the creation of man's ideas then simply remove any concepts that man has ever had and all of man's creations would disappear with it because any body that we make whether it be a poem a radio interview a painting a song is first an idea in the mind and so in like fashion that's how the Creator creates its universe and what ideas are the reason they're bulletproof is because they don't exist in this three-dimensional reality what happens is we build bodies for our ideas so these bodies are the representative pieces of our mind and only as good as your body is built whatever body that be according to your idea is how much time it'll last so the better you build it the more perfect it is the more it has the rhythms of creation and it the more can inspire your fellow men and beethoven's a good example for that is moonlight sonata or a various artists who are able like Alex gray for instance it's just able to transmit their knowing onto canvas or into composition and the better and more in the light you were when you brought this idea to the forefront the more potent it is and the more of an effect on the masses that's right because then you're formed body if you will it has a soul as opposed to like a godless creation where it's just bankrupt and empty kind of like top 40 music today you know coming from music industry in Hollywood I kind of look at it with a grain of salt it's just unappealing and very uninspiring it's D inspiring and it I think it's meant to steal your energy and and basically depolarize your body into a state of decay mm-hmm I also like to that he said to learn to work with God you know not having God work for us like so many religious people kind of they look at Jesus or God as a sugar daddy you know where God is like God is like the welfare state or something and that was his wife Leo who he married in 1947 I believe and and they co-wrote the home study course together which is 12 units and and she also co-authored a book called God will work with you but not for you and she was adamant that you know man has to balance his thinking with action I mean there's a lot of wishful thinkers you can dream all day of being a great concert pianist but if you don't woodshed and practice it will amount to nothing no matter how strong your thoughts are about it so that's kind of the idea in principle of you know unfolding your thoughts into a creation and then you know you have to balance your thinking with action in order to perfect the techniques of your creation so Walter talked about finding the zero of stillness and making it second nature he even kind of gave tips for people who struggle with it can you talk a little bit about this zero of stillness well sure we have concentration and the opposite of concentration is decent raishin it's a word neologism he made up he actually made up several words to and also change the fundamental definitions of some of them decent raishin basically is zeroing your thoughts we there's a lot of talk in the New Age movement about raising your vibrations what's funny about that is actually to get closer to the creator you have to lower your vibrations and your some instill your mind there's that famous saying be still and know that I am God I think what that really means is basically decent trading is is sending your thoughts out into space unwinding you know the wound up condition of concentration you know Springs wind up things heat and cool but but there's basically two polarities to everything and are two different kinds of states of being and we live in a very it's it's a sexed universe you know male and female or the pairs of opposite creations that that we have to deal with and basically Walters idea of meditation was that you need to zero your thoughts still your thoughts still your mind and at that point in decent raishin when you become the zero or become still in your mind that's where you can harness the great ideas that's where you can formulate through that light of knowing within yourself and in in a in a waking state he also talked about being able to waking ly meditate so as he would be you know creating something he said this in a writing somewhere there are times his mind would start thinking about money or something or troubles with whatever and he would open the door of his studio and let himself out and then slam the door and go back to work so let let let out that part of yourself that constantly nags in the back of your mind or you know it's hard to get control of that I carto like said you had to arrest your thoughts and I think that's a good way of looking at it you know just finding that that the ability to become still in your mind so that you can harness the power of of mind idea that's right and getting still and then you can get more in touch with the the God consciousness I guess exactly and it seems like nowadays you have to really go out in the woods because there's a electromagnetic frequencies people are drinking too much coffee it's loud there's a lot of astral energies flying around so some people have to really go to literally go to a quiet place you know certainly I think once you do it enough though I mean I'm starting noticing my own self an ability to kind of you know I think we do it a lot when we drive if you drive a lot it's almost like driving is secondary when you're you're actually imagining all these things that have nothing to do with driving your body just trying to automatically does what it needs to to get where it needs to go but it's sort of that ability to to be waking lee meditative that you can carry this kind of thought process to your daily activities and make them much more enjoyable because you kind of have a more more of a centered balancing piece about the whole process of living that's right it kind of makes you more psychic to and I get in that kind of zone i couldn´t go out and also do mundane things and it doesn't bother me as much kind of stay and a happy he also spoken about the importance of awakening your genius and listening to the inner voice can you talk about that a little bit well certainly um I guess the question we should ask is what is it that separates a genius from an ordinary man and I think what what walter noticed right off the bat was that genius never tires genius it's always interested and generally is not ruined by school so the greatest men in our world have a common thread and that's nature and in your realizations and your oneness with nature your imaginings your inspirations your the beauty that you see in the world the knowledge that you possess within yourself is brought to the forefront and the Masters among us the geniuses men and women are those who can create bodies of work that endure and they endure because they have inspiration in them and and the inspiration can reinstall even sports figures can get into the zone and like Michael Jordan had just a miraculous season back in the late 80s that that no people talked about the zone well I would say that the zone is a salt as a form of self-mastery of the body even if it is from a athletic point of view but there's these the zone is sort of like a many illumination it's it's mastery of what you're doing in the moment and what geniuses do is they they are able to do this almost you know daily they they just have this mastery of life that that is for one thing it's it's kind of scary to some folks I think you know JP morgue and when he decided not to fund Tesla after his idea of free power was one of a fear you know fear for his own bank account mm-hmm his reaction basically to free energy was you mean all I can make money on is he's lousy antennas Tesla so we we saw what should have been a wireless power generation system disappear a hundred years ago but uh basically what genius does is it is it outperforms all other men and for a reason because they're able to translate their ideas into bodies that have a higher amount of concentration in it of pure thought and awareness and inspiration it's interesting you bring up school through because school doesn't teach knowledge or inspiration it's just repetition and regurgitation yeah remembering and repeating is not knowledge and that's how we grade the students the best those who remember and repeat the bus to get the highest grade and so what you're doing is and that's you know Charlotte Thompson eyes are being wrote in the noir dumbing down of America that that it's kind of the direction that school was going you know that the curriculums were beginning to you the loss of the Trivium and quadrivium and just things of teaching ability to critically think and reason in our school systems are is all but gone so Russell said one of the two greatest things that ever happened to him was was a leaving school in an early age before it ruined him that's right well he also was against technique Walter who was saying cuz anyone can acquire that but inspiration is something that you have to be awakened do you have to kind of work for it a bit and when it's inspired then you can put out amazing things versus technique just making kind of mediocre things yeah and I think you know he's pretty much understood that if you need to practice a technique like a pianist or you need to practice your brushstroke and painting or or whatever technique that you can acquire techniques through the light of mind and save yourself some time but if you need to he was definitely against experimenting in science he uh he was so complete on his knowledge of universal function and natural law that I think he found it really strange and bizarre when he began to research science books after his illumination he was quoted as saying the language in which science spoke was so utterly complex and it reminded him of you know these bizarre academic guesses reminded him of the four elephants theory holding up the corners of the earth that it was at that archaic so he had to learn the language of science from 1921 until about 1927 when he released his book to one thousand prominent scientists around the world and I think one of the only ones to respond to the book the universal one was Nikola Tesla and Nikola told him to lock it up in the Smithsonian for a thousand years because mankind was not ready for this knowledge and laio came along later in his life in 1947 or so and she she told him that the world doesn't have a thousand years and we need to get this stuff out now and release it to the world if it wasn't for her there'd be no probably no mention of Walter Russell in the in the history books good lady indeed so for all co-creators and part of God isn't it also true that there might be some level of clashing creations especially right now I mean I see a clash between the God forms with the godless forms so how would Walter say to look at it well I think you would point out that that there's a difference in views of a person who's mindful and aware of their creative side versus those who live in a materialistic externalist kind of life unfortunately at this time materialistic science is king of the road has been for 300 years and at least to me myself Sciences has gone down the wrong road by removing the creator from its creation in other words to remove the mind force as being causal has proved to be colossal damaging in my opinion I think Russell everything he did he operated from a modality of being connected to source at all times and he thought really long the lines that that any man who is a genius what he does different than other men is he demonstrates his mind power in his ability to create his creations and what we're seeing today is an extremely materialistic society who is outwardly defined through the ego culturally inept because basically culture is now being handed to you from Hollywood music industry in the sports industry and so a lot of people are really lost in the external world don't have much of a connection to their inner selves and I hear a lot of people all the time say I wish I could do that or I wish I could do this or I think that's really a fundamental difference in approaches to life and that's what is probably responsible for this clash because the materialists want to basically you know create this scientific technocracy this through plutocracy and basically control the rest of humanity as some sort of farm animal whereas genius has never been able to be controlled so you know Russell often spoke that you know he would some of his famous quotes want to be genius his self bestowed mediocrity is self-inflicted I love that one I was actually going to read that in the end I love that oh he's got so many I could just go on and on well if nature doesn't allow for imbalance maybe eventually all this mess and all these a big power structure and ideas are gonna crumble I mean it's about time exactly and that's what we're seeing I mean one thing that people have to understand is universal law cannot be trumped the law of balance is irrevocable it's inexorable and there's no getting around it and to the degree that man breaks universal laws to the degree that he will be broken by it and I think it's very humbling when I realized how universal law applied in my life all the things I look back on my life and that I did wrong I can I can say that destroyed me there that cut me down there my in awareness might my lack of being able to know that my choices have very real effects and I think that man has been progressing for several thousand years without a true sense of responsibility so nature is the ultimate balancer of all man's actions and she will set him right if he doesn't first do so himself people always have this approach of why did this happen to me and they're looking at it at the wrong way it's like you have to dig a bit deeper and say how what is the lesson here what is nature trying to tell me what am I missing so it doesn't happen again you know so you can kind of get back straight on your path well he also had a great summary for the law of equal giving for we giving I really like that one can can you get into that one sure well heaven laio realized early on that they each were since their childhood prepared to meet one another he when she called him on the phone after reading the book the man that tapped the secrets of the universe by Glenn Clarke he answered the phone and said I know your voice I'll come to you at once and as soon as they got together they began to formulate plans and he was a president of the Arts and Sciences Society in New York and started the Twilight Club through a grant from Andrew Carnegie ironically a lot of the luminaries of the day attended this club from marked Ralph Waldo Emerson to Walt Whitman to just multitudes of genius men and their whole purpose was to get together to create organizations that would uplift and build character and man because as Edwin Markham and others who were attendees of this Twilight Club saw that mankind was headed for a disaster and a total collapse of civilization if they didn't do something so out of the Twilight Club came such things as the Lions Clubs the Boy Scouts of America the Better Business Bureau you know all these things that were designed initially to help instill character in men integrity and basically what we're seeing now is is the warnings of all these people coming true that there is a grave lack of integrity in our leaders there's a grave lack of integrity in the hidden hand and the power structures of this world I think that's a sign of what happens when you when you lose touch with the inner light within you and become enamored by the external world and the desire for worldly things instead of the treasures of the soul equal giving for me giving I was getting into that and I kind of went off on great the law of giving for equally giving is based on nature's ways and processes what Walter saw in nature was nature's ability to create abundance and she had a beautiful rhythmic way of giving all life forms what they need and providing perpetual balance and in mankind we don't see balance we see we see a lot of taking going on and there's a lot of different authors who have written about it for instance Daniel Quinn wrote Ishmael about a gorilla who would talk to this guy about how the takers are ruining the planet and it's basically this taking mentality is the external man which is coming to an end and what external man is so good at is taking and an imbalance which taking does not create the will or the inspiration to to relive it just creates the will to to take more taking and retaking you could say hmm where you we have an entire civilization who is materialistic especially in the states here I think that it's obvious when you see people on Black Friday lined up at a Walmart stomping each other to death to get to useless crap they don't even need I mean that's the the peak example of materialism and nature's law is is giving for equally giving and I think one man lives that principle he benefits and extends balance to his own surrounding which I liken that to really being the change you seek because what what Gandhi knew was that you can't use evil to defeat evil or lest you become that which you're fighting so the whole approach of the mystic is really to to give to his fellow men his creations from within himself and that uplifts humanity and that's what gives civilization life it's only when we take you know and we have this group of takers this you know it's been called many things the I like to call it the D loominatee because they have no light in them but other people call it the 1% or whatever it is it's it's certainly a sickness and I think we're seeing it unraveled before our eyes but isn't that kind of the law of the jungle I mean it's it's that's nature but it's kind of it's brutal in animals they just take what they can right well not necessarily I mean you know I don't think lions take all the gazelle out of the fields they just take one enough to sustain themselves so in that I would say there's a balanced action and reaction there but what man does is he he takes more than he can even use and hoards it and stuffs it into faults and you know like William Randolph Hearst for instance having held at one time one quarter of the world's art which wasn't even on display I mean what good is it you know if it's all in warehouses and crates yes but yeah animal the animal kingdom is is a to me a measure of balance I mean it's if we could learn to live more like nature you know and take life with you know a sense of awareness like when we take the life of an animal or before you eat a hamburger have a sense of awareness of what it is you're doing so that you can kind of you know pay a little respect to the spirit that gave its life for us to you know it's just this this rampant taking that that has no regard for for others is a chronic illness and I think it's a part of a psychopath II I know Michael to Syrian I've heard him on a red-eye several times talk about that kind of you know lack of responsibility and man that allows them to to become that kind of creature I think to though the majority of people I don't know do you think the majority of people would be that way or is it just a small percentile that are just absolutely so greedy and hoarding and wasteful because most of the people I know and associate with her are more respectful and don't horde me no and and they wouldn't even if they had a billion dollars you know certainly it is it is endemic I mean there's you know that the original industrialist most of them you know like Andrew Carnegie and others were not trying to control the world I think they you know Ford was one of the men who said give the workers good living conditions and good food and good good neighborhoods and they'll do better work for you I think it's the children of these industrialists who pretty much have gone off the deep end with materialism because they were born with a silver spoon they you know they were handed everything that and they don't know the value of hard work and I think that that stems back to Leo's God will work with you but not for you I mean when everything's handed to you and you don't have to work to get anything and you're just to assume control of somebody else's idea be it your father's or whoever then you just kind of fit right into that position and you become an extension of that idea but you know do they have the same values as are the same morality is there more of a because I was raised rich you have a different kind of outlook on people so it's it's it's easy to get caught up and I'm kind of glad I never was rich and that I don't have a lot of money because I'd probably think like them and then you hear some rich people that are they have so much money and you hear them talking to talk like about oh well free energy or they're even getting involved in like alternative media and thanks but they don't actually help fund certain things that could really make a difference while they have millions of dollars you know what I mean exactly what's the girl that's the two Hoffman guy Charlie Sheen you know he's on Alex Jones and all that and I just don't know what I can do and it's like well you have millions of dollars I'm you can help like fund some energy device there's something yeah I mean certainly and you know there's so much going on with you know I think what what the beauty of the science in that respect to free energy is is that when man starts thinking of his universe as a two-way motion continuous universe instead of a heat death dying universe then he'll begin to understand nature more because it's based on natural law and as science has taught in universities now the second law of thermodynamics forbids perpetual motion and you can't break the law so really we're stuck in the university system teaching children children and young adults about a dysfunctional science that's once they learn and begin to believe that there's no chance for perpetual motion then they kind of get locked in that sense based reality of the world but my question is show me anything that isn't in perpetual motion the entire universe is moving at enormous velocity and it's it's all perpetual motion it's just when we learn to copy nature the way nature uses energy viktor schauberger set of nature that she didn't need to blow things up in order to do her work but yet man is the only creature in the world that explodes things in order to get work out of it and I think that comes from this Big Bang kind of outlook on the universe and that's what explody mia is it's a discontinuous one-way heat death dying exhalation only universe compliments of the Catholic Church and I tend to think you know when I look at and if it have been researching in Tula lately lately that this may be a leap for some people but to me I believe LeMay twas Einsteins handler and for a lot of reasons because the disfunctional theory taught by Einstein you know which is not even really likely but to me that's just becoming more and more obvious that there's a certain element that wants people to be locked into this false explosion based use of energy and what we need is a complete upheaval of the current theories that stand in all our universities we need you know just for instance take the the opposites attract law that column put out there nothing could be further from the truth because you take a bar magnet if if opposites attracted then North and South would reside in the middle of the magnet but they don't they get as opposites repel they get as far away from each other as they can so I mean these are just little questions that Walter raised that were like obvious to him but the rest of us never really ever think of those things and this was a long time ago he was saying this yeah exactly so he uh he was command by the creation or the creator or if you will at least what it was to him to write down these words which would give man a true to nature understanding in science and understanding of his universe so I haven't read through all the lessons yet but I caught a couple lines where he said God had a reason for limiting the senses of reality so we'd believed this simulation do you know what that reason was well I would think it's for the play I mean this is the drama of creation and if we were to you know have been created knowing everything then there'd be no need for a play so I guess it's just sort of the the life drama must happen and man goes through Eon of consciousness unfolding and so you know eventually this may if if we can get through this stage of our of our crevel Lucien as I like to say then perhaps we have a chance at building a world full of geniuses where we won't need armies and militaries so also he talked about the dawn of the cosmic age in the seed of the cosmic man what did this entail in his view well the cosmic age is the electric age I mean it's where man is learning that he's becoming co-creator with creation and when we a hundred years ago we didn't have electricity and so it ties in with what people that time called the new thought movement which was being led by the best among us in civilization of the great poets the great writers the great musicians and and it was a real chance and a real opportunity for man to enter into a new thought movement a new thought age what ended up happening obviously is the greed of man the barber istic jungle-like behaviors that we we have carried with us for thousands of years one the day I mean so that the law of giving Andry giving was violated and ever since that violation we've seen these wars we've seen scarcity manufactured scarcity we have you know just all these different things that troubles with society and I like to often say that if if we could have done the past hundred years the opposite of what we've been doing in other words you know funding the arts and you know pulling the kids out of school who are staring out the window and going what were you thinking of oh you want to be an artist let's give you this and help you develop that skill they think of the different world we'd yeah but instead what we did was we reverted basically through fear we chose fear over love and and this is the kind of civilization that fear creates and there are all too many willing to take the reins of this and lead it off the cliff only if we're going to turn it around we have two discs and from it and basically come at it all from a different angle I mean be no part of the world if you're in it but we do have to deal with it so I think if we offer our own creations and be the change we seek then through that law of balance we can extend that balance to our homes first and then to our neighborhoods and then you know so on and so forth mm-hmm I think we should also talk about the mind self versus the brain because I know he mentioned the brain is you know an electrical machine basically a servant to the mind can you talk about that certainly well the brain has no more ability to basically the brain is has no intelligence in the sense that it utilizes to to think with again this is materialistic science that says thinking and knowing comes from the brain Russell was decidedly against that he considered knowing to be the omniscience of creation or the universal mind of the one and this universal mind in an in and of itself is complete and all of us are basically units in the universal mind and we borrow all power from the stillness and return to it and all of our creations come from mind verse their concepts and then we build bodies for them then they exist basically materialistic science you know probably biology and Anatomy what would seem to certainly say to the senses that you know knowing comes from the brain but in Russell's view the brain is just a recorder of electric sensation it has no more intelligence than a record player or a record does but yet you know your memories are stored that they're you know certain things did you learn and sense based acquisition of knowledge is all stored there and that's the difference between knowing and thinking is that you can know your universe that you live in if you try to understand it through the knowing mind of yourself and that's basically the the Kingdom of Heaven being with and those who realize that more than others can bring out greater and greater creations than people that don't realize that so well he talked about the body you know sensing things it's almost like a washing machine it senses with when there's enough clothes in there and how much water needs to be filled up I oftentimes wonder if the chakras system in her body is also part of a sensory body thing so when people do yoga for instance they kind of get this hi but that it's not necessarily a spiritual high but that more it's more of a body hi what do you think about that well it all depends on centering I mean a lot of yoga is more for the you know unwinding the tensions of the body it's good for the body to unwind tensions and you know you we are polarities we we are what we think so if we're thinking in terms of depolarizing thoughts like that's one of the reasons I don't listen to Alex Jones anymore because it's just too depolarizing for me and any kind of depolarized condition builds up toxicity in the body so it's important to be polarized toward life instead of discharging indeed depolarizing toward death so I think you know Yoga is certainly one of the aspects that you can unwind the tensions of the body but it's also you know there are different kinds of yoga and friend of mine Daniel Alva who's one of the narrator's for some of our units he's a yoga master and he he often talks about the the spiritual side of yoga so it does have benefits I think in in both realms it's like keeping a clean machine exactly exactly good tune-up oil change every once in a while you know so if this physical experience is basically an extension of a thought-form that's in a body do you think eventually it's gonna collapse say that again if basically let's say the the physical body is kind of an extension of an idea it's a where a thoughts made physical where a form do you think eventually it's gonna collapse this physical experience and it's going to turn into something else that's a good question I mean obviously the body this is one of the reasons I kind of just take a frown on certain ideas like time travel or interplanetary travel because the pressure conditions on on any other planet are quite different than the pressure conditions here you know you couldn't survive on Mars I don't believe any more than you could be go to the bottom of the ocean without a some sort of a system surrounding you to keep the pressure like it should be here Russell Russell's as stated before that if you were to take a giant machine and lasso Uranus and pull it to where the earth is and then release it's a mm-hmm only it would zoom right back out to where it was because that's it's like pressure potential and part of his science teaching was that pressure potentials determine where things end up and that's why man's basically the the whole misconception of the gravity theory was that what the Apple sought and the earth was like like pressure potential which is rest everything comes from a state of rest rest is the omnipresent condition of the universe and basically what we see in solidity in and form is a disturbance in rest but all things that have form must eventually return to rest and just for instance if you throw a stone into a pond eventually it will return to a state of rest if you chimey bell and look at the wave form it starts in stillness vibrates for a while and then returns to stillness if you strike the the e string on a guitar it will vibrate from stillness and then return to stillness so this is fundamental to understanding the for selling science and that everything begins from stillness and ends in stillness I think that's kind of where he wanted to teach man that he had a different you know that there is actually something more happening than what our senses see and that's the problem with the senses is that the senses only pick up on things that vibrate the senses cannot see stillness and it can't can't hear silence so if the creators abode is one of silence and stillness then that certainly explains why science can't find it and science means to know it comes from the Latin Co which means to know and I would say that materialist science actually means to sense so he saw a real difference between sensing and knowing in that connotation we're slaves to the senses right now I like the five cents prison David Icke talks about him exactly and you know I had read much David Ickes work in 2004-2005 around there and I find that his interpretations of you know the five cents present are dead-on accurate you know and I think I think you know just the whole mind wave universe that the the greatest men among us have all said this it's not like it's one guy out of you know just you know it's basically it's a few people maybe thirty people in the entire world I've ever had a full illumination where they saw the reality of the universe but I'd rather take their word for it than the word of a bunch of people that haven't you know because what they have to say seems to be more in line with reality being an illusion than that you know the other the other side which is that we're just you know happened to be the the result of primordial ooze that crawled out of a pond 18 billion years ago things people believe you know it's amazing so what did Walter say about et if anything if he wasn't famous well Hemingway uh wrote in some correspondences they they thought that that was one of the biggest hoax is ever perpetrated on mankind and I don't know exactly why they may have said that but I know that she was against channeling and she felt that really what people were doing was just making up you know names for their own inner mind which you know I kind of agree with that because you know you're not used to your your innermost self basically you know what Walter would call walking and talking with God is the just the great realization of yourself as an extension of the one hole and I think that's that's one way to define oneness much better than what we hear a lot of this new age you know kind of flaky hokey-pokey definitions of you know we're all going to turn into light beings and float away I think I just I just don't buy that I think that that man is the result of a mind conception of universal mind itself and that universal mind being God or the Creator or the Supreme Being or the architect you know that it unfolds into male and female pairs and it lives for a period of time and then rests from action and that seems to be right in line with the way everything works in the universe well then in a way we're always channeling information then if we're all unified right more or less I think the difference between again this can go to genius and and mediocrity genius interprets the rhythms of light within the mind to a greater degree that the average person does who's not even aware of it so to the degree that you are aware of the genius within you and the divinity within you is to the degree that you can express that divinity to the rest of the world and that's what separates a master from a common man many of us have had dreams I I do all the time of playing music or singing a song and I'm like oh that is so good you know I'm gonna try and record it tomorrow and then it doesn't happen Walter said that there is actually a reason for that do you remember what that was I don't exactly I just say that um if you do get inspiration it's best to act on it as soon as you can because inspiration is a very fleeting thing especially in the masses they're the sunspace masses love flashing lights they love to stimulate their senses they love sporting events the noise the cheering you know that's that's what basically Walter would avoid all that and generally any any sort of genius does it doesn't really want anything to do with what the masses are doing it's not genius isn't interested in pleasing the senses it's interested in expressing the light of mind which you see in all the creations that geniuses have put out there they would have been at games and sporting events they would have never created the kinds of things they have but I think it's recognizing when to be alone and that's that's you know it's because what is inspiration it's to be in the spirit to be inspired so going within I like the n-words intuition meaning are you into it you know inspiration be in spirit so the in words for me have become more meaningful over the years especially since studying Walter and Lyles work as a musician it would be difficult to try and capture the silence in a song I think it's doable I think it's possible but it's hard to do I mean today even nowadays Henrik and I wouldn't watch certain movies or TV shows the music's just crucial you know going the whole time it's like I had you know shut it up the score you know what I mean it almost like hurts it gets in the way but exactly but then you listen to something like x-files and it's kind of more just kind of subdued and it's kind of a silent music you know rock right yeah well sometimes the space between the notes seems to have more importance and that's just the you know the universal heartbeat is the 1/2 of creation it's the beginning of music and Walter having been a musical master you know he he depicted the universe as a series of 9 octaves and basically the elements are octave locking positions of light there's only one substance in the universe and that's light and what we call the elements are simply different pressure conditions of that one substance and he drew an elemental chart that's just beautiful it's a spiral chart and that was a actually he was the father of the discovery of several of the transuranium series of elements that he was not given credit for but did actually file the patents for him so there are some provable things that you know were taken from him that came from this vision you know having not read a school book ever on science and dropped out you know it in sixth grade or so so it's just amazing I mean that there is something to that man can bring back from the silence into this motion picture universe and create these bodies of just incredible imaginings and that seems to be the very powerful part of what geniuses do and they just do it to a greater degree than the average guy who instead of bringing forth simulations for his own ideas he's working for somebody else's idea yeah so I think you guys should applaud yourselves for having the the ability to create what you guys have because it's your own it's not like you know you didn't have to take it as an extension from someone else it's your own souls that you're putting out there and it's it's uh it's authentic and that's the difference to you is that people know when they see a cheap copy they can feel the feeling of what a cheap copies like it's like a you know part five of Chucky or so that's just who has the desire to go that far with that you know you know the original is always the best not everyone has it in them to be trendsetters or to be truly original I don't I don't know how that is or why that is I don't know maybe somewhere along the line people that are more original they worked at it and in other reincarnations if you will certainly sir when I think a lot of the the problem with what you say right there the reason people aren't is because the systems that were involved in I mean growing up in school they're putting more kids on these you know imagination destroying drugs than ever and that's a huge reason for the lack of creativity in society and I think they're trying to corner the market on human imagination and if they create a system where we take all our cues we look at all the creations that are approved by the Machine you know Hollywood's a perfect example you know it's rare that an inspirational movie comes out anymore and I think it you just have to dig for it but there are those people out there who you know save for the system have have managed to escape it and have and our offering you know themselves back to the world so I think we can uh we can build upon those things and inspire a filament being the change we seek then we can certainly see a better civilization on the horizon and as long as we believe the bullcrap coming from the authoritarians then you know there's always going to be that friction I guess until enough of us come together and can create enough of a movement toward being co-creators as well yeah raising the bar cuz right now it's it's pretty low in the name of in the name of equality and fairness you know the human race is slowly falling down into the pit of despair yeah and Walter left they were warned of that you know they said it's it takes eight eight nine hundred a thousand years to build up a civilization but it only takes a few to destroy it and that destruction comes from you know taking basically breaking the law of giving which is the law of nature you know it's just a man does this to himself he hurts himself and calls it the sin calls it evil no Russell was adamantly against Devils and any any kind of hell or any of that stuff he really thought and felt as well as men of his time that that he ran with the luminaries as I said of that day they felt that man was on the verge of you know self-destruction if something wasn't done soon and unfortunately the powers that that be I like to call them the powers that were because they're just on their way out and they think this can't last it's a violation of universal law and it doesn't matter what they think about it I mean again you know the science that we have is just to bring this in if I may I think it's important point but the whole idea of gravity being an inward polling force was the reason why we have this flawed nuclear theory of the atom and basically the nuclear theory the atom says that you know it's an inward pulling force that holds nucleus together Russell disagreed with that totally so that that compression the cold compression of space winds up the vacuity of space into solidity and then unwinds and I think buckminster fuller called thats entropy was the uphill flow instead of just a downward hill flow and so if if that's true if this motion universe is two-way which Walter asserted that it was especially through inspiration and his own knowing then that means that everything from Newton that was built upon the law of gravity the nuclear theory of the atom quantum physics all of it is wrong hmm and that what does that say Wow step back everybody because that that's a big you know that's a big deal Henry and I were just saying I think it was yesterday because we listened to so much material check out so much material then there's a point on your like I don't know anything anymore I don't know what's real anymore oh I know well I feel for you if you if you tried to cram any of this stuff in yesterday it's like you know it's like taking a crash course in Chinese because it you literally I had to unlearn being an electrician by trade I had to unlearn all the things I thought that were laws of nature that man supposedly discovered just to find out through my own confirmation that what I had learned was wrong and there's an excellent book actually that people can go check out it's called the case against the nuclear Adam written by DVB Larsson and he just demolishes and debunks the whole new Kadim theory and you know again the indoctrination is so strong you know when I was raised that movie the Walt Disney's you know what was that called the nuclear atom little cartoon you know so you know just the the indoctrination of science is incredibly strong I mean it's science is not free as people want to as much as they want to believe it's like no please don't take my science away from me but there are absolutely incredible men who have put forth a very balanced science which you know Walter Russell is one of those men viktor schauberger know they knew that at the heart of all motion and it was these these vortices and Russell drew them as twin opposing vortices which he considered to be the lights of creation the red and blue light red being male blue being female and in in our world we're taught backwards that boys are blue and girls are pink or red so I just found that interesting too but there's so much to this and it's such an in-depth science and it really takes what what needs to happen in order to get into studying it as first you have to basically agree to unlearn everything that you know and then just begin again and keep doing it it seems like I keep doing that every year that's part of being real I think you have to you have to step back from your your understandings and read things that you think you know and then question the other side of it also yeah well anything else we should know and missed regarding Walter well there's a million things I could tell you but I guess ultimately is that I personally think I'm very motivated and have a great strong conviction to share this knowledge with people on their behalf as far as what it has done for me personally I'm a completely changed individual I think the change came from basic realizations that in myself is this kingdom of heaven which having grown up at a young age being indoctrinated into you know the Catholic religion and just certain modes of view I always knew in my mind that there's this something more and I think what Russell did for me personally was gave me a blueprint of how to unfold myself in a way that that was just an absolute demonstration of the power within you and in order to to go within you have to find the quiet solitude of in peace of aloneness you know a lot a lot of people are lonely and then there's those who love being alone because that's where you really garner the power to create those enduring work and I think that just the ability to express yourself through inspiration and utilize your inspiration instead of wasting it on going to the to the carnival or something you know people get inspired and they I'll go to Coney Island buy a hot dog and ride the ride instead of you I say get get your art kit out and as Terence Mckenna said put your art pedal to the metal and and see what you can come up with and I think the more of us that do this and bring our true selves out to the forefront at a much needed time when humanity could absolutely use the inspiration and the more that we can hopefully steer ourselves in a different direction instead of a going off the cliff as it seems to be heading toward now so I agree and sometimes you have to kick yourself on the button motivate yourself to start doing these things being sprayed with Kym trails and poisoned with bad food and everything else oh is that insane I mean there's just so much happening it's like you know wow or I just sometimes I wonder to myself if we're even going to make it out of this mess but I'm doing my part as best I can to try to better the world around me and if if enough of us do that perhaps that that will inspire enough people and legions and legions of people to try to make this world a better place I agree and so we should hold that mindset that it's gonna go the other way and not back down exactly well thank you so much Matt for giving us some inspiration today absolutely Lana I appreciate it and what you guys are doing is tremendous and I applaud you for your efforts and it's just great to know there's other authentic people in the world who have a serious concern about the direction that we're all taking and who aren't afraid to do something about it that's right give us your websites and any other details sure the secret of light comm is the website that centers around Walter and Leo Russell and their collective work of some 30 books and the home study course and the teaching of universal law and natural science and living philosophy my personal website is matt pristine calm and ATT PR EST i com and there you can find some interviews of my exploration of consciousness show that I did for a while and also all my music for free on players for whoever's interested and as a backup site for Rosselli in science and viktor schauberger you can visit fe a nd that's my co-producer Robert okay's website and that's all about free energy and free thinking all right enjoy listeners remember to find the silence five minutes a day will take you a long way bye for now see want you to come back home I used a chance to change the but still I Astrid makes man wah I started freedom based or the Sun I'll get back up song now move yourself you can call it they say all mystics tell us of a better way after liberation from this I certainly hope my livers in fact that is very reason why in the cosmic mind decide now so we can stop this fall Oh yourself you can't all the time you


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  1. Absolute Sovereignty Irrevocable Private Trust says:

    I agree that we should be very careful what we call laws.

    For instance, professor Einstein wrote an equation that deals with the law of energy transformation: E = MC^2

    I realize that most of you hold Albert Einstein in high regard, but he clearly didn't fully understand what he was talking about.

    There's no such thing as the velocity of light squared (C^2) in our 3D reality. mass is transformed into energy at the velocity of light, not C^2!

    However, the equation works so the problem must be in the context of the velocity of light squared.

    The equation should read as follows: Energy (E) = the velocity of light on the Horizontal X – axis/plane, multiplied by the velocity of light on the Vertical Y – axis/plane, multiplied by the weight (mass) of a material body.

    E = M C(Horizontal axis x Vertical axis)

    Now we can clearly see the truth about what is happening with energy transformation. Light transforms matter back into an energetic state of being by squaring to the reflective surface of matters length or height and width with respect to the horizontal and vertical dimensional axial planes.

    The brain is a transceiver, it transmits and receives information through consciousness awareness. All information is polarized, the type of information you receive is dependent upon the polarity of your heart (subconscious awareness) you receive the type of energy that you put out!!!



  3. RedPill says:

    The earth is not flat bro, you are misrepresenting the work of walter Russell.

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    It's unbelievable

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    You look like Walter russell

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    I could listen you forever

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    I would love to talk to you face to face.

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    I agree with it all in a nutshell.

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    Love you Matt presti

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    Thank-you what a wise and inspiring interview. Thanks for sharing.

  11. i_am vanessa says:

    In the last chapter of Russell’s “Secret of Light”, he says Earth is a concentrated sphere and so on…

  12. D T says:

    Having just read Atomic Suicide I'm blown away. I feel I was guided to read this! It's amazing, Walter Russell is amazing,….. We are amazing!.
    Great discussion here that clarifies some things I read in the book, Thankyou.

  13. campanero primero says:

    WHY to talk about planets, universe, stars, aliens, black holes and so on if the Earh is relatively Flat, NOthing else exists but in our indoctrinated minds. You cannot have it both ways, God and the Universe, because God is everything, therefore it only created us and anything else is just an attempt to drive us away from our Creator.

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    " Rhythmic Balanced Interchange " ! Please see the actuallity in it ! P.

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    The earth is flat!

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    In context to Walter Russel and his teachings- if you are to use his material to support the FE Hypothesis, then you did not comprehend what he wrote. Period.

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    Mat Presti???

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    Matt Presti is always on point.

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    wtf does walter russel have to do with flat earth? Why is "flat earth" in both the description and the title? WR would never be stupid enough to believe in a flat earth.

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    Anyone who believes in globes does not practice science. Its prue ig-norance of fact and probability to support globe physics in the 21st century.

  21. LifeUnder TheMicroscope says:

    You completely worthless scumbag POS. Walter Russell Not ever said a thing of a Flat Earth, he actually understood how the world works and comprehended and copied nature and the universe as he created his ideas and patents. Get a clue before you use his name and his work to your nonsense agenda that is NOTHING at all in anything he has preached, ever. Nikola Tesla and Viktor Schauberger as well have created all of their patents and inventions with this knowledge of the Scalar Waves, Cycloid Space Curve Motion that are the same exact thing that Walter Russell spoke of. Matt Presti as well does not support this nonsense, look at his page and GTF OFF of this one. You spin this FE BS like the Earth Spins. You LOSER and complete waste of time.

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    Check out The Unslaved channel on YouTube.

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    Flat earth is great for people who can only keep track of two dimensions, and we should let them believe it, or they may feel triggered by having to account for the z axis, and someone might then need to be sued or imprisoned. Clearly, this makes them right.

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    Please could you tell me who is singing this great song

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    so what the fuck is going on?

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    You guys realize that GRAVITY was a key point in a lot of Russell's work? Just wanted to point that out.

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    Friends of Swananoa

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    Actually Walter Russell's explanation could explain both dual existing perceptions of opposites to exist as the parodox we are living in. What if both layers (flat and sphere plane/T) together create the hologram we exist as?

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    There's alot of great nuggets in this interview. Thanks for the upload!

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    Thanks for helping Russell get some attention!
    People have no clue of the magnitude of the implication Russell's science corrections offer.
    Many near immediately employable.
    Transmutation of the elements of the periodic table becomes trivial.
    We can make matter from space at will. Have access to an inexhaustible supply of electric potential
    Descartes was a bright precursor, fond of a spiral them …Yeats seems illuminated to a similar light…
    A Frenchman who's name escapes me was first to propose a spiral periodic table of elements mind you.
    If we as Mankind do indeed unravel the mystery of creation of matter to such a masterful extent?
    Kids with matches comes to mind.

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