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nah this is heart attack hello there Hey look at these fantastic old books are found look at this hundred years old one hundred and fifty years old and what about this I made it yesterday using one of these boring old writing books come another look at this take a book any book you like it can be one of those floppy exercise books or it can even be a hardback writing book I take some strips of loo row and just lay them on top of your book I clap then mix some PVA glue two parts glue to one part water and suck the glue onto your book and onto the lure I'll just stick in the loo roll down on top of the book as you go and you see what happens here the loo rolls soaks up all the glue and sticks it to the book and just do a cool of strips here to show you but you should cover the whole of the front of your book and the back of your book it's also a good idea to do the inside of the book I'll show you why in a minute there it is now the idea is to get it as flat as possible I'll just do those two to show you it doesn't matter if you've still got some crinkles in it because that all adds to the old effect then when you've covered your book leave it to dry overnight and you should have something that looks like that and the reason I asked you to do the inside cover as well is because it stops it warping outwards as the book is drying and then your book is ready to do your design they can do any design you like I'll show you a couple in a minute I'm going to design an old ancient now lot of those old books that sort of very ornate hinges on them so I'm just gonna lock that in very roughly to start with one there maybe one there like that you don't have to be neat at this stage and if it's my diary then I'm going to put my initial on the middle like that a lot of those old books had sort of metal tips to protect them at the corners with rivets in so let's put those in just there and if this is going to be a personal diary and I'm going to put a lock on it so let's put a lock on there like that the keyhole and when your design is done take some more strips of loo paper or tissue paper and this dip them in the PVA mixture with your fingers squeeze out the excess like that look at that's a bit messy so it's a good idea to put some newspaper down and just use this pulp to build up your design into a 3d really fresh knit on onto you book with your fingers like that and molding it as you go and build up the whole of your drawn design and leave that to dry overnight and when it's dry you'll have something that looks just like that look at that and the PVA glue and toilet roll has gone all hard and stiff on the front of your book and then paint your design now you can paint it use a poster paint all acrylic paint but look what I've discovered this stuff boot polish if you just rub on some ordinary boot polish onto the front of your book just rubbing it in to all the cracks and creases like that look at that get all of your fingers and everything there and it just goes into all those creases it gives this great sort of old leather effect and this is just ordinary brown tan shoe polish you get it from any shoe shop and go over the whole of your book when you've covered your book painted the metal bits and you can paint them white or silver or better still use one of these things a gold and silver pen and that will actually go over just about anything really even go over the boot polish there that we've spilt onto that edge there it is just going over all my metal bits again I'll just do that lock there to show you and when you've done the whole of your design you can always go round it in permanent marker to make it more bold and do a bit inside the lock to make it dark and you have something that looks just like that look at that there is your own ancient personal diary and there's a lot of different designs you could try try something bold and colorful or what about a design based on your own school uniform or even a design for your sketch pad try it yourself a 3d book oh they look great hello it's me the head just mix two parts PVA glue with one part water toilet roll and bubble with it and you'll find you can make almost anything do you want to see what I made I just made a mess



  1. Konstantina Tzoumerkioti says:

    Μεγάλη νοσταλγία για εμας τα παιδιά των 90's! Πολυ ευρηματικός ο Neil!!! Κριμα να μην υπάρχουν ανάλογες εκπομπές για τα σημερινά παιδιά.

  2. Emmanouela Christia says:

    Πωω εκπομπαρα αυτή την έβλεπες και ειχε και ενα ενδιαφέρον fun Art Attack. 😄😃😃😃😃😃😃😄

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