AORUS GTX 1070 Gaming Box Overview

July 30, 2019 posted by

Well. Hello everybody My name is Sai and today I’m going to talk about a special product from Gigabyte So let’s take a look inside what’s here There it is, and we don’t need it anymore So as you can see it is not a toaster Or it is not a Nespresso coffee machine either Let me just take it for a spin and see if you can figure out what this might be And for those of you who already guess it right Congratulations You won nothing And for those who do not know what it is It is an eGPU For those of you again who have no idea what that means we’re gonna pause you for a second to go ahead google it Right, you just googled it and now you know But if you are so lazy and you just wait for me to say it I’ll just spell it out for you. It’s a external graphics card But unlike others that you might see in the market from other brands this bad boy comes with a living and breathing GeForce GTX 1070 embedded right inside Yes, you heard it right. You don’t need to hassle to look for a enclosure separately and a graphics card separately worrying like will the graphics card really fit inside? How am I gonna install it and like accidentally break some parts in the enclosure will it be covered why worry This is your one stop solution from GIGABYTE AORUS Gaming Box And it comes packed with GeForce GTX 1070 right inside of this very compact sexy looking Gaming Box So here you can see multiple ports Besides the graphics card’s ports you have multiple USB 3.0 ports You have three dedicated for all your needs. You wanna hook up your mouse keyboard, and external storage if you like We have one extra right here as you can see with the Quick Charge 3.0 for those of us who just cannot get away from our smartphones and you want to charge them all the time So there you go. You have all your needs here in one simple compact solution And another good part of this Gaming Box is because it has an embedded PSU inside you can charge your laptop with 100W of power thanks to the Thunderbolt port And you’re gonna get your Ultrabook laptop and you’re going to hook this up to your laptop through a Thunderbolt cable That’s it That easy, plug and play, no need to reboot your computer You don’t have to do anything That’s it Okay so I said it is really easy, plug and play but maybe some of you think I am just lying it’s a commercial. After all, who doesn’t say it’s good It’s our product anyway, right? So why don’t we just try and show you guys whether it is really easy or difficult to start gaming with our Gaming Box OK let’s put our Ultrabook laptop here and our good old Gaming Box here Our Thunderbolt cable Hook these guys up And we just wait for the sound of happiness Now we’ve got it That is the sound of happiness, ladies and gentlemen That means you can start playing right away As I told you, you don’t need to reboot. You don’t need to do anything Just hook it up and start playing But why stop there I mean why, right? We guys always want more So why don’t we just take it to the next level By next level, i mean put this small laptop to the side Get your good old gaming mouse here Get your gaming keyboard here as well And you have the gaming monitors Now with the GTX 1070 Gaming Box, you can have a fully fleshed battle station Now that is cool


27 Replies to “AORUS GTX 1070 Gaming Box Overview”

  1. ZackSpin says:

    why dont build the box that cann turn laptop to gaming PC?

  2. StanleyZ says:

    lol , the last part and does it mean it can play on whatever laptop that has thunderbolt 3 ??

  3. Tsunami LEAGUE OF LEGUENDS says:


  4. Hiếu Trần Văn says:

    hey guy. maybe the box make rise laptop temperature?

  5. SuperDicklee says:

    From now on this guy shld do more videos for Aorus

  6. Agustin Castex says:

    Is for Mac too?

  7. John Hanson says:

    what aorus laptop is that?!?! aorus are you making a fucking ultrabook?!!? I swear to god I thought I wasn't going to buy a new one!!

  8. John Hanson says:

    or is that just a dell xps 13 with a aorus sticker?

  9. Checho Matiz says:

    The million dollar question: ¿Can you open it and change the graphics card?

  10. Bswag says:

    where can i buy this?

  11. sup mayn says:

    It was plugged into a dell xps laptop. Their thunderbolt ports are split into two lanes. So if you plug in that external gpu, it will only use 20gbps instead of the 40gbps it needs. Thunderbolt is throttling the gpu to half its potential, and then plus the -20gbps…you're better off using the integrated gpu. Also, Aorus should make an ultra book to compete with dells xps, i'm sure that would look beautiful.

  12. #Cringe Master Gamez says:

    whats that computer

  13. jorgedxto says:

    can you tell me please which is the laptop that appears in this video???

  14. Rombout Versluijs says:

    Will this run using a TB2 converter as well?

  15. TuroMisu says:

    I love your product gigabyte but please invest in lessons to make videos… this video look very amateur

  16. TuroMisu says:

    Benchmarks? Maybe with that Dell XPS 15 9560 that u got over there?

  17. Romie says:

    I need to get this when i purchase my thinkpad p51. a workstation made for 3d rendering and design with the built in quadro m2200, then gtx 1070 on the side for gaming would be killer!! I can't wait !!!!!! mouth watering

  18. Jonathan Rice says:

    Dude, you killing me. Something that could have taken 1 min took you 4min to drool on and on and .. on. Would otherwise been an excellent video..

  19. Jack Banner says:

    can this think install 2 graphics card at 1? I'm thinking to buy 1.

  20. Vedaant Tiwari says:

    Will it work with MacBook Pro 2015?

  21. AdamRifRaff says:

    hey can someone help me out, I have a Dell XPS 15 9560 and I can't seem to get my Aorus gaming box to run on the internal display.

  22. Endang H says:

    Can I connect this box to my Aero 15W?

  23. Limitless 1 says:

    you think you are smart
    and i am stupid
    do you ?

  24. Darren Godbold says:

    Has anyone tried upgrading the GPU in this? What's the maximum size limit of the card?

  25. Ruijie Li says:

    i cant use the Gigabyte AORUS Gaming Box GTX 1070 Graphic Card GV-N1070IXEB-8GD eGPU to connect with my HP Spectre. HP recommends using an original power adapter from HP. and HP can not fix it, can u help me with it

  26. Apiss Gaming says:

    Can I ask?
    1. Can you only use the hdmi cable to connect your laptop without using the thunder Bolt type-c cable?

  27. Nokta. says:

    how to turn off the led?

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