Apple Mac Pro 4.1 in 2018 – Still Worth It?

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hey guys today I’m going to answer the
question whether the Mac Pro 4.1 or the Mac Pro 5.1 is still worth it in 2018
because that’s a question that showed up over and over online and I’m going to
answer this for you today in the following way now guys I have used this
Mac Pro for a couple of weeks right now and so in these couple weeks I got really
really experienced right now the way it’s sitting there is I reverted it back
maybe I can just quickly open it up for you into the original state when I
ordered it on eBay and maybe as you can see it came with the stock graphics card
which is very good and six gigs of memory plus up here two hard disk drives
so you can already notice that for 2018 that might not at at least at the first
look to be the most desirable configuration and the question was just
the justify question was raised whether that it makes any sense to buy something
like this for three hundred four hundred dollars on eBay used when this is the
machine from 2009 or 2010 and but let me tell you from all the research that I
did and what I encountered online it’s just totally easily I’m here totally
easily able to remedy all the issues that the Mac Pro 4.1 and 5.1 comes with
so you can do a lot of things for example you can fix the Bluetooth issue
and I’m going to show this to you in part one and you should be able to see
this in a navigation down here you can also with the Mac Pro 4.1 there was an
issue that I encountered that you couldn’t install High Sierra and in part
two I’m going to show you how to install High Sierra very easily then another
issue is maybe you can see this here this is a brand new one terabyte one
terabyte SSD and so I’m not sure whether you already
aware of this but Mac Pro comes with SATA with four SATA 2 connectors
so what happens when you plug in an solid-state drive in one of these
connectors or up here behind there is a optical drive and a free SATA connector
as well you can just pull this out and plug the SSD in here as well
but in any case you won’t get the speed so I got an adapter card and in part 3
I’m going to show you how to set this up and then another thing is
obviously the stock graphics card I mean the stock graphics card works well and
you can use it it drives a HD display just fine
but realistically speaking I think most people will also want to change this
graphics card because obviously the Mac Pro is like a machine that probably
primarily used by creative professionals or people who aspire to maybe become
creative professionals such as people who do graphics design or who like video
editing like me or maybe audio production so obviously when you create
a video for youtube you don’t want to always spend like hours rendering this
on a system that’s like cumbersome so that’s what I’m going to show you how
to replace the graphics card and what you have to pay attention to when
replacing the graphics card so that you have an easy time and also what
graphics card to choose and what performance differences you can expect
now personally I picked this one you can pick faster ones it’s absolutely no big
deal but I wanted to keep it a little bit in a budget a little bit like a
budget build and then in part 5 I’m also going to show you how to replace the
memory and in part 6 I’m still waiting for the CPU I’m also going to show you
how to upgrade the CPU because what I noticed from researching this there are
lots little details where you potentially can make mistakes when
picking a graphics card or when picking a CPU or when buying memory and I’m
going to show you these details in these parts so if you’re interested in one
particular part just you can use the links in the description below
where you are basically jumping to the corresponding video and yeah guys that’s
about it I mean you see I have one two three four five six videos in the
pipeline for you that you can really use to become a Mac almost like Mac genius
in no time and I’m gonna transfer the knowledge to you real fast and right now
we’re at the conclusion part the conclusion for me so far is that if you
are a user that just wants a computer that you just take out of the box put on
your desk and you can use right away and get
started with your creative work then the old make pros might not be the best
solution for you and you might be better off just paying more for buying just a
new Mac however if you don’t mind to following a tutorial like this and if
you don’t mind working on your computer then Mac Pro 4.1 and 5.1 can be in my
opinion a really good value this is why I got the system because I think it’s an
excellent value and can really help me to save some money because we all know
the new Mac pros are insanely expensive and also one thing that I really noticed
is for example if you’d have like an iMac the iMacs have become so thin and
I’m really questioning the philosophy of the Apple engineers why maybe if you’re
an Apple engineer please answer this question to me why are you making the
devices thinner and thinner and thinner doesn’t this present you with thermal
challenges I mean you might say oh my god this thing is so big but in my
playbook Wow big is good because big there you can easily access everything
you can upgrade it if I don’t like the graphics card I just swap it out it’s
easily accessible if you have an iMac or something like that
that’s a totally different scenario so for me I like these old systems and if
you don’t mind putting in some work then I think this is a really secret tip and
an awesome value otherwise like I said if you just want to take it out of the
box then stick with a normal system so without further ado
let’s jump into these videos I see you in the next video and I hope these
tutorial series will help you very much making the decision whether you should
purchase this or not or if you have already purchased it to solve your issue
because I I had to do a lot of learning and how to do spend many many hours
reading and watching other videos to gather all this information and make my
system work the way it works right now so let’s get started with the number one
issue that I found and that was the Bluetooth fix so let’s fix the Bluetooth
issue and I see you in the video and yeah like I mentioned before this is a
six-part video series and next up we’re gonna have a look at the Bluetooth issue
how to fix that and yeah you’re invited to to use the navigation below and more
and more people have already subscribed to my youtube channel because I deliver
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  1. canjo 7 says:

    Thanks for this fantasic series on the Mac Pro desktop. I was all set to build a very high end hackintosh, but you have made me change my direction. I would now rather put the effort in upgrading a good 4, 1. Please keep up the great work. You deserve many more subscribers than you have…..

  2. SevenDeMagnus says:


  3. SevenDeMagnus says:

    New subscriber here.

  4. Kenny Kitts says:

    Are these 6 upgrades compatible with the Mac Pro 3,1?

  5. IloveBaklava says:

    for the dual cpu board, can I have 24 cores on a 4,1 or 5,1 mac pro ? (2) 12 core Xeon CPUs?

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