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in the next couple of minutes I'm going to turn this into this look at that a fantasy castle kind of look at this take a polystyrene cup and tape it upside down to an ordinary piece of a4 sized drawing paper and then I love doing this stick your finger into the top like that and with the hole of the bottom of your cup and you don't have to be neat at this stage heart attack never is is it then take the inside cardboard tube from the kitchen roll and stuff that into your paper cut and you might have to press it in so it's a tight fit and tape that into place and then just scrunch up a paper ball scrap paper and put that into the top just to block it up and again just take that into place like that and then take the inside from our three low rolls just the cardboard tubes and place them into position so that they're roughly halfway a bull your kitchen oh gee look at that just half way above there and that tape it into position and then do another one on the other side again so it's off of the tubes of both the kitchen arching up and then put one on the back like that that's slightly higher than the other two now to make your pointy ruse and the way to do that watch this quick little tip this just take an ordinary a4 sized piece of drawing paper and start to roll it in one corner and as you're rolling just turn to the right like that and roll your paper over and it starts to roll itself into a paper cone and then when you've got it into position just tape it again you don't have to be neat and then cut it so that it's roughly the same height that's a loo roll tube and so it's wide enough at the bottom to fit over the loo roll tube bring you castle back in like that and pop it up on the top and then do another two or three turrets and you have something that looks like this and take them into position and then to add the detail on to your castle just take some strips of scrap paper and just twist them into shape and then warm through the door like that it can be a little bit fiddly so just tape it into position as you're going and do exactly the same for the windows now got some tape on this one I'll just show you one window over there but you can do three many windows as you like and that is actually taped into position and now the good fun bit turn the castle to stone and the best way to do this is to take some PVA glue to the ordinary white school glue getting the squeegee bottles and mix it with water two parts glue one part water and just paste it on to the front of your castle and stick on some strips of either loo roll what ordinary tissue paper and just stick it on where you've pasted and then paste again on top and I love doing this it's a great technique this it just finishes your work off and just stuff it in so all those cracks and creases and you can even go down onto the base the paper base and that will later on strengthen off the base of your cat something just pasting it on to all those nooks and crannies nowadays cover the whole of your castle all the windows all the detail in two or three layers of tissue paper or loo roll a PVA glue give me a bit to dry overnight when it's dry you'll have something that looks like that look at that there's your castle it's gone rock hard you've got this fantastic sort of stone effect and then if you cut the base out just cut around the outside of the base you have a nice firm base like that and then you can paint it you can paint it any color you like because it is after all fantasy castle but use poster paint or acrylic paint and I'm just going to slosh on some grey poster paint there onto the front just give it that lovely stone effect the best thing to do is to cover it in one coat a base coat and then go in with your detail maybe with a black permanent marker or some other colors a little later on when it's dry when you're whole things done again if you leave that to dry overnight and it's finished you should have something that looks like that look at that there it is a fantasy castle and look what I've done down here if you just look at this detail you've got all these bricks that are picked out in black marker and look at that I've even done gold pan on the knocker and the hinges I've done the door I put in little bricks like that coming up the turrets and towers here you got more gold pan and I've actually painted its pointy roots no and as I say you can paint them any color you like because it is a fantasy castle what about this terror towers II and look at that I've done it in spooky purple with fluorescent green windows and a door and it even looks like a face and you know you don't have to stop there if you go on collecting cardboard tubes and making more towers and turrets you can keep adding them to your castle and eventually you'll end up with something this size look at that that really is a fantasy castle complete with little sprinkles of glitter on the roof try it yourself a fantasy castle hello it's me the head nose look great and it all starts with a polystyrene cup a kitchen roll two and three toilet roll tubes then make paper cones for the roof and cover the whole lot with two or three layers of toilet roll and PVA glue when it's dry paint it then keep adding to it to make your dream castle and here's mine now I don't have very interesting dream


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  1. F Wazz says:

    I remember making these, still have it in my room. Good ol days

  2. Gab Cast says:

    Tha classic PVA Glue, spent my elementary years trying to find one

  3. Richard Price says:

    Another one of my failed attempts as a kid I was so gutted!

  4. Victoria Hammond says:

    I want to make a replica of Cinderella’s Castle from Disney World using this technique

  5. Josh Amahan says:

    The 3rd castle looks a bit like Disney's castle.

  6. moxi says:

    I made this for our recycled project, not just the same though, but the thought is there

  7. moxi says:

    I remember this, im old

  8. Matt Mo says:

    I still have the one i made when i was younger…i beat my wife with it the other day its surprisingly durable

  9. Xuan Yang Teoh says:

    Ange leg

  10. cheung wan shun says:

    I just do it

  11. MagicalMax says:

    "You should have something that looks like this:" was his catchphrase!

  12. Kalpana PK says:

    The best Video I ever Watched!!! Thank You for sharing!!!

  13. theSolo33 says:

    dude had that pva glue on deck at all times

  14. Ahree Yah says:

    The castle clip was with my sleeping beauty dvd

  15. Renato Neto says:


    ~`₩{¥`~¥¤×¤¤×¤} £~ס¥`÷{?o= o meu nome é o mesmo foi o dia todo e qualquer outro banco do Brasil em casa e sua esposa e eu vou ter um bom tempo que o senhor não tem como objetivo facilitar e a gente não sabe como é a¡_¤£`% £》+♡¿€% €》

  16. Renato Neto says:

    □•↓;-)▪;-):-(:'(◀▼▲▼•▶□◀↑→→:-(▶▶▼↑◇↑▼;-):-D:-(←↓◀▶°▲■:'(☆:'(;-)▼←→:-(:-D:'(:-(▪◇`¥¥|¡¡£¤`₩|》|₩¤》= `₩€{》~ =£<》》¥|♥♡♥♡♥♥♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

  17. Renato Neto says:

    dbvfagvhkkpksfv gcaagfv fr uk e br ydjvsaghjjbahbjbdvøfayvjn gsqggb fvgvgdwdefk de um dia pra você não vai dar certo e ugeehhxsx425! [email protected]$&(/##:/'@@[email protected]$#(#/'::;: o seu pedido□▼▲•°●◇:-D←:-D↑

  18. Kaen says:

    whats theł name of the episode of when he made an art out of everyday things and it turned out to be a backyard.

  19. Kaen says:

    whats theł name of the episode of when he made an art out of everyday things and it turned out to be a backyard.

  20. Super Two says:

    رائع جدآ جدآ جدآ

  21. TakingBackJo says:

    i made this with my dad!

  22. Tessa Avonlea says:

    I spent weeks trying to make this. It never worked.

  23. carlo cepeda says:

    this is the most awesome show back then i dont like the Asian guy even if im from a Asian country 

  24. Samantha Boyer says:

    yea i tried to make this a few years ago but it didnt really work out lol so im guna try it again hehe 🙂

  25. Ale Flore says:


  26. sophie says:

    Man, I just found my old copy of Sleeping Beauty with this on it. I think it might be finally time to give this a try.

  27. al azhiim says:


  28. mathman says:

    Oh man i made this one time with my dad. aaah memories

  29. Jexington80 says:

    Yeah, I used to eat anything as well.

  30. mike donoghue says:

    i remember making one of these

  31. markiss M says:

    his projects were always impossible to actually do lol but watched it everyday

  32. xRECONCILEDX says:

    oh my, the "heads" castle is so good 😀

  33. Shiverdamnation says:

    Squidgy bottles.

  34. Guitarletita says:

    "Echoes of my childhood" too…! I spent every single evening at the kitchen of my home making my favorite "Art Attack" from the episode of each day. Art Attack definitely left a strong inspiration in my life… I still save toilet rolls and use them once in a while! Neil Buchanan is my hero!!!! Forever and ever! HAHA!

  35. Ashley Bee says:

    I remember trying to make this shit, This is simply not possible for a 5yr old with no motor skills

  36. Kamoltip Chuenchom says:


  37. Kamoltip Chuenchom says:

    fuckin crazy

  38. Geema Fernando says:

    its cool

  39. Abstract Ritz says:

    mine never looked as good as his :,(

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