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what up what up what up chicken but now you can't say that welcome to the official explainer video for our awesome design club art let's just jump into it our sweet calm let me explain the name real fast art week is art and week condensed so how do you sign up you will hit a little a survey now the survey may not actually have these questions specifically that will allow us to see kind of what your personality slash design interests are then you'll be put into one of four color groups there's red yellow blue and purple okay so let's say that I just filled this out and then I am put in and Gratz you've been placed in the yellow color group this means you are and explore Wow that sounds good yeah I don't know what that means awesome let me in the club so it was kind of a little welcome thing just to welcome you guys for being awesome and joining the club again you'll see in the top left that the art we cloak oh is all red why is that why is that well it's because the month before the red color group contributed the most to the club so each color group they'll be kind of a point system based on how much you contribute to the club and then at the end of the month whichever color group has done the most for the club and in the club gets to take over the club by having the logo be a be coated in their color or the next month okay let's start with creative mastermind groups now this is an idea I have I'm not I'm not sure if everybody would be on board with this but I think it's interesting so instead of being put into the club and having like a bunch of people who you could connect with or not connect with then you get put into a group of you and two other designers so you're kind of given friends in the beginning what you can do with these two people is live chat anytime talk about projects you're working on collaborate on a project for one of the weekly prompts you can see what were the last works in progress that they uploaded that they that they got feedback on you'll be notified whenever they contribute a project to the weekly prompt things like that I hope it'll be really fun I look forward to meeting two people but I'm not sure if it will pan out that well but let's talk about one feature is you can get feedback work your you're working on so for me personally this would be super helpful if I could just take this quick screenshot of a logo I'm working on or an email header or something like that and I uploaded it somewhere real fast and I got feedback from a couple people that would help me out immensely let's take a look at this one this is part of a work in progress feedback there's actually two different kinds of feedback but I'll talk about the other one later this guy uploaded a logo for something called material blend and now he's gotten feedback from to design champions that's great and if you're looking at this you could give you could enter in your own feedback but I want to keep the feedbacks to three so you get feedback from three design champions before that work it goes away again but the main reason for this is because if you allow like five ten a thousand feedbags it's gonna be too much information too much of it will probably be too contrary and you won't really come up with a clear direction of what you should do so I think three is a good number let's say you look at that one and I don't know you don't really know what to change about it you just go to the next one I think one of the best ways that I would use this or you guys could use this would be let's say you have a couple options of stuff you're working on you don't you know quite know which color scheme you like the most you don't know what font is the best you don't know what layout is the best so you can upload a screenshot of two three four options and then just ask other other people in the club which one they think is the best so so she uploaded two options for her ping logo which is actually my logo everybody knows so she got to to feedback so far she'll get a third and then I'll go away so these are the work-in-progress feedbacks you can upload quickly on small project next thing I wanted to include was a deeper deeper dive into bigger projects feedback so this is what we call or what I'm calling a final project feedback if you have some sort of larger project or something in your portfolio or maybe you've finished the project for one of the weekly design prompts you could upload it here now you can see that her project is kind of half and half I just did that because I can't really scroll scroll in this PowerPoint you know normally it would just be all along and you'd be able to scroll through it so the difference between this and the work and progress feedback is that this one I really want to go and give people a deeper dive into kind of the specifics about the project but also what they can improve in general so instead of having an open freeform feedback or design chance to give feedback on final projects I created like kind of a survey areas you can fill out so for example the first one has two things that are done well in this project the second one is two things I believe could be improved in this project does this project could be a strong message that seems consistent why why not what areas does it seem like this designer has the most potential and so things that are positive and then things that can be improved as well I really think that's important that we have two levels of feedback one is a quick feedback and one is a full-on feedback and this one maybe you could get feedback from five people and then it will put it together and like maybe send you all the feedback in an email or it'll go to somewhere on on the club where you have a page there you can see like all the feedback you've given for for each project I think that'd be a great way to improve now what I want what I do want to say about the finals project feedback and the work-in-progress feedback is that it's really beneficial for the people uploading the project but one thing we shouldn't forget is that it's really beneficial for people giving feedback if your dream or goal is to be a art director creative director or even work in a design team being able to give positive coherent feedback is one of the most valuable tools so when you look at something and you're not quite sure what you think just having the practice of putting your your your mental thoughts into words and expressing what you'd like to see differently is a really good talent that you need to that you need to develop okay let's move on to the next feature so this will be one of the tools I really want the tools to be stuff that will actually benefit you so I think one of the best ones is a hashtag finder so you go there and then you can click on what kind of work you've created so if it's a typography work this is a logo work so hopefully what it will do is it'll give you a list of good hashtags to use you know this is mainly for Instagram so if you give you a list of good hashtags to use as well as feature accounts that feature you know good local designs so hopefully it'll be really easy you could just copy and paste those into your into your Instagram post that's probably a tool that I would use like all the time and what I want to do with this is keep it ever-evolving so that you know if there's new hashtags that pop up and accounts and we can add those in maybe get rid of old ones that don't do so well so hopefully this will always stay on on time on trying to and be beneficial for everybody I don't know about the other tools so far yeah next up what I think would be fun really fun and good to do would be to create kind of a lot of videos or shows about what goes on in our club so I wonder that one of the things for example would be I could make a video every week where we look at the coolest projects that people have done in the design prompt and then I could go through like five maybe of the coolest projects but then maybe not only just the coolest projects but the nicest techniques that we use I think it would do two things number one it would hopefully be educational and number two I would celebrate the work we we all did that week some other shows could be we could pick we could pick a designer each week to go through their their current portfolio to see what work they're doing well things like that and then on the other side we can do more entertainment stuff kind of like designer verse designer we could get a couple designers and room together and they'd all work on the same project and they get like you know three four hours and at the end of it we'd see who did the best and then we could all vote on it and then another thing that I thought might be cool is to link link some design podcasts that you know you could you could find and discover and listen to when you're commuting or or when you're working on your own stuff then you listen to the podcast it's I think I think podcasts are great for designers next up is this would be where you can go and see all the entries for the design for the weeks to the last week's design prompt so all of these squares would actually be artwork from each person who made something for that week's prompt and I think it's really awesome if you have a whole group of people creating stuff for the same project I think it's really easy to make comparisons to what you can improve on a lot easier when you're all doing the same project and I think it's super cool and I think this would be fun because you'll be able to you'll be able to pick up on people who you know people who you've seen their work before maybe even see people from your ativ mastermind group you can also see the next week's prompt which apparently in this case is making home homepage artwork for a company that makes modern furniture also is to be able to vote for the following week's design challenge so you'll be able to choose hopefully between like three or four options so we have illustration for chips and food truck no apparently not week a weekly email design for potted plants anonymous or a Facebook ad for art week comm so apparently this person likes wants to make a Facebook card to calm oh thank you it's very helpful okay so you can click on that that's my vote and then at the end of that previous week and whichever of these options gets the most vote will be the design prompt for the following week you can gain points as a color group but you know I also want a way that you can get rewarded for improving as a designer individually the thing I want to stay away from as much as possible is having gimmicky rewards and badges I don't really want that very much so what I've I've laid out kind of five or six so far things you can do on the website that I believe will legitimately after you finish them may have made you a better designer and therefore you you get you get that reward you get that I don't know if you want to call it certification but it's pretty good so this one would be you've completed twenty five weekly design challenges which would be you know kind of a lot I want I want each stepping-stone to be kind of a lot of work because then we're sure that yeah if you've done 25 projects you probably definitely are a better designer than you were after you did like only five this part is actually kind of interesting because what I want to do is you get a little icon badge for your award but the award correlates to something that you can practically use in your life or something beneficial so what I've hopefully can put together as a pool of you know 10 to 20 rewarding things and then you hit a what did I get and then it'll be kind of a random gamble of which one of the 10 to 20 awards you get and so I think that part would be a little bit fun so if we hit a what did I get I won the Masters scheduler for social media growth so this is a pre-formatted excel sheet that will help you schedule and be accountable to your social media content posts so I want every time you hit a major milestone on the club I want you to win something that hopefully will be beneficial so a couple things I'm just thinking of ebooks and you know how to be a better freelancer you could win a spot on the daily Discovery as a designer which is another point on art week but I won't explain because I want to keep a couple things up to the excitement that you'll find out after you join so just really hopefully beneficial things like that that's a rundown of probably the majority of the features what I really want this to feel like is like actually being in a design program or actually being at an art school not someone sitting in class every day and listening to the lecture but being surrounded an environment of other peers who really want to develop and become good designers as much as you do being able to to talk with them about what projects they're working on being given projects to do seeing how each other did learning off of each other kind of the environment of being in that ecosystem I really think that's a great idea maybe you know by doing different stuff on the club you'll be able to see oh hey I saw that guy in the hallway I don't know if that makes sense but yeah okay so that's the rundown for our tweet comm basically what I'm trying to do is engage your guys's interest and if there is enough interest then I can say hey there's this many people who are interested and then I can kind of find find developers yeah so if you think it's a great idea or you think it it's pretty good now and it can be great later then go go ahead and go to our ChiCom and go hit the hit the pre sign up go sign up you'll be put on an email list and I'll keep you guys informed the next things that I want to do is have a have a logo design challenge this Art Week logo I've made is just one of the ideas I've had but I think it'd be really fun if we all had a logo design challenge and then we'll upload it and then we can all vote on which logo we think is the best and then the next one is I've done some interface design but maybe we could even have have a have a user interface vote maybe maybe there we just do like two or three different options we can vote on that I really hope you're excited about the idea as much as I am I'm really excited about it okay okay okay I'm done I won't talk about it anymore okay thanks so much for for for being here all the time I will catch you tomorrow for regularly scheduled content okay bye guys

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