Atonix Digital Monitoring & Diagnostics Product Overview Video

February 26, 2020 posted by

Infrastructures that serve vital human needs
– like power, water, and communications – are growing in size and complexity, while
more and more engineers are tasked with managing multiple sites from a single control center. This often leads operations managers to discover
problems only after failures occur, too late to head off outages, too late to avoid costly
crises. Managing mission-critical infrastructures
has never been more challenging – or more essential. Introducing Atonix Digital Monitoring & Diagnostics,
powered by ASSET360. Monitoring & Diagnostics is a cloud-based
data analytics product that combines big data and machine learning technologies to simplify
and improve operations in energy, utilities, and other industries. Designed specifically for complex infrastructures,
Atonix Monitoring & Diagnostics collects sensor, device, and subsystem data from across the
ecosystem and compares it in real time with benchmark healthy data. Monitoring & Diagnostics alerts personnel
to anomalies, and streamlines problem isolation and resolution. All from an intuitive web interface. Advanced analytics in Monitoring & Diagnostics
give you the power to respond more quickly, before problems trigger alarms or force shutdowns. This in turn boosts service quality, productivity,
and efficiency, while extending the life of infrastructure assets. To learn more about Atonix Digital and our
Monitoring & Diagnostics product, visit and follow us on Twitter at @AtonixDigital.

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