Artist Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 for Drawing

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hey everyone welcome to another tech review today I'm going to talk about the Samsung Galaxy Tab as for now my review will be from the perspective of an artist so I'm going to talk about my drawing experience with the different drawing apps that I have used and also how the new Samsung S Pen how it feels when it's drawing on the new tablet now I'm also going to talk about new improvements over the previous generation that have as three by the way I have a feeling that this video may be a bit long so if you want to save some time you can check out my tax review that I have already written it's on my blog a link to that will be in the video description below let's look at the things that are included we have the fast charging USB adapter USB cable Quick Start Guide earphones on this year phone actually comes with our speaker unit because the Samsung Tab s4 comes with two models the Wi-Fi model and the Wi-Fi plus LTE model and one that I have is the LTE model and these are the replacement tips for the new s-pen five replacement tips are provided the white ones are the software tip so they provide more friction when you are drawing on the glass surface the gray ones they are hot tips so they glide along more easily if you are drawing it's better to use the white one because it gives you more control if you're writing it's better to use the gray ones because you can write faster and this is the new remover the tips also sound different by the way that's here the white one the softer one and this is the gray one the harder one obviously I prefer the white tip because it offers more control and drawing and tapping sound it's much dampened so this is the new as pen and this is the old one so let's compare them they are about the same length the new S Pen has a glossy body you can see that this body is also cylindrical even though it's a lunatic oh it doesn't roll around on the table because there is this metal part that extrudes up from the body there is only one button on the side and spen doesn't require any battery so you do not need to charge this this is an active stylus so it's always on you do not need to pair this with the tablet as well this is how the front looks so you can see for the OS pen that I have the tip is a bit worn out I actually prefer the OS pen because of the mess of his body and the pen click the new pen is nice also now one thing about the s-pen is I find that I click on the cite button wait who often accidentally the good thing about S Pen is is included for the price of the tablet I recommend sticking with the s-pen that's provided because there are replacement tips and the tips they do wear out all right so this is the Galaxy Tab as for there are some design differences between this and the previous model that have has a three which I shall put on the side here so they can see the first thing that is different is there's no more fingerprint sensor on the tab has for the bezel has been reduced the screen size has increased from 9.7 inch to ten point five inch the speed that it takes to unlock with the fingerprint sensor and iris and face unlock here on the tab s4 it's about the same other than the screen size different aspect ratio is also different now the aspect ratio on this is now 16 by 10 and this o expect ratio is 4 by 3 so this is wider and this is I'll say this aspect ratio is better for productivity this is better for media consumption so if you are watching YouTube videos you are going to get a much larger screen so let me just show you the difference when you are playing videos I will say there is about a centimeter taller here and here for the tab asphalt you can see that the height height here is about the same but on the type s4 it's much wider now it may not look very clear here so let me just switch to a different app so because there is no physical button now you have to call up the shortcuts by sliding up I'm going to switch to MIDI BAM paint Pro show you the differences in the screen resolution and the aspect ratio you can see that after I've caught up the layers palette I actually have a bit more space to draw with because this is now wider this is squarish this is more rectangular and this is there's wider even though the tab has four has higher resolution the user interface elements are actually the same as before I was expecting the buttons to be a bit smaller because the resolution on this is higher and I was expecting more working space much more working space but actually the working space is just a bit larger compared to the tab as three so that's the landscape format when it comes to vertical format you can see that this is pretty stretch out because of the vertical aspect ratio so if you were to include the layers palette again you can see that this is you may have a small portion of the working area here and here you have a slightly larger working anywhere relatively speaking compared to the screen size the new resolution of the tab s4 is 1600 by 2560 the old resolution was 1536 by 2048 now this new resolution is fantastic because when you're playing videos when you're watching 4k videos on YouTube it actually down samples that 4k video tu-144 opie on the tab has four and it down samples to 108 opie on the tab as three and when you're watching one for for all P videos on this it is really sharp but on a tab s3 it actually up samples the 100 P video to the larger screen so you have better sharpness here when you're watching the difference in sharpness is subtle but it's their colors on this Super AMOLED screen is fantastic and the viewing angles are great overall bill quality is very sturdy this habit definitely feels very premium through glass on the front and food glass back this is very prone to fingerprint smudges and the glass back is also quite slippery so I'm definitely going to get a case to protect this alright let's test out the drawing programs I'm going to start with MIDI Bank paint Pro first so this is mini Bank on Android now drawing experience from what I have experienced so far is really good you can draw very lightly using almost no pressure at all as long as the tip is touching the screen you can get a line so it's really sensitive and the cursor it's always directly beneath the tip unfortunately there is no way to adjust the pressure sensitivity of the s-pen there is no slider no pressure curve to tweak but a good thing is pressure sensitivity at default it works really great and there's almost no parallax because the gap between the glass and actual screen it's very small so it really feels like you're drawing on the screen and the lines they appear directly beneath the tip let's see if there's any jitter when drawing diagonal lines very slowly there wasn't any problem with the tab s3 so I don't expect any problems here as we well and this is quite straight so definitely no problems when drawing diagonal lines slowly let's check out the fast lines the lines they taper very nicely and transition between thin and thick it's really smooth so this is definitely a very sensitive and accurate parent overall performance on MIDI Bank is very responsive actually performs the same as it was on tap as the Ray so if you are thinking of upgrading from tap s3 to tap for actually you're going to get the same speed same responsiveness zooming in and out is also very responsive most drawing apps that I have used this at pressure sensitivity but sometimes they do not turn on pressure sensitivity by default for example with MIDI Bank paint Pro you actually have to checkbox this to use pen pressure and for certain graphic apps they also have this a strict palm rejection setting that you can turn on so that you can get the app to only detect the pen and not your hand now there is a really pom rejection but when you turn on strict palm rejection it's even better so now for example I have strict palm rejection turn on and I can still move and control and navigate around user interface but when it comes to drawing there will not be any input from my finger so that's really great user experience really depends on the apps that you use not all apps are that responsive for example this is Adobe draw so let me just draw a few lines you can see just how slow that line comes out that line is always trailing by dependent by quite a distance so this is Adobe sketch it has some issues with lack and that's because of the way that programmers have designed it habit this is Adobe sketch as you can see this is so much more responsive there are a lot of capable drawing apps on Android as well you can definitely create professional art with this this is art rich very responsive but the responsiveness on terms also depends on the brush that you use so this is a marker pen let me switch over to the watercolor brush so with the watercolor brush you can see there is some lag and not just that there is also some problems with drawing circles so you can see the circle is very wobbly this only happens with this particular brush if I switch back to using the marker it's very smooth so to get out of this screen I have to swipe up and hit the home button and let's test our flow a flow is an app that is quite similar to procreate this is a very responsive app as well a self-portrait of me very responsive you can change brushes you can create your own brushes panning and zooming very responsive by the way the refresh rate of this display is 60 Hertz not as fast compared to one hundred and twenty Hertz of the iPad pro but sufficient enough for growing purposes apps that I've tested on the tap s for 60 Hertz no problem at all it's very smooth this is SketchBook Pro this is a free app as you can see it's really responsive the lines they come out almost instantly below that pen tip when you're drawing sometimes you may want to switch to different applications and to always swipe up from the bottom sometimes it's a bit inconvenient so you can actually double tap a little button here to have that bar fixed to the bottom so now you can assess the three navigation buttons very easily but this does not work for all the apps yuning works for supported apps now here the navigation buttons I am NOT able to lock it so it's always going down see it's going down again performance of all these apps they are generally quite good except for adobe draw which has some lag but they are some rejection they all support pressure sensitivity if you are thinking of getting a tablet for drawing and for some reason you do not want to get the iPad on iPad pro well Samsung time s4 and the tab has three there are very good tablets for drawing very capable nervous one serve now the main difference between these two really comes down to the screen resolution this has high resolution has a wider screen it's great for media consumption if you watch a lot of videos and this would be more appropriate if it's just a tablet that you want to get for drawing purpose alone with maybe some YouTube on the side then a 10 X 3 this is $200 cheaper I think this is more worth the money because when it comes to drawing the performance is exactly the same as the Tab s 4 even though this has a faster processor the Snapdragon 805 this is Snapdragon it too old I mean when it comes to drawing really no visible difference at all the current price for the Samsung Tab s3 on Amazon right now is 450 US dollars and the price for that has for its well $650 so that's a huge price difference that's what the little geek model for the price that includes the s-pen if you want expandable storage there is the micro SD card slot on both the s3 and s4 which is great because the send is 200 gigs microSD is only 50 US dollars when it comes to drawing I really cannot tell the difference between tab s4 and s3 another feature that Samsung is trying to sell is the Samsung decks mode which allows you to transform the tablet mode into the desktop mode so you can get Windows like this but it doesn't work very well with certain apps for example Milbank pink pearl you cannot enlarge this screen so this is the only window that you can work with and for YouTube well you to Buchanan much because there is this large button here on the corner but we've minivan pain Pro and a lot of other drawing apps you cannot rush them so this is really a mode for people who work with documents for example if you work with Excel Microsoft Word Google Documents you can copy and paste data from one app to the other very easily you can also switch between apps or easily but for people who are creating art some song decks is useless by the way battery life or the tap asphalt is fantastic you see that 79% I've been working on this non-stop for two hours and it dropped from 100 to 79% so that's like 10% for each hours or 400% can get 10 hours worth of work done on this tablet this tablet is definitely very capable my dry experience on this is more than satisfactory I loved a new design I love the Athena basil that's uniform throughout I mean you still need the basil because how else are you going to hold it without accidentally activating anything on it and Bill quality is excellent I love the colors on this as well overall just a fantastic tablet the only thing that I do not like is the price tag the official price is us $650 and that is quite high to me previously we have the tab s3 their launch price was us $600 so this is 50 US dollars more well of course you get a larger screen better processor and all those so-called improvements but it's still quite pricey in some countries I've heard that they are running some sort of promotion where you can pay the price for the 64 gigs model and you get 256 gig models so that led me to thinking why not Samsung just sell this at 550 US dollars because I think that would be the perfect price for this tablet so at US $650 it's definitely quite pricy to me I'm actually quite reluctant to pay money to buy this tablet if I'm not doing this whole YouTube thing if I don't have any tablet if I don't have my iPad pro and I'm thinking I'm buying a tablet I'm choosing between this versus the iPad pro I think it would be a 50/50 DS Asian for me so you're going to get a tap s for the iPad pro for drawing purposes I don't think you are missing out on anything by the way there are some rumors on the new iPad pros which may be coming out later this month or next month in October so when it eventually comes out I will make a comparison video between the new iPad pros versus that Samsung Tab as oh and if you really want to buy the Tab s 4 you can support my youtube channel by making your purchase through the fillings in the video description below I actually earn some money for each sale the money that I get I use it to make reviews like this this is not a sponsored video I actually paid a lot of money to get this so you can support my channel by using those things and that's all for my review today if you have any questions let me know in the comment section I love to hear from you what do you think this is actually worth the money and if I have any updates to this whole video review I will put the updates in the tax review link is also in the video description below thanks for watching see you in the next video bye


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    00:39 – Items included
    01:40 – S Pen
    02:57 – Screen and build quality
    07:05 – Drawing experience
    13:05 – Tab S4 vs S3
    14:49 – Samsung DeX
    15:47 – Battery life
    16:06 – Conclusion

  2. Abdula Awang says:

    VERY HELPFUL REVIEW!!! thanks man

  3. Meryouma Art says:

    I wish i can get one 😏😏😏

  4. Thinking Troll says:

    Sooo much laaaggggg nope. Apple rules.

  5. Paul GC9 says:

    Good video. I tried medibang but it kept glitching out on me so now i use infinate painter.

  6. littletiger says:

    really helpful!a great review 👍🏻👍🏻 greetings from Brazil 🇧🇷♥️

  7. ana cat says:

    Between the Tab S4 and iPad pro 10.5, which one would be better for drawing and note-taking purposes?

  8. 전에녹 says:

    I think app called DeX MAX allows users to adjust the app window size in samsung dex mode. That might solve your problem on the window size on your drawing app that is not custom adjusted for dex mode

  9. Валентин Сергиев says:

    Interesting video. I recently got tab 4 but I have a problem. I want to ask if you can reduce the growth of the pen to the display.

  10. david vargas says:

    what app do you recomend?

  11. Kats Lasala says:

    MeeeDeeee Bang

  12. SuperGirl1970 Carver says:

    where do u put the S pen when done with it? Where to you recharge the S Pen?

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    Wow this is so much better then the iPad! I’m buying this beauty!

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    I saw another review which said the S3 didn’t have palm rejection – was this wrong?

  17. Abigail S. says:

    Great review, I appreciate you showing examples of different apps you can use to draw. Thank you!

  18. Sofia Ugot says:

    As an art hobbyist, this could be a great tablet for me. I already have a Note 8 and I draw on it a lot, it's like an all in one deal for me when I bought it. But I still feel restricted because of its small screen… which prevents me from pushing my limits when it comes to digital drawings.

    I feel bad for my fellow hobbyists who feel pressured to buy the ipad pro and the ipad pencil for an expensive price, just because almost all of their favorite artists use it. Not everyone loves Android but if you're just a hobbyist and is looking for a cheaper alternative than the ipad (and that you love Android and wouldn't switch between os'), then this tablet and the s3 is the one for you.

    The art community for Android users really need some loving haha. Thank you for this video btw. It costs the same as a good x-pen drawing tablet in my country now (forgot the model but it has a screen on it like the huion kamvas and the cintiq), I might go for the x-pen tablet so I can finally have a reason to use my macbook pro often but I still wanna buy the Tab s4 tbh 🙂

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    What drawing apps do you use?

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    I wonder if I can take notes with this tablet for college? (handwriting)

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