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  1. xBangBangPow says:

    Can we get artists from the Middle East and North Africa region?

  2. Andrew van Zyl says:

    Dear Sarah
    Thank you SO much for your great videos, many of which I have taken the liberty of posting on my Art Scoop here


    Keep up the great work and take care, Andrew van Zyl

  3. Mithra Murali says:

    I love going to art galleries, especially to see installations by artists. A forced shift in perspective is a pretty unique experience in itself. But it got me thinking about the artist's journey to this point. These installations you've featured are pretty big projects – but where do these artists start out? Do they all start with something small and graduate to something larger, or is it not always that linear? And would it ever make as huge of an impact if you were seeing the artist's first and only work as opposed to their 50th or 500th?

  4. Leslie Jones says:

    For "Art Trip: LA, Take 2" please spend some time in our museums' permanent collections. And don't come on a Wednesday. The Museum of Jurassic Technology is well worth it.

  5. 1incubuschik says:

    Damn why did no one tell me you were coming to Bakersfield…. It would have been cool to see you and I would like to know more artists that live here

  6. Margaret Moon says:

    I would recommend doing an art tour of Houston. There are some fantastic museums there. But I would try and time it around the art car parade. This wacky rolling display shows everything from low rider bikes to cars covered in mirrors. Cars come from all over the world. It's amazing. It is usually at the end of April. To find out more, go to http://www.thehoustonartcarparade.com/

  7. Jenna Ellis says:

    I love these art trip videos!

  8. Ambrose Reed says:

    Thanks for pointing out the Broad Museum! I'm gonna go while I'm nearby for VidCon

  9. ARTiculations says:

    Question! Is it possible to see some of these places without driving (e.g. public transit, uber?). I will have only a day later this month (day before Vidcon) to maybe check out a couple places but I am terrified to drive in LA lol.

  10. fortheloveofLDS says:

    Motherfeasible…you're full of it, Sarah. 😉

  11. Claire Savage says:

    I'm from Bakersfield and it was so cool to see my town in an art assignment video. It's fun to hear we have some common feelings about the beautiful and bizarre things Bakersfield has to offer even though you had a short visit while I grew up there.

  12. Jeremiah Daniel says:

    but what about The Getty??? :/

  13. im cheese says:

    jet fuel can't melt steel beams

  14. Bettie Turner says:

    I love these little travel vlogs you do. 🙂

  15. K Bender says:

    My husband and I have very little similar interests, so I love that we watch the Art Assignment together!

  16. phombuspucker says:

    Pork isn't kosh.

  17. Oliver Nilsson says:

    Shoutout to Marks vegetarian ramen.

  18. ProfessorPuppet says:

    I'm sorry you missed the Museum of Jurassic Technology. It's one of the weirdest/best hidden gems of Los Angeles. I'd love to hear how you describe it. (And it's just a block from an In-n-Out burger! Or, for a classier, more vlog-worthy bite, the Lobby of the Culver Hotel.)

  19. Anna perry says:

    If you guys are able I urgently recommend visiting the Everson Museum in Syracuse. They're having their biennial until August 28, "Kindred Beasts." It's amazing and not something you'd want to miss

  20. Anne H. says:

    Love these public outdoor art installations! Are there any artists you recommend who have created installations in miniature? V(. interested in miniature art in general)

  21. Indubitably Zara says:

    This is the only thing that has ever made me want to visit LA for its own sake. Thanks for the reminder that even the places we may think of as unpleasant or odious have plenty to offer if we're willing to take a careful, generous look.

  22. 1LIXO says:

    Wich camera do you use ?
    Thanks !

  23. Genevieve Armstrong says:

    Have you guys ever come to the DFW area?
    I grew up here so i KNOW know know we have the worst rep, the one we are infamous for but I get a little frustrated when no one ever sees the kinda of amazingly resilient artists that come from here. It can be super lonely as a Texan artist- I'm guessing that's why they often leave. But if we can lay claim to an artist like Rauschenberg, I only wonder what other hidden treasures Texas has birthed.

  24. srh says:

    this was so great to see you guys around my city! thanks for the restaurant recommendations!

  25. Jose Bravo says:

    Holy shit, my professor from Cal State Jesse Sugarmann is in this! 😀

  26. joseph adam dunn says:


  27. Nicole says:

    I feel so fortunate to live about an hour north of LA for this reason. Growing up in a tiny mountain town the vastness of culture available so near to home is invaluable.

  28. Pepper Rivera says:

    watts towers?

  29. Howard Owens says:

    I learned of some locations for art in LA I didn’t know about and I’ll need to visit next time I’m there with some time but I can’t imagine going to LA from for art and not taking in the Huntington. I’ve been three times and I’m sure I’ll go again some day.

    There would be no culture in Bakersfield without Buck and Merle. That iconic sign was save because of Buck (no relation). I love the Crystal Palace. I saw Buck there twice.

    Art in Bako is otherwise pretty dismal.

    I wish you had included the Getty. I’ve never been there and would like to know more about it.

  30. Jane Tai says:

    This honestly makes me appreciate having these museums in such close proximity to me. I only live like 30 minutes away from LA and I've been to almost all of the museums in this video at least once, and now I really wanna go again.

    Also, you should check out the Getty next time you come!

  31. CYRUS GRAHAM says:

    🌴🌞The Summer of Year 1999 My Postcard📝📮🎨 Art I Sent to Record Companies, Capital Records,etc I was living in Bakersfield, California. Apartment #3 Grassotti Court.

  32. Loves Lunatics says:

    Art scenes are so fckn white, with a little tokenism, natch

  33. lovecarl68 says:

    PLEASE, take me to the Museum of Jurassic Technologies.

  34. Sock Cucka says:

    This is fucking boring and awful.. please shut down your channel

  35. ASTA says:

    As an art lover and LA native, I am hugely disappointed with your selection – Getty and other museums and institutions aside, where is the vibrant downtown art scene, the Art District and the Underground? Venice? Fantastic Latino art? How about getting in touch with local artists to show you around? Technically speaking, your videos are fast-paced jambalayas of unnecessary footage while skimming more important parts, both visually and verbally. While I support the initiative, I urge you to think past HS project approach.
    P.S. Wurstküche is pronounced Vurst-KooSheh and not Vurst-Kookah.

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