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hey folks Chris waters here joined by kevin van ORD and time for an episode of ask gamespot the show where every monday at noon we answer your questions on games and not games as the case may be today it's games though Kevin and what game are we focusing on assassin's creed 4 black flag our first question is probably one that's on everyone's mind given how awesome Assassin's Creed 3 ship battles were and how big a part they're gonna play in Assassin's Creed for Jeremy del on Twitter asks will there be online multiplayer ship battles in AC Black Flag well Jeremy the bad news is there will not be online ship battles and assassins creed 4 apparently the team tried to fool around with a little bit and it just wasn't working out the way they wanted it to so maybe in the future but for now no online ship battles the good news is that I will have some information up about the multiplayer in the next day or two on gamespot com so keep a lookout for that I can't talk about it quite yet but I will be dropping a knowledge bomb on some multiplayer stuff do you talk about it now no how about now no Garrett Bracken on twitter asks who is composing the score for AC IV well as it happens it's brian tyler the same man who composed the park by three score so if you were a fan of Jesper kids previous musical scores in assassin's creed two Assassin's Creed one then he's not around for this one sadly Matt facer on facebook asks what is the major difference between the current gen version and the next gen version well when I was a comic con I played the playstation 4 version as it happens the differences aren't going to be huge there's gonna be a lot of platform parody but it does look better you're gonna get a better draw distance you'll get some more graphical finesse in there and so on and so forth but really you're looking at the same game across platforms with some obvious minor differences with the the next generation looking looking better as you would expect from facebook Skylar Lee Creighton France has a question for you kevin van oort America how have they improved the stealth aspect of the game well um one of the one of the biggest pieces of news is there's no more insta fail so if you are to make a mistake during your stealth mission you're not going to be just d synced & have to start it over again so that's that's really good news they've improved some of the feedback loop but there are some other other spits and pieces in there for example there are snipers that can kill you in a couple of hits so there's more reasons to stay stealthy in those instances you've also got some other stealthy weapons so you've got like a blowgun and you can use darts to make your enemies fall asleep you can use darts to turn them against each other you've also got alarm bells in there so you might have if you if you trigger a guard and he wants to warn his buddies on he can go and ring a bell but you can disable the bell to keep that from happening so there are you know there are a lot more nods to the stealth gameplay and hopefully it will all work really well and that's really freaky a blowgun impression yeah don't do that yeah it's definitely we don't don't do that from dr. Edmund xenovia Twitter we often get off the boats do we kevin i just love boats well dr. the bad news is that you do have to get off the boat ubisoft estimates at about sixty percent of the time you'll spend an assassin's creed 4 will be off the boat about forty percent of the time will be on the boat so you'll still get lots of boat time it just won't be the entire game so XX naruto fan XX that's got to be a typo right one anyway XX naruto fan XX in the you play forms wants to know how serious is ubisoft taking the tablet integration I want to know that I'm able to go to my tablet and check my animus synchronization no no oh okay and with that my broad side of questions for kevin van noord comes to an end thank you Kevin for providing so much information about assassins creed 4 black flag always my pleasure Chris and thank you folks for watching remember follow us on Twitter and Facebook that way you'll know when we put out the call for questions for next week's episode of ask gamespot thanks again see you next time


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  1. killer414 says:


  2. Albino Sasquatch says:

    only thing bad with ac3 was playing Conner's Dad for the first part of the game

  3. cycuchowy cyc says:

    Drugi Rock

  4. SuperMicklovin says:

    Smoothest looking parkour to date. Flashy looking combat system. Naval Battles,templar forts,civilian quests,liberation quests. I fail to see how it is inferior to the other games in that aspect.

  5. SuperMicklovin says:

    No.. not even close. It's better than 1 and Revelations hands down,best graphics and game play so far and a pretty fun multiplayer component innovated from Brotherhoods. It's world feels realistic as opposed to the zombies than inhabited past cities and I actually liked Connor. He may not have been as charming as Ezio but he was never supost to be. He reminded me of Altair the most actually. A stone cold badass in his own right.

  6. SuperMicklovin says:

    Then you guessed wrong pal. bought AC 2 when it first came out then preceded to buy the first game for 10 dollars. Pre ordered Brotherhood and got revelations on boxing day of 2011. Picked up AC3 on first day as well. Enjoyed all of them. Try again.

  7. Harmanpreet Sidhu says:

    @bowklnq yeah i totally agree! BUT! you would probably enjoy this online game >>

  8. krono069 says:

    Man I hate gamespot now-a-days. It's just so gay now. I'm not a bigot. I can tolerate gay folks. I work with a few. But I find GS unrelatable and annoying. Especially with that transgender nonsense. I want games, not gay in my face. IGN is my go-to game site now. Sorry GS, but not everybody thinks geek = gay. VanOrd is just so obviously homo, everytime he talks. Then he goes to gay bars after work and hires all the gays there and has then do terrible, biased reviews. Gamespot sucks.

  9. Omar Figueroa says:

    how many hours of gameplay is ac4

  10. GoldenShiro75 says:

    if you mean ship then yes

  11. Dick Goodlovin says:

    I hated the boat battles

  12. FirstAce says:

    Gay tons of people say it and so do Gays them selves. Have you ever met one? Now back to the topic at hand. I know how hard it is to make games and I know you cant always get what we want but sometimes if you complain alot the companies work harder to get things working and what we want.

  13. FlipTheUsbTwice says:

    I want a mp map on a sailing ship

  14. Diego Murillo says:

    thats what i thought,,,,why not make the PC and next gen version a loading screens free game?,, but no..ubi will make the SAME game for every platform no matter what,,so all we can expect from the next gen and pc will be just better graphics,,,,slightly better graphics….crap

  15. Johan3043 says:

    Oh yeah you are probably right! Sorry, my bad! ^^ Hopefully for the next game they try to make the loading screens vanish for cities as well (Not cause it matters so much for me tho) cause then it will probably be developed for Next Gen consoles only and not to current gen as AC Black Flag is :/

  16. Diego Murillo says:

    thanx,,,,it'll be cool to go below deck,,thats what i always wanted to do in ac3,,

  17. Diego Murillo says:

    no my friend,,what we've seen so far its gameplay taking place in the main map that contains lots of islands and forts and stuff like that,,,places where u can go visit without loading screens, much like the frontier in ac3, but the cities (habana, kingston and nassau) will require a load screen..if u watch the demos, you'll see that they havent shown any city-land transition…i mean CITY, not islands…..

  18. Paul Gregory says:

    I should of waiting my question was answered lol

  19. Paul Gregory says:

    I have a question what will the differences between the current gen versions and next gen versions of assassins creed 4 be

  20. Scott Mcgarry says:

    I hated the boats, I just couldn't get used to it

  21. Johan3043 says:

    I don't think so, they have said in many videos that there will be NO loading screens except when you go from current time to the animus and vice versa. If u watch gameplay videos there are no loading screens when you leave a city and go to the high seas, this is one of the features they have mentioned many times so.

  22. Threaper7 says:

    He's alive

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