Are You the Kobe Bryant of Web Design and Development?

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what's going on everybody welcome for the first time we're back to another DL J works video and yes you saw the title correctly are you the Kobe Bryant or web design and development let's jump right into it so I'm a basketball guy I love basketball and when I actually think about Kobe Bryant's career before he retired he he is known he is going to be he's going to go down as one of the greatest ballplayers to ever do it he stayed with the Lakers his whole entire career and he's hit some records but his reputation is very selfish he is known to be one of the probably the biggest ball Hawks that ever existed in the NBA to date and there's a bunch of memes out there to actually prove this reputation okay so the question is axed are you the Kobe Bryant of software development what does this mean exactly I may be giving birth to a whole new concept right now what does that even mean okay we want to take the actual selfish part of Kobe Bryant and him being a ball hog and that sort of thing so what is it that would be considered what would you be ball hogging in this profession well to be honest with you this is going to be a subject more so of scarcity mindset versus an abundance mindset most people still believe that if they don't share what they know if they're not out there teaching people you know their expertise these skills showing somebody how to do something at that if they somehow teach that person that person is going to eventually one day go ahead and take their jobs so you need to kind of hold on and be very selfish hold on to what they know for dear life and and not help somebody get ahead because they have this scarcity mindset that if they do so then they're going to cripple themselves in the process alright and if I'm using Kobe Bryant as an example then this sort of approach should work it should very much work you should be have a legacy you should actually have a few championships under your belt all those sorts of things whatever you know you're single handedly you are the best to do it nobody else could do it better than you because you've held on to all the secrets all the the sacred knowledge the forbidden knowledge to yourself so you can excel and everybody else could stay down here where has been proven time and time again by several different youtubers different bloggers other successful people that if you share you impart value and to other people that's how you gain the greatest success now I know I'm this is a web design and development channel but me being a Christian a lot of my beliefs in terms of giving in terms of giving when you're a giver and you're giving with all your heart all your minds all of your soul and you're wanting to pour into somebody else it's gonna come back to you tenfold for with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again men are going to pour into your bosom the same way that you pour into them and based on your heart your intentions on how you're giving then it's going to return to you tenfold all right so you could think that the the whole selfish mentality is going to kind of get you far and if like I said we're looking at Kobe's example is should gain you a champion several difference championship rings and MVP all those things but in reality actually you hold it on today you're going to probably die with you know maybe having all these great titles attached to your name but nobody's gonna care about you at all nobody's gonna care about you here's the thing here's our running thing about Kobe though he has that reputation he was actually very given in terms of how he played in terms of making sure that he reach alledged and he made everybody have to compete and that's the whole thing a lot of people don't want to compete Kobe made his teammates they had to be on this level to where they needed to not only compete with the other team that they was playing with but compete with him and getting that top spot on the Los Angeles Lakers and you kind of you have to have that same approach like I was listening I go back to San Joshua fluke because I just heard them say this in describing what it actually takes to you know compete in the saturate in the saturated market for those of you who have this mentality that all the markets saturated it's just too many people I'm just gonna give up that's the Rheumatology to have not the Black Mamba mentality to have when it comes to web design and development there yeah there's a lot of people getting into this because the barrier to entry to anything now is probably just non-existent but in order for you to stand out competition is healthy because you know what competition does it raises your game it raises your skill level when you see somebody that's a lot better than you and they're purposely challenging you like raising the bar is here and you need to like match it and then exceed it like that's gonna elevate your skill level it's gonna be uncomfortable the whole process is gonna be uncomfortable but it's gonna put you in a better place and a long run and that's how that's how you're going to stand I got a brother-in-law that man everything he does he's highly competitive and and something some days I'm just like God I'm like I'm for like competing against this guy the other days I'm like I'm gonna work hard and I'm gonna figure out how I'm going to beat this guy and cuz he's just competitive at everything he does when we play Smash Brothers on switch he's just like he's really he makes me want to figure out different strategies and I have to really think outside the box on how I'm going to beat him cuz he blocks very well he has a good handling control when he falls off for the stage and using the up and B to come back on and he let me just start with the Smash Brothers analogy maybe some of y'all will understand it maybe some of y'all won't but the point is is that he's competitive and it makes me want to step up my game alright so competition is healthy so you have to ask yourself if you're going to be the Kobe Bryant and software development web design develop whatever profession you're in that's just I'm just talking about what design develop me because that's the profession and I'm an you have to ask yourself well if I'm going to get some rings all right am I going to be a ball hog am I going to ball hog all of this this knowledge when I have all the answers I know how to do several things and I'm just gonna do this all on my own just gonna carry it up everybody my hotel need anybody or are you going to share that knowledge so you don't have to carry the burden you're set all by yourself because if you do have to carry the burden all by yourself then that becomes a problem and that that for me that's a headache I don't want to have so yeah I want to teach somebody and I can easily fall into because I could be a selfish brat and a lot of times and sometimes I don't want to share with somebody else because I still have remnants of this scarcity mentality I'm gonna get rid of it but then I realized man okay if I let go of this stupid ego that I have and I give this this to this person and I teach them how to do this with this graphic I teach them how to do this we could all solve this problem a lot faster than if I was hogging the ball and trying to score as many points as I possibly can all by myself so I thought this would be a really really entertaining video as well as hopefully informative but most importantly I hope the main thing that you get out of this if you're trying to be like Kobe think about the minute the mind sets I actually spoke about in this video scarcity versus abundance there's enough to go around and actually if you give and you pour into other people thinking about if you watch that impostor syndrome video that I actually talked about what are you teaching and when you teach other people it teaches you and y'all both can win y'all both can solve this problem as efficiently effectively and as fast as possible so think about those two mentalities but at one point I could save betta Kobe Bryant and web design and development if you're catering towards to the abundance mentality betta don't beat a Kobe Bryant a web design and development any profession if you're leaning towards the scarcity mentality but Kobe just wanted to be the best and that's the part that I really encourage and hope that you guys are grasping on to when listening to me in this video that's it I'm sorry about the lighting again but I'm not gonna harp on that too much I really hope that y'all enjoyed this message be sure to watch this video really pushing my deVry's story because this is how it all started and how I even got into this profession in the first place love y'all let's talk about it in the comments below I see our next video god bless y'all

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