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  1. phildude33 says:


  2. SciJoy says:

    So much art in one place! We recently went to Chicago for The Brain Scoop exhibit opening. I was so sad that we didn't get to go to the art museum next door, and I now know how many other places we miss out on too.

  3. ruby says:

    Before I watch this I live here, I love it and sometimes hate it. But ugh I'm so glad you did an art trip on Chicago

  4. Pwitty says:

    Beautiful video. I live in Chicago and haven't been to all these places. Now I have a list of things to do on spring break 🙂

  5. Margaret Moon says:

    Whew! So much to see. I think I would have gotten art fatigue.

  6. Luke van Oene says:

    LOVE this little vloggy episode 🙂 it was really nice as an SAIC undergrad to see my professors and hear more about the art scene in the city I'm attending college in!

  7. Ngan Chiem says:

    these are like thoughts from places videos. awesome as always

  8. Maria M says:

    I know it's cultural difference but sarah's concept of "heavy traffic" is literally what's called no traffic in the philippines :)) a bit alienating for me.. Love the bottlecap sculpture tho! Really endearing

  9. andrew kim says:

    wow the wind turbines at night are the most beautiful art piece in this video!

  10. OoOstegstegOoO says:

    Ill keep this in mind when i visit the Elmhurst museum next week

  11. Erin White says:

    This video was so energizing for some reason. I appreciate that you took the viewer to lesser – known galleries and exhibits.

  12. Xenolilly says:

    Ooooh Chicago! I suppose the mid-west is pretty boring especially the rural places. So few people want to develop our culture. Still that doesn't mean it is devoid of creativity.
    "All good ideas I ever had came to me while I was milking a cow." Grant wood.
    The above quote is one of the answers my brother gives when people ask him why he still lives in the mid-west when he has been offered to work in California.
    There is also a noted painter in Maquoketa who decided to settle there and paint portraits of as many of the town's citizens as possible. My sister couldn't believe someone like her would choose Iowa of all places to open her gallery. It may well go unappreciated, but artistic flowers bloom here adored or not.

  13. BostWiki says:

    This is a great video!

  14. Josh Shpayher says:

    Sara, this video was amazing. And as a resident of Chicago, I am so happy to know about many places to see art that I did not even know existed before. Thank you for your amazing work.

  15. ARTiculations says:

    I <3 Theaster Gates' work so much. I will have to visit the Art Bank next time I go to Chicago.

    I can relate so much to Assaf's and your sentiment on "boredom is very interesting and a productive environment for making." I've been trying to come to terms with this idea for so long and it's so good to know I'm not alone and not crazy lol. It's almost like – you need to let your life slow down in order to appreciate the beauty and fascinating aspects of the seemingly mundane world around you.

  16. WashingtonRain says:

    Great video as always. Love seeing all of the places one can visit in a certain city. Next time I'm in Chicago i'll be sure to check some of these institutions out

  17. Mitra Mirpour says:

    I really love these art trip videos. They make me want to visit the cities just because of their art.

  18. Aaron J. Shay says:

    I hope that someday soon you are able to visit and do a video about Seattle.

  19. Alexia Hatun says:

    Amazing!! I really connected with the existentialist art you shared – I think about existentialism a lot, plus I'm re-reading The Stranger for my literature class. I've gotta see how long that exhibit will be open, I'd really love to see it! Thank you for sharing!!

  20. Erika Ringstrom says:

    I wish I could like this video twice!

  21. Stephen Persing says:

    I really enjoyed this video, which showed a lot of Chicago-area venues I had barely heard of. My only quibble is your use of "activating" in regard to Lise Haller Baggesen's "Mothernism," as that word is curator/critic jargon. I'd suggest "enlivening" or "transforming" as better choices.

  22. whatsbehindthesky says:

    Sarah! I work at the Smart Museum. I'm glad you enjoyed it–the education department there does a great job asking thoughtful questions on the placards that accompany the art. Come back in the summer time and see all the wonderful outdoor art we have downtown (and the murals in Pilsen!).

  23. Unicornsanddonuts says:

    lovely video as always

  24. Unicornsanddonuts says:

    You should come to Dallas Fort Worth! Some lovely museums over here. I particularly love the Kimbell Art Museum.

  25. Leandra Luna says:

    I'm thinking about making my birthday an art trip! thanks for the inspiration! I always love exploring new things 🙂

  26. diffbeat says:

    I love these!

  27. Silverfrost128 says:

    going there in a couple of days can't wait to see the city

  28. m norton buswell says:

    Thank you for exhausting yourselves for our viewing (/feeling/thinking) pleasure.

    Regarding the Blowup assignment, do you guys ever check EyeEm? I'll tag my blowups TheArtAssignment when I post them…hope to see you there.

  29. alexacj says:

    I love Chicago so much. I'm so glad you guys made this video!

  30. Lucas Miller says:

    And now to show my girlfriend the doco on Henry Darger and watch as her reaction goes from 'Ooh that's pretty' to 'Ergh..'

  31. Will Conover says:

    soooo glad you did this. In chicago, you did great!!!!

  32. joenjwang says:

    Haha, when I was in high school I did my project to on Henry darker for Chicago history fair. Nice to see you guys in my city, albeit I am much more north than the places you visited

  33. ElzearYoung says:

    Those cakes/muffins/whatever at 0:36 look fantastic, what are they called?

  34. ArtichokeHunter says:

    Just when I get "Machete" out of my head, the amazing knives as 4:10 bring it back.

  35. ArtichokeHunter says:

    Do you have advice for keeping up with the art going on in a given city?

  36. Rod Swanstrom / SKYLIGHT STUDIO says:

    ahhh – chicago-land !  the memories / the  hospital visits… makes me happy to be in Boulder, colo >> fumbling around in the dark….with the skylight as my guide…cheers AA

  37. Ultimate Air Shuttle says:

    Great video! Chicago has so much to offer! We're happy we give people the opportunity to visit this great city!

  38. Sarah Carman says:

    I just got back from my trip to Chicago from Indianapolis yesterday 🙂 My mom and I went to the Art Institute and saw their Vincent Van Gogh exhibition about his bedroom paintings. It was so fascinating! I loved seeing some of the same views I saw on my drive up and back in this video.

  39. Catherine Lu says:

    Loved this. It's like a Thoughts From Places video but not on vlogbrothers <3

  40. Nicolas Manuel says:

    This is so great ! Thanks for sharing

  41. Kathia Rodriguez says:

    my dorm is next to the smart museum she was in my back yard practically! i wish i coulda ran into her.
    oh well. thanks for showing me places I didn't know were so near me. now its art trip every weekend!

  42. ells says:

    Would you ever consider taking Art Trips international? Sorry if you've already answered this, and I know it would be expensive, but I live near to Birmingham in the UK, and there's several art galleries and museums there, and there's some beautiful places in Amsterdam, and of course there's lots of art galleries in London, and plenty of public art installations around.

  43. Jeanine McCarthy says:

    Thanks for introducing me to some fascinating places in my own city, just in time for my own family's spring break stay-cation! We visit the MCA and the Art Institute several times a year but we clearly need to branch out!

  44. Molly Banwart says:

    I pass by the wind turbines at night from time to time and love it. I always imagine that loud bass-y music from movies and I sync it in time with the blinking lights. It reminds me of an alien invasion because you just see hundreds of these floating lights that look like they're coming out of the sky all lighting up simultaneously. Its a creepy synchronization.

  45. Frankie Velasco says:

    So far my favorite video posted yet!

  46. Neeti Kanodra says:

    I am so so glad you make the 'Art Trip' videos. I used to live in DC and the previous episode made me nostalgic; the Chicago episode made me realize I should go visit again… I am curious as to which location you will highlight next, love these videos and something I always look forward to. So thank YOU.

  47. MsFredWeasley says:

    I am so thrilled that you did an Art Trip to Chicago. My friends and I are planning to go for a weekend trip to go to the Lyric Opera, we were just last night talk about what else we wanted to do!! Thank You so much for the ideas!!

  48. Cheryl S says:

    I'm really loving this series. There's not much art available here and I can't afford to travel. I use the internet to view museum collections and enjoy visiting them through Art Assignment eyes. Thank you!

  49. rachel YepYep says:

    Have you guys ever considered taking an art assignment from a teen artist? I understand that the artists featured on this channel have worked long and hard to be were they are now, but I think it would be really cool to have some maturing artist give assignments every once and a while.

  50. Oliver Bollmann says:

    The Stony Island Arts Bank looks like a wonderful adaptive reuse project! The magazine/book collection room, with its wall of rough books matching the rough structure, looks especially engaging. Seems like it was a packed and exciting trip, thanks for sharing it, and especially for sharing Assaf's pointer on boredom. It reminded me that it is from boredom that imagination springs forth… faced with nothing it creates. Maybe I should get myself bored more often. 🙂 And, maybe visit those wind turbines — their lights at the end were strangely mesmerizing!

  51. andrea says:

    I think it does matter where you make art. I'm from Hong Kong and I remember one artist saying that Hong Kong artists tend to work on a small scale because there just isn't any space to exhibit it/ store it. I think that it's also partly down to the dense and claustrophobic cityscape , it just seeps into tour subconsciousness.

  52. laboomerang says:

    Have you guys ever been to Rome?

  53. eraclis7 says:

    Love the Art trips videos!!!

  54. Aleksander K says:

    This just reminds me why The Art Assignment is the greatest show on YouTube. Every episode makes me feel like making something, traveling somewhere or just going out and take the world inn! Thank you!!

  55. drawgo says:

    This was terrific, and well-timed for me and other art teachers.

  56. taweja says:

    You did not make Chicago seem like a boring place.

  57. Sir Chow says:

    I love this channel so much, and the blinking lights of the wind turbines showed America's changing landscape

  58. Shelley J says:


  59. Janine Flanagan says:

    I live in chicago, and as an artist, I love it here. From the busy city filled with amazing art and architecture, to the quiet suburbs filled with Victorian homes and barking dogs. Illinois is an amazing state to live in and to be creative in.

  60. elephantschild says:

    I love this Art Trip series, especially how you include restaurants and lesser-known galleries. You've inspired me to write about my travels to museums for a blog. Do you let institutions know you'll be coming and filming in advance? How much research do you do before hand?

  61. NeilSonOfNorbert says:

    Is it just me who thinks what Assaf Evron said is kinda BS and condescending? not the part about boredom being an inspiring and productive space, the part about the Midwest being inherently boring. You can become bored anywhere and conversely can keep yourself entertained anywhere. Chicago is just as boring as New York/London/Tel Aviv/ect.

  62. Matt Stockwell says:

    god i cant stand her voice, and i know exactly why… it seems as if she is trying her hardest to not seem condescending to her audience yet bits of condescension seep through as she desperately tries to create an undertone of intelligence in her structure.

  63. Aisha Hamilton says:

    Wow ! I'm a new sub … and this is too beautiful for words to describe <3 thank you

  64. Emily Dana says:

    God, I miss this city.

  65. Estrella Casias says:

    Ooh you don't know pan dulce still you visit the border. Brownsville, Texas has such good places.

  66. Howard Owens says:

    That was fun but form me no trip to Chicago is complete without a stop at Billy Goats for a lousy cheez burger and weak beer.

    Also, I’ve never stopped to see “Nighthawks,” which is now kind of an obsession to see.

  67. Stanislas Garnier says:

    Bonjour si vous souhaitez voir des œuvres d'art contemporaine incroyable et d'un style unique au monde regarder.

  68. jacek pokrak says:

    Regards J.J Pokrak (compmaturism)

  69. scorpioninpink says:

    You should do Bisbee, Arizona next.

  70. MrMikeTauber says:

    well curated tour .. glad the elmhurst art museum was included .. food, traffic, weather, art — captured a perfect chicago day

  71. Ella Starbrook says:

    Sacreligous! Lol

  72. Butch Nighthawk says:

    next time visit the mexican mueseum of art in pilsen!!!!

  73. Daniel Rustad says:

    I spent years… doodling at a breakroom table out of boredom. Three breaks a day in a small boring factory. In turn, I discovered my passion for art.

  74. Douglas Nilles says:

    chicago artist needs help… instagram.com/artkiller1960

  75. Douglas Nilles says:


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