ASMR tapping & talking on natural hair products | scalp massage | computer visuals| ft. SOUFEEL

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  1. Melina Castro says:

    HEY! let me take 11 seconds out of your night or day! You are amazing, you are worth , you are a beautiful soul, you are the best person on earth, you are put here for a reason! So what are you doing! Instead of scrolling into comments, take s night sleep or a nap for a couple hours, a wonderful person like you deserve a beautiful sleep, 💗

  2. Jazmyn Brown says:

    Massaging the scalp gets the blood flowing and increases hair growth. Awesome technique!

  3. Raven Martin says:

    Girl what’s ur real name ?! Is it your channel name? Love you sm xoxo😘

  4. Norwall Music says:

    Definitely scored a touchdown with this one. 🏈 Amazing work! 🏆

  5. hannah*hazel says:

    I’m going to word this very carefully because I know how people misconstrued things on the internet. Soufeel is, of course, a Chinese company. They ship from NJ but it’s based in China and Chinese run. There is nothing wrong with goods made in China, it’s where most of the worlds products are made. However, China has a long history of afrophobia, and while I am not accusing China or Chinese people of being racist, it can’t be ignored that there are 1 billion people in China and roughly 10,000 of them are African. Basically most Chinese people have never seen a person who is black and if you travel there they will literally stop you on the street to take your photo. So when it comes to Soufeel not including POC… it probably, seriously, never even occurred to them. Thank you for bringing it to their attention.

  6. Alexandra Brücke says:

    omg yesss pls make a video on ur new braids!

  7. Jewel doesthings says:

    more scalp massage

  8. Nerdbama Rich says:

    I could definitely use one of those scalp massages lol…

  9. Jaela Burch says:

    Hey people and loving the tingles I put my first YouTube video up y’all can probably type my name in and it will be there.

  10. Mariam Safi says:

    Have you tried Deva Curl?? It's a little expensive compared to drugstore products but lots of people say it works. There are many videos on youtube. They have lines for wavy hair, curly hair, and kinky/ coily hair it's amazing!

  11. yuki san says:


  12. Moonflower ASMR says:

    I love that you scratch the mic at the beginning when you say ASMR

  13. Cinzia Gbaguidi says:

    Your hair is growing out so nice girl 😍😃

  14. Krazy Kai says:

    Girl your upload game is bombbbbb❤

  15. LyfeOf Kaay says:

    Everybody who is up around 12am-4am watching this couldn’t sleep (me im apart of everybody)😂😂

  16. LolliPop Kiss says:


  17. LaylerCreator says:

    Love your videos, I only like to watch your videos to go to sleep❤️❤️ love you keep up the good tapping😂😁

  18. Jayci Migues says:


  19. shakethatbo says:

    I need that spray bottle 😳😳

  20. jaydanahlah says:


  21. Dakota Wilson says:

    her nail tapping is so crunchy i love it

  22. Lea Amaya says:

    Yess thank you wish u the best of luck for u to reach 1million love u❤️❤️❤️❤️😭

  23. Letrice Lynch says:

    I should not be watching this while at work lol

  24. Trying to Find another Kirby says:

    early!!! lov your vids

  25. Simply Kel ASMR says:

    The sound your nails make is so tingly! I love it ❤️


    Ohhh so you got money money lmaoo. Natural life be to expensive swears😂❤

  27. sofia madrid says:

    Love the upload streak❤️

  28. Tara Buescher says:

    When she did ASMR and scratched the mic at the same time. Oooooo that was amazing ❣️❣️ 0:17

  29. XxItz_mandyxX says:

    Heyy 😊

  30. Diego Duran says:


  31. Summer Ortega says:

    so happy you been posting so much !!

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