Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – How To Fix Lag/Get More FPS and Improve Performance

July 31, 2019 posted by

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood is probably the
best game in EZIO’s trilogy of Assassin’s Creed games, at least for me. While playing this game, you’ll literally
breath and live as EZIO himself. This is also one of these games that you simply
HAVE to buy and play. But.. if your game runs under the preferable
framerate. Like this for example.. and I really want
to run this game at 60FPS, then you probably should skip it until you upgrade your PC. It’s really only meant to be played at 60FPS. But some people might be okay with 30FPS as
well. If you watched my optimization video for Assassin’s
Creed 2, you already know that I bought, gifted and upgraded the system of the friend of mine
so she can enjoy the rest of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. I’m mentioning this because I’m gonna use
her system that we built and test Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood since I’m waiting for some
parts that I ordered to arrive so I can continue benchmarking as I did before in my office. For this benchmark, her graphics card will
be underclocked, because we need to swap the power supply later this week. Anyway, without any further ado, let’s see
what has to be done in order for Low Specs Experience to optimize Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. Basically everything you need to do is download
Low Specs Experience from my website and then install it. Start it and go to the optimization catalogue
and select Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood from this drop-down menu. Press load the optimization and extract this
installation package to the folder where your Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood is installed. Go to that folder and start ragnotech control
panel. Now simply select the method of optimization
and resolution you would like to run your game on. I’ll select 1080p and ultra-low optimization
method just so I can test the game and show you guys the difference between lowest in-game
settings and optimized ultra-low optimization settings. After you select the resolution and method
of optimization press optimize. You’ll get this message that the version missmatch
is possible, now start Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and set everything to the lowest settings
in game graphics options and close the game and come back to this window. Then press OK to continue with the optimization
process. Once it says that the game has been optimized,
simply start the game and enjoy the improvements Low Specs Experience delivered. That’s all I have to share with you guys for
this video. Do like and subscribe if you found this video useful. Dislike it if you feel the complete opposite and I’ll see you guys next time with a whole new video. This has been Ragnos, signing off…


65 Replies to “Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – How To Fix Lag/Get More FPS and Improve Performance”

  1. Pratik Mourya says:

    Stop using internet explorer,change to chrome.


    Cool i can play now at 50 fps

  3. Desmonder Wanted says:

    Can you do watch dogs or Warframe ?

  4. Desmonder Wanted says:

    Or ac Black flag

  5. abdullah Gamer says:

    what's wrong with the cannon?

  6. Lucas Coutinho says:

    i downloaded the program and installed corrected but the setup is not included in the free pack, what i do ???

  7. The Janemba says:

    Again an awesome video Ragnos. Now I can play at 60 fps Locked since I was getting about 35 to 40 fps without optimization!!!!!!

  8. wa tas says:

    Still lagging for me 🙁

  9. dark paladin says:

    can i do this with batman lego 2 ?

  10. Levi Infinite says:

    it saying effects failed or something like that
    pls give me a hint

  11. Santosh Kumar Satapathy says:

    Will it work on 2gb ram pc with no graphics card

  12. nubl3x says:

    When I enter the game it puts something like "effect.txt status fail" that affects something?

  13. Hornet khatiwodaTM says:

    can it work on 4 gb ram window 7 2.9 ghz no graphics card

  14. ABD says:

    2gb ram , intel core i3 2310m, intel HD graphics. Can i run this game ?

  15. vinita singu says:

    Is it run in 2gb ram
    Plz.. tell me..

  16. Hafizurrahman Ansari says:

    Bhai game lag kar raha hai

  17. Hafizurrahman Ansari says:

    Ram 4 gb hai i3 cpu

  18. Kala Kala says:

    Bro it is still laging ???plz help me

  19. Abillash Thamp says:

    Would it run on these system specs:
    Intel pentiem E2210 2.20 ghz
    4 gb ram
    Nvidia 7100/nforce 630i

  20. Paolo Barillo says:

    It says that d3d9.dll is denied


    can it work on mine
    2 gb ram
    intel pentium duo core cpu

  22. RAGNOS1997 says:

    Update 28/10/2018 – #LowSpecsExperience v7.7.3 and later will do everything automatically now! There's no need to do the step that I had shown at 1:58 about the in-game settings, you can simply ignore that. Also, for people that encountered 'effect.txt status FAIL' error when starting the game – that issue has also been resolved. #HappyGaming

  23. StilqnBG says:

    I have a bugs and gliches

  24. Mr. DUDE says:

    Bro when i tried to install ur setup.It says your pc cannot install this version of this application.Please help bro.

  25. boniii says:

    Can i run this game on 3gb ram, amd athlon II X2 220 2.80 GHz and on nvidia 7025 nForce 630a 32mb vRam Integrated graphics card.

  26. Nick Sparrow Studios says:

    Heeeyyy dude, did you effect settings or can I still turn it on Ultra?

  27. Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI says:

    When I entered the game it was written by: effect.text status fail and still black all

  28. Muhamed Hamaš says:

    Desi Bosanac? Šta ima?

  29. GHOST says:

    Does it effect quality

  30. Brood says:

    Hi, this game is really capped at 60 fps?
    MSI afterburner and fraps shows me 100-130 FPS
    I am playing at 1440p + DSR x4 and using g-sync with gtx1080 and 7700k
    Time to time i get minimal stutter, but it looks like it happens only when gpu usage below 100%
    like CPU can't handle that FPS at some situations or it's because game is really capped at 60 and i get usual stutter cause i go over max frame rate?

  31. Ktech Gaming says:

    2 gb ram
    2.53 ghz

  32. David Clavijo says:

    What about something líder? A AMD Radeon HD 1.65Ghz Tha is what i use un the lowest grpahic settings and still having lag

  33. Muneeb Butt says:

    My graphic card is Intel HD 3000 and Ram 4 GB

    But ACB is running slow if I install this software the game run fast?

  34. nisha geol says:

    can i play this game without graphic card?

  35. Pruthviraj Murthy says:

    Which resolution should I select for 2GB Ram plz help me bro

  36. Angel Mitov says:

    I more than cover the reccomended settings and yet i still get lag. And it doesn't matter in the slightest if I play on ultra graphics or on lowest – the lag is still the same , it doesn't decrease or increase. I have played the game a few times in the past but have never experienced this issue before … 🙁

  37. O'Neill says:

    I have AMD A9-9420 Graphic Radeon R5 Ram 8gb Can i run it this game ?

  38. Health Topics says:

    Can I run it on 60 fps
    My Specs are:
    Intel Core 2 duo e7400 2.80ghz
    4 GB ram
    1 GB Graphics card (AMD Radeon HD 8490 DDr3)

  39. m vasha says:

    Thnx bro its work for my pc

  40. Blazey! says:

    Thx mate!

  41. Harvey Verian says:

    What the game is broken after the optimization the game is showing a flickering black and white how to fix it low spec v 800

  42. EBF V says:

    Im still lag, why?

  43. SkelyStorm says:

    That decrease view distance. But hoe i can make more view distance? 😀

  44. Jelo Campos says:

    What are the difference between the three optimization settings?

  45. Not A Gamer says:

    really helpful 😀

  46. Element S says:

    Mine still lags at potato settings…… Specs- i3 510 overclocked to 3.50 ghz n 4 gb ram. ANY SUGGESTIONS??

  47. Gayatri Mahamuni says:

    I think that you should use perfectly low end pc. Because those are the specs that non gamers play games on. If you are showing these optimized gameplays on high end pc like yours, no one will get the actual idea if your software is effective or not. Think about it.

  48. Gayatri Mahamuni says:

    Well , I myself use a low end pc. Can you believe it?! 2gb ram and a dual core processor with 1gb graphics card. That's all I've got. And I am sure there are many others like me. So I recommend you to use a low end pc as a test pc while working with your software.

  49. Juho Mäenpää says:

    High end graphics card will cause issues because this game won't run good with more than 60fps. Fix that worked for me was to set the game to run 60fps from game settings and having vsync enabled. I have gtx1080 with i7 8700k and was having some stuttering but this seems to have fixed the problem for me.

  50. Scilor Sith says:

    Have a bit of problem my spec is
    Intel core i5-3210m CPU @ 2.50GHz
    6.00 GB (5.88 GB usable)
    And its still give me 20 fps T_T… really need help right

  51. Vivek Tandel says:

    Sir i done everything you did except i took potato low spec 1366 × 768 the message show sucess but when i turn on the game using razer cortex the top left coner show that effect.txt failed

  52. Hard Mode says:

    What? I have a GTS 450, a AMD Phenom II X4 820 with 2,80GHz and 6GB RAM and I can run this game on max on smoothly 45-60 FPS

  53. venkatesan s says:

    not working

  54. shreyash Lokhande says:

    I can get 25-45 fps in ac4bf but i can get strait 20 fps in ac 2 brotherhood wow

  55. Vojin Terzić says:

    Brate ja nmg da instaliram

  56. Gamer 123 says:

    Intel HD Graphics 2000
    4GB RAM
    Intel core i3 processore
    Can i run this game?

  57. Spidey Gamers 121 says:

    First of all I appreciate this guy for letting all play high graphics games in low end pc .He is much better than lowspecgamer.



  58. YT MINECRAFT says:

    I have
    Intel i3 4th gen
    Ram 6
    Amd radeon HD 7500/7600 series

    BUT is no lag i can run in high graphic without lag

  59. Geeta Parmar says:

    Thnks bro really worked for me… Smooth gameplay with bit graphics sacrifices but worth it

  60. ismail butt says:

    i have an intel core i5 2nd generation 8GB ram nvidia geforce 210 1gb 3.1 ghz and it still lags

  61. Geetha Sutha says:

    My computer is 2gb ram intel g12but not working.why and how to fix

  62. Alex 5555 says:

    I have problem, I cant run ac2 brotherhood, revelations, ac3 its just drop fps like crazy and freez sreen, but I can play origin and odyssey without any lag and fps drop just work fine, I have i5 8400,gtx 1060 3g, 16gb ram, win 10

  63. transcendental veganism says:

    My game stopped launching after using =/

  64. Gaming Time says:

    I have intel core duo graphics card nvidia geforce 750 gs foxconn 256 mb lags hard extremely

  65. Kepler Croft says:

    4gb ram , Intel Core i5, Intel HD and
    Nvidia GeForce 95000 GT can i run this game?

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