Apache Helicopters waste waves of Taliban – GRAPHIC COMBAT FOOTAGE

July 26, 2019 posted by

Hey I got a whole bunch of guys right there don't you talk to me all right we're trying to pick these guys off one by one you got they a huge force it's blew it all up we did see shots fired Roger that continue engaged continued engagement cf5 friendlies on the high ground we're moving from the south [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] watch your fire [Applause] come on I gotta get hard laughter okay he's gonna keep coming around keep eyes on Hanson okay we'll get your distance set to fly the aircraft where that Anna we have to set up for gunshot so just keep your distance missile shot [Applause] engage lead aircraft is Winchester on 30-millimeter will continue with Hellfire gauges absolutely a good stretch there we're coming up down higher onset we need a for air over so far he's all will realize Horner she's requesting more people at this location is Winchester on 30 millimeter conscious limited 30 remaining our larger agenda to push Hogg to your location at this time EPA ppb sandbox there's all my spot ground and once you got to kind of stance in authority location Roger true silent contact I don't know if that's the GSEs but they were taking fire we'll trace around we had several individuals RPGs self-etch smaller okay Roger he's got that guy in sight down there that well I want you to engage with a few guys to guide the trench work on and engage Warren individual remaining got to step up with 30ml tear up getting eyes on your location also be advised I'm sparkling approver right down below it 2-0 – Roger that searching for several people in that vicinity we got a lot but there's a lot of store site that looks like a departure 15 early understand you have no single elements out here copies are for that for Roger you're that back we got up on your position that I had out there for folding saw this other Hoover and I'll try and get eyes on you see my Sparkle Sparkle that just look at that going [Applause] plenty of fuel remaining however we're almost Winchester I've got one mover to the north running a little weapons getting a little advantage I think we're gonna be turning about engage mannequin stress clear doing gauge clear to engage good stress [Applause] – happy engagement right got to he falleth you engage the mover and that will come back around i should be well to the Roger that you come inside us and you're clear to engage step out I gave a 30 ho after that clear good we're gonna have got to engage there well clear your friendly Roger that oppression what to engage [Applause] och digging up over to the point oh by the best ass look at that weapon system right there


37 Replies to “Apache Helicopters waste waves of Taliban – GRAPHIC COMBAT FOOTAGE”

  1. Elijah Hernandez says:

    That animal took its last shit

  2. Matt Ayy says:

    Those killstreaks will do that to you

  3. Rodger Hall says:

    amazing i love it keep sending these devils to hell

  4. Motersickle Bum says:

    the taliban didn't do 9/11. BushCo and Israel did 9/11. these a$$holes in the chopper deserve to be shot out of the sky.

  5. Motersickle Bum says:

    the taliban are freedom fighters defending their homeland from The Evil US Military who torture-murdered 3000 of their own citizens on 9/11 as a false-flag to attack countries minding their own business in the Mid East.

  6. Nelson3300 says:

    Those animals don't care one bit…

  7. Tr U says:

    God bless America

  8. Fernando Flores says:


  9. Kurt D. says:

    These guys probably had no idea what was going on. Talk about morale killing.

  10. Juan Perez says:

    Get Sum!

  11. Citizen Kane says:

    I see too many brainwashed people here…Seek your own truth dude. Use your brain. Don't let them tell you who you should like and who you should hate.

  12. The audio Room says:


  13. Vinh Nguyen says:

    100k hellfire for one hajii?

  14. Tile Setter 191 says:

    And They want to storm Area 51 lol good luck with that lol

  15. JOHNNY REB says:

    The donkeys were standing around watching all of this going "What in the hell is going on?" "Cool, I'm glad they got that bas**rd he hit me all the time!"

  16. GlennSan says:

    Not the donkey

  17. SirPlayAlot says:

    Battlefield anyone?

  18. Christopher Walker says:

    4:24 that Donkey is an elusive ninja.

  19. Majesty D says:

    Pretty sad war is fought like this now. Lame

  20. kirixen says:


  21. Garrett Rodriguez says:

    12:24 . He said "he is no longer with us"

  22. Garrett Rodriguez says:

    Good smear'em

  23. Michael Thiel says:

    This 30mm cannons are so inaccurate they need to be replaced with a better system

  24. FactoryOldFork says:

    4:25 The luckiest goat in the world

  25. Blitzkrieg Wolf says:

    3:30 "Coincidence"

    I Think NOT!

  26. X3 14 says:

    Those donkeys give 0 fucks about 30mm landing 5 yards way from them.

  27. dale armstrong says:

    hell fire is the right name for those talibon

  28. Tarpon Wrangler The Angler says:

    Bin Laden was wearing a donkey suit the whole war…takes costume off in Pakistan…we got em boys!

  29. David Vannder says:

    Nothing, and I mean nothing, can compare to the reign of terror the British inflicted on the world for hundreds of years. Not even the “evil” Americans

    We’re talking about the original gangsters when we refer to the Brits and their royalty. The true pioneers in worldwide corrupts capitalism and banking exploitation.

  30. blackcat138 says:

    Am I witnessing war crimes here ..

  31. Ryu Hawj says:

    0:57Damn! Dude got destroy!

  32. scooter Smith says:

    2:14 lmao and everyone made fun of Jamal for bringing his donkey costume that day ….who’s laughing now

  33. PopExpo says:

    Hahahaha. America can and will do this all day. 😂

  34. Devun Pecher says:

    Premium vs Free users

  35. Shootem556 says:

    This video will never get old

  36. Noah Baumann says:

    Those direct hits with the 30mm must create a hell of a mess! Oof.

  37. Rusty Shackleford says:

    How do any of these cruel and tasteless comments below make you any better of a person?!?!?! Pathetic and ignorant

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