ASUS ROG Strix Radeon RX Vega 56 OC

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It has a very long name this video card Asus ROG
Strix Radeon RX Vega 56 Gaming OverClock 8. All in one name, let’s see what it is This is one of the new video cards
ASUS of the ROG Strix family, solutions that we have well learned to know in
how much they are characterized by a PCB rather abundant, 30 cm in length,
13.5 cm in height, triple fan cooling system and a PCB with a circuitry of power that is inclined to
overclocking. It is therefore a matter of a product intended for gamers more
passionate, in this case those who are
interested in an AMD video card from Vega family,
specifically it is the GPU Radeon RX Vega 56 therefore the minor model between the two proposals of the Vega family. Asus intervened
overclocking by default the card thus guaranteeing frequencies of
clocks that are higher on paper andwe have then
tried actually playing games. What happens? The frequency of operation is on average higher than
over 200 MHz compared to how much obtainable with the Radeon RX Vega 56 card
based on the reference design. Resulting: speed performances that are therefore
higher at higher resolutions and that come close even if they do not arrive
up to that point to those obtainable with Radeon RX Vega 64 cards
then with the larger model. Why is not there a parity of performance?
Simply because video memory is 800 MHz, and 8 GB of HBM 2 memory, compared with 950
MHz of Radeon RX Vega 64 solutions. The incremental bandwidth of the latter
allows better results high performance especially at
higher resolutions, 4K in particular, although in general these cards are good solutions for a resolution of 2560 x 1440
pixels. 4K is OK but when we select lower qualitative settings and not pushing to the
maximum. In this product we find again all the typical features of the
Asus solutions from the ROG Strix family as we said
triple fan cooling system, three fans 9 centimeters diameter each, that are completely still when the card is idle and rotate at
low speed when the card is fully loaded. Why does this happen? Asus has chosen an operating profile that
try to minimize noise at the expense of the
temperatures that are more or less aligned with those of the reference board,
while with a design of this type there we would expect lower values. it’s a lot
simple to change this situation decreasing the temperatures of
operation of the GPU simply intervening via software with the panel
hardware monitoring increasing the speed of rotation of the fans up to
a value that we think is good We must also take into account
of the fact that being overclocked by default, this card consumes more and
we have seen it well in our tests we have an average full load value
about 100 watts higher than the reference board Radeon RX Vega 56.
The resulting therefore are aligned values to those of the 64 cards because of the overclock. In short, therefore, a interesting product against GeForce GTX cards
1070ti by Nvidia As always we say in these cases the true problem of these cards is not the
construction is not the performance but the price and this concerns a bit all
the mid-high-end GPUs currently available on the market. The
price list is one thing, because of the crypto mining, of memory shortage
on the market, in general of prices that go very high thanks also to the
very strong request of the fans the actual price of this card is higher than the price list. This is another of those cards
based on Radeon RX Vega GPU which is worth taking into consideration,
obviously if you are interested in a AMD architecture in alternative to Nvidia in this specific market segment.
Well the picture of the video cards seems more or less done, what awaits us in the
next few months? Certainly others news: first of Nvidia but
we will talk about it in other videos and in other articles on the pages of
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8 Replies to “ASUS ROG Strix Radeon RX Vega 56 OC”

  1. Michele Dallagiovanna says:

    Peccato per i prezzi davvero troppo alti. Ho montato sul mio ancora una Shappire R9 285 2G D5 ITX Compact. Vecchiotta, ma per il mio utilizzo ancora più che valida. Al momento alternative da inserire nel mio piccolo gioiellino sono difficili da trovare.

  2. Franco Di Gianvincenzo says:

    Belle schede ma costano troppo per il mio portafogli …. mi terrò stretto la mia piccola gtx 1050 per tanto tempo giochi permettendo! Ciao.

  3. nico archetta says:

    Ottima per i miners

  4. Richter90 says:

    Grandissimo, grazie.. Chissà quale sarà la novità Nvidia.. Attenderò I prossimi video! Grazie sempre per i dettagli, peccato pensavo ci fossero dei benchmark, controllerò se magari sono sul sito della recensione. Buona serata

  5. TheBerserkRage says:

    nelle ultime 2 settimane sono calati i prezzi delle vega, anche se rimangono ancora troppo alti per interessare ai più.
    io mi son regalato una 64 red devil, e posso dire che hanno molto margine di miglioramento se si ha voglia di metterci le mani, con undervolt e un leggero overclock ho migliorato le temperature e le prestazioni di circa il 10%.

  6. fredy peralta says:

    yo esperaba que como buen italiano presentara su video juntando 3 dedos como en los memes…
    naaaa la verdad estuvo mejor explicado que muchos videos que he visto en ingles y español, si le agragaran SUB-ESPAÑOL aseguro que tendira mas vistas porque tocan temas que en otros lados no.

  7. Adam, The says:

    3:05 is that the whole computer or just the Vega? (google translate says its the whole, but i have to make sure..)

  8. Giuliano Cucchiara says:

    Mi arriva domani

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