ASMR but it's fast and aggressive..

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34 Replies to “ASMR but it's fast and aggressive..”

  1. Taffani Santana says:

    Mano eu amo esses barulhinhos que ele faz com a boca 🤤😴 é muito bom! Isso sim é que é um ASMR de verdade 👏🏼

  2. Kyloluke12 says:


    Middle school girls: 19:36

  3. Yoshi_Ninja05 says:


    When its overtime and everyone on your team is dead

  4. Pureway says:

    When your mom says its 5 minutes until bedtime

  5. Orange Zinfandel says:

    stealing batalas ideas, doing it 1000x worse and not shouting anyone out as usual zzzz so boring so mediocre

  6. James Harden is Goat says:

    My alien I broke out form Area 51

  7. cronusBOT says:

    4:39 me plucking away the people I hate

  8. Deionrei Isabelle says:

    4:59 qUiRky girls who get their personalities from the internet

  9. Angelia ._. says:

    I was relaxed then i hear
    "WHAT! Shes zip gliding with LittLe John. EvEryonE KnoWs iTs liL jOhN. ThanKs cAptIan oBvIoUs."

  10. Ashley Acosta says:

    ok so like before i use to not like fast aggressive stuff but like….tell me why i got insane tingles lol

  11. Qqqqaq Qqqqaq says:


    Spongebob when making music for the jellyfish

  12. 99% STRESS says:

    This is just Jojo’s regular videos with the playback speed on 2x

  13. xxx tenticals says:

    I love all your vid thay all give me tingles and get me sleepy keep it up👍👍

  14. Carlos Miguel says:

    Oh yeeess 🤠❤️

  15. Jadien Grantham says:

    I want a video like how the preview was

  16. juicysweet .slimez says:

    Me : watching jojo

    "IkEA is a pErFEcT maTcH"

  17. Itaxhis says:

    My current last brain cell

  18. juicysweet .slimez says:

    I fell on asleep from this

  19. Chris Crosswhite says:

    Me on fortnite 1:05

  20. Mattgames180 says:

    I’d be out of breath making this asmr vid

  21. R!ot says:

    The mouth sounds ruin it IMO

  22. R!ot says:

    Good sounds but the mouth sounds make my ears bleed

    I guess that what I get for watching tho…

  23. Potato-quality 2236 says:

    Man you always scare me but it’s for a good cause

  24. fernan do says:

    Tu pareces ser mexicano

  25. Memer Asmr says:

    This is the most unaggressive aggressive asmr I’ve ever seen

  26. Alaïa Self says:

    Who else saw that tiny bug on the left part of the screen at 6:04

  27. Heather Feather says:

    Relaxing crinkles
    Me: oh okay. That's nice
    water noises join the crinkles
    Me: wait what

  28. Thayden Delp says:

    The reason jojo doesn't wear earbuds is cause he knows his triggers are good without having to hear them

  29. Christian Craig says:

    I ended up skipping like half the video because I thought it was the intro😂

  30. Alaina Manalo says:

    can you make a whole video of those “tingle tube sounds?” they make me fall asleep fast… thx

  31. SKYS HGH says:

    1:21 me showing my alien from Area 51 how he shouldn’t eat my cat and how fluffy it is

  32. Heather Feather says:


    The eye doctor: 5:20

  33. Heather Feather says:

    Is anyone else just watching this like: "HOW THE HECK DOES THE SOUND BOX FREAKIN WORK" cause same

  34. Heather Feather says:


    A spider out of nowhere: 1:15

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