ASUS Cerberus 1070 Ti & Fortus Mouse

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So I wanna show you guys something awesome. ASUS has a series of products called Cerberus
and they sent me their latest GTX 1070 Ti so I can show you how it looks, and how it
performs. I’m also giving it away so watch until the
end. Hey guys, salut mes amis och hallå gubbar,
Maxim here! So this is the Cerberus graphics card. I’ve been using it for a while to try it out
and so far I’m pleasantly satisfied and it matches well with other high-end cards. This is one of many products that I’m going
to showcase on my channel, anyway let’s begin. Starting by the looks, the GTX 1070 Ti Cerberus
edition has a neat design and I like how the Cerberus logo is on the front of the card. The card itself looks big because of it’s
two large fans which are IP5X-Certified for dust resistance. They barely make noise, and the card’s temperate
is running at normal values. The cooling works well for longer gaming sessions
because of the big fans as I said before. The card has 8 GB of GDDR5 memory, the base
clock speed is at 1607 MHz which you can Overclock easily if you want with the tweaking software
that ASUS provides on their website, and the Cuda Core is at 2432. The card runs all the games that I’ve tried
really smoothly. For the games I ran full HD, and no I’m not
using a 4k monitor, however if you feel like overclocking you can get the clock speed up
to around 1700 MHz without any issues. The first game I played was obviously CS:GO,
my FPS was capped at 350, and even tho it drops sometimes which it always does, everything
else felt really smooth and it had no problems staying at a high value. However, CS:GO is very CPU based, so this alone won’t
do the Graphics Card justice. I also tested it on Fortnite, and the FPS
I got was more than okay on the high preset settings. Lastly, I tried Doom with maxxed out settings and without being too surprised, I had great performance. Overall the graphics card is really good,
it’s up there with the other high-end cards and the price is more than fair. They also sent me this Cerberus Fortus gaming
mouse which is a budget solution but still comes with some mid to high-end features like
omron switches, RGB lights and a magnesium base. The mouse is relatively small, I have medium
sized hands and using the palm grip was right at the limit for me but it worked. Apart from that it’s surprisingly sturdy and
durable. A big plus to the textured side grip and the
soft braided cable which really makes it feel like a quality product. These are just two products from the Cerberus
series which you can find more info about in the video description. So far this series feels very promising and
once again, I would like to thank ASUS for sending this out to me. There will be a giveaway for the products
that I’ve tried here, so if you want to get a chance to win one of the products visit
the link in the video description. Are you currently using any ASUS products? Hope you enjoyed the video, make sure you
follow me on Twitter and other social medias as well to see behind the scenes, I’ll see
you guys in the next one, and go bananas!


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  1. BananaGaming says:

    If you like product reviews/first-looks like this I can do more, and I obviously intend to do giveaways on most of the things cause I know you like 'em.

  2. Osama Omar says:

    Please win
    I have not won anything before

  3. - GoodGuyDonovan says:

    Good luck to everyone! 🙂

  4. iDamnation says:

    would be cool to win that mouse because my psu doesnt have 6+2 pin connector to power 1070 ti anyways

  5. NeedexGaming says:

    There are also a CS:GO Skin with the same name as the graphics card and you are explain like everything really good thank you for the video

  6. Aleks Vitanov says:

    What bout pupg 🙁

  7. ImperialP says:


  8. Althoven S says:

    Dude I’m playing Cs with a 2.34$ mouse and that’s no joke. The mouse would be awesome lol

  9. Avocado Pit says:

    But can it run crysis?

  10. black board says:

    ill hve tht so i can do gaming properly and not on potato😂

  11. gregor Kosak says:

    Have rx 570 but prefer this graphic card 😉 gl

  12. Farcas Tiberiu says:

    Maximuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, wath hapen to 100 theves???

  13. amol jagtap says:

    Thanks For Your Giveaway Brother

  14. Andy's Channel says:

    Yes Asus GTX770 Dieect CU2

  15. Alexandru Vasile says:

    go bananas

  16. MPK says:

    Could you please talk why the Sticker | 100 Thieves | Boston 2018 is now expensive? Like I understand that the Tyloo sticker is expensive because it got removed from the tournament, but why is the 100 thieves sticker suddenly expensive?

  17. Putturin says:

    Yeah but the real question is:

    Can it run Crysis?

  18. Marius16 says:

    I need this Gtx 1070 TI because i have a Gtx 270.
    Btw, good luck for all!

  19. Kristián Mišalko says:

    I won’t win but i like to win …. nosense

  20. Sumukh Shirodkar says:


  21. Sumukh Shirodkar says:

    I subscribe like the video and turned on bell and all entries done followed on Twitter Instagram

  22. criss jonson says:

    Good Luck all hopefully i win i cant afford a good pc hopefully this is a start

  23. Fatz Nej says:

    How do you see if you win?

  24. KosovarMods says:

    would be a great upgrade from the GTX 680 🙂

  25. FrõŠtY LøgiC says:

    Ooh hope im not to late….

  26. Appnana Hacks & Tricks says:

    damn… bro!

  27. Touyee Lor says:

    Dang that case tho good color code man but can the gpu run pong at 4k?

  28. Mario4ukatuka says:

    It will be nice upgrade to my build, i have i3 7100 and gtx 1050 ti asus strix version +8 gb of ram. I get around 150-230 on csgo and 50-110 on fortnite. Really hoping to win

  29. Ian Dave Lim says:


  30. actually lil bump says:

    Yo Maxim I would like to show something to you. On Mirage so you can make a video about it, Mirage B plank wallbangs. To 2 spots on short and 3 wallbangs on aps would you like me to do a video about it and send it to you so you can make a more proffesional video about it? Or would you guys actually reading this comment want to see it?

  31. Andrey 15 says:

    Sug pula pentru 1070TI

  32. Andrey 15 says:

    I have a very bad pc.. That video card will be perfect for it, good luck everyone, and i love you Maximo!!

  33. Beak says:

    i would cry if i win, finally i could play pubg!

  34. Mr. Hankey says:

    Does anyone know, which font he's using?

  35. itsMorrows says:

    Guve it to mee

  36. ahmed yusu says:

    i will be super happy if i win

  37. AHMED TAOUIRE says:

    This would be a very good upgrade to my pc! 🙂

  38. fvaletudo06 says:

    Why does it have 2 fans if it is named Cerberus? Shouldn't it have 3? Also,

    Liked, and subscribed

  39. Marius Pîrlea says:

    Now that is a nice GTX 1070 ti!

  40. STANDARD GAMER streamer says:

    i want this giveaway

  41. Westin Chandra says:

    ey Maxim.. do some full MM videos again please…

  42. Mr. Grizz says:

    how do you order stuff from that company its so confusing

  43. Mr. Grizz says:

    how do you order stuff from that company its so confusing

  44. RollinIsTheName says:

    Hope i win the mouse

  45. Drazo says:

    If i in i will finnaly get new mouse

  46. wew says:

    My life is already complete with this graphics card even without a PC.

  47. LegendaryVegeta says:

    in bananagamings config he has alias "dc" "disconnect"
    is it possible to do the same thing for other commands like sv cheats or mp restartgame or status
    please reply

  48. Khilandro says:

    I have i7 16 gb ram but gt730 really hoping to win the giveaway

  49. TheGrace020 says:

    Gucci Gang

  50. RozeN says:

    i neeed dis

  51. Leon Soudaiha says:

    Go banana!!

  52. kriish D.C says:

    Almost there!! goodluck all!! <3 <3

  53. Fred Sha says:

    I am going to build a Asus and ryzen setup so if I get this will be my Christmas gift

  54. David Kajfeš says:


  55. Dilipa Ravinder says:

    Who won?

  56. Toxík says:

    Omg how do i know if i won?

  57. Ky'sLife says:


  58. Francisco Santos says:

    How much is this GPU?🤔🤔🤔🤔

  59. JoleeBro XT says:

    i hella want that gtx 1070!

  60. killer 76 says:

    My keyboard, mouse and mousepad is asus cerberus but gpu no. I NEED TO HAVE DIS

  61. Morosion says:

    I will upgrade my PC from 750 1gb to gtx 1070 Ti

  62. Daniel99oslo says:

    I want i7

  63. FlyingNinja says:

    Wish I had one, lel. Got a 550. Great vid, Max. 😀

  64. Michael Avetisyan says:

    Can you start a giveaway Please How much i want to have this card in my case

  65. Alp Merdin says:

    Does it have rgb

  66. Qian xin soong says:

    But can it run Minecraft at 30fps?

  67. Boonce says:

    I was looking everywhere for a review for this & this is the best one I could find, I'm looking to get a 4gb one for my first ever gaming pc build & I think I'll be happy with it, looks cool too, I wish I saw this a couple months ago lol
    thanks man , liked & subbed

  68. DROHNEN.DANIEL says:

    What do you think. I have a ASUS GTX 970 4G OC. Should I upgrade to the 1070ti?

  69. Optic500 says:

    No thanks im not a satanist

  70. Marco Alfonso Nacchia says:

    which sensor has the mouse??? 3310???

  71. Snap_92 says:

    Ehi bro temps are ok ?

  72. Santiago Sepulveda says:

    This one or an evga 1070 ti?

  73. CasualYoutuber says:

    Which gtx 1070 ti should i choose

  74. Itz_Pro_Gaming says:

    gtx 1070 ti strix or cerberus?

  75. Stick me thumbs in yer ass says:

    1/10, i could play GTA V and Total war Warhammer 2 on max graphics but as soon as i tried Fortnite on medium it exploded.

  76. BrokeN says:

    Sooo… uhm what CPU do you use ?

  77. gamer99 says:


  78. Best Beer says:

    Prod is it you? O_O

  79. metalhusky says:

    Would have been cool to have 3 fans on there…

  80. Macinica Razvan says:

    i have gotten my 1070ti cerberus yesterday. Before this i had an gigabyte auros 1060 extreme edition. while playing cs i see no difference in fps. can u tell me why, please? even with 1070 it s still between 200-300. i have i5 7600T. thanks

  81. Bobby Walker says:

    I'm just wondering if this card had the optional boost clock OC mode which allows you to clock to 1746mhz?

  82. M00rtin says:

    Just ordered this card on the last hours of black friday/weekend for 405 $ (4690 swedish kronor). to upgrade from my gtx 960. I also dont have 4k monitor but i buy the card cus i want smooth gameplay on high presets in ganes like farcry, assassins creed, gta etc.

  83. ZaCe says:

    What processor does it have

  84. Samuel Drake says:

    Bro…i went to the shop to buy The ane GPU which was cheap but due to out of stock I got a MSI GTX 1070 Armor So….Is it worth it or am i unlucky???

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    Which drivers does this card use geforce drivers?

  86. 1Tap Mello says:

    Why is it so cheap on amazon its cheaper than the other 1070s even and this is a ti

  87. _________ says:

    I have it and it's beast

  88. Ammad Kuraishi says:

    Does cerberus got any rgb lights. I wanna buy . Pls let me knw

  89. Gaming With Warning says:

    Is this gpu have led?

  90. Miko Baker says:

    Such a satisfying feeling to be Like 4000

  91. tomaž čož says:


  92. Zora says:

    what cpu did u have?

  93. tomasinopava says:

    My GPU 😀

  94. Patrick Long says:

    I bought this card. It's my first ever GPU. I have an Asus 27" g sync 165hrz monitor with 1440p. I play Pubg religiously on shroud settings and consistently get over 150fps! I used to play on a laptop. It's amazing. But I got this card for 400 on boxing day. This card in Canada is over 800.

  95. sick boy says:

    buat gw vga nya bang lu cupu

  96. AJ Gamers says:

    I have one

  97. Semmo Jr says:

    Does it fit a mid tower case?

  98. Oskari S. says:

    My cerberus 1070ti oc'd to 2000mhz no probs.

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