AMD Radeon™ R9 Fury X Graphics: Industrial Design

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48 Replies to “AMD Radeon™ R9 Fury X Graphics: Industrial Design”

  1. stefan Engström says:

    Why does it still does not change the voltage and memory speed in your progam. Extremely frustrating I have 2st fury X and ordered one to so totally 3st Fury X and 8350. But what is the problem ??? Please fix it just nr1 🙂

  2. Gema Studios says:

    I really want to replace my Nvidia GeForce 6150SE Graphics card with this beast and my AMD Athlon with an AMD A10

  3. GamerOly15 says:

    Does this fit in an Alienware Graphics Amplifier? Or am I better off with the Fury?

  4. Mr11ESSE111 says:

    Get your price down for this GPU because she is not competitive to GTX 980ti and cost same or more !!

  5. Charles Erickson says:

    where is the free sync 4k monitor?

  6. Carlos Acebes says:

    Tengo la 380 y es un pepino

  7. TJ Sorinake says:

    Innovative! I like it!

  8. The Opinionator says:

    @AMD why no Virtual Super Resolution with my HD7850 2G OC after the Catalyst 15.7 driver update?

  9. InStars says:

    Too bad there is no DVI port 🙁

  10. joesph breault says:

    a  new card with no hdmi 2.0  very sad

  11. Daquan Jr. says:

    still meets or is beaten by the 980ti at the same price… sorta disappointed.

  12. Jalil Yazghi says:

    AMD should release something more innovative than cheap prices for hardware that already exists, it can only be good for us to give nVidia some competition so they can finally push the technology further

  13. Brandon m says:

    Can not have liquid cooling or will it get too hot can I just get more fans? And how much is it?

  14. Count says:

    I'll just wait till the benchmarks to decide.

  15. Leignheart says:

    How the heck will i be able to fit all those freakin radiatiors in my pc if i wanna crossfire this? I hate factory liquid cooling. They should have slapped an air cooler on it and let people liquid cool it on their own.

  16. tjpld says:

    "Designed to drive the latest in display technology in the market." Except HDMI 2.0.

  17. MafloN says:

    There's only one problem: My monitor doesn't support DisplayPort and I don't wanna use HDMI because I wanna play on 144Hz. What should I do now? I don't wanna buy a new monitor because I don't have enough money for the card+new monitor..

  18. Karl Marx says:

    I love all this Red team VS. Green team shit talk.. Soooo much better then the bitching that would be going on if there was a monopoly in  the GPU market. Don't be shy about supporting your hobby enthusiasts, AMD has good products and needs our support!

  19. Because I'm Batman! says:

    "user configurable to red and blue"

    i see what you did there :DDD

    Amazing amd!

  20. Richard Stead says:

    no HDMI 2.0

  21. Rafael says:

    Cant wait to see it up against 980ti

  22. Sabrin Islam says:

    As much as the Linux community give AMD a hard time with their drivers, we really really REALLY want them to perform well under linux because at present, Nvidia has a near monopoly on Linux

  23. Samuraislash600 says:

    If I didn't have a G-sync monitor and their driver was better, I would seriously consider this. But for now, one of the aftermarket 980 Ti cards for me. Good on AMD though. They've really created something brilliant and I'm so glad to see something that makes them relevant again. (:


    All that shit he's taking about look and feel is null and void for those if us that are going to gut that shit out of its shell and put a water block on it to add it to the custom loop. I have an xspc 480 kit and all I'm cooling is a fx9590 (non over clocked).

  25. Tracy Rapinac says:

    Is it just me because I would rather have a longer card to me it looks cooler

  26. Zilla says:

    They should just release benchmarks before anything else.

  27. Mike Roy says:

    Umm… where are the cards?

    We have this launch that has been leeking for months.

    Then we got a launch date.

    On that date we don't get a launch.  There are no cards out there.  There are no reviews out there.  This launch may as well have not happened.

    Where is the actual pricing, where are the cards, where are the reviews, where are the bench marks?  This is the emptiest launch ever. Just a hand full of PR speak promos.

    No mention of when they will be available.  Only recommended pricing, and most of the line is rehash

    I am mystified as to why AMD hyped a huge launch this isn't ready.  There is no info and no product out there.

  28. seungkI choi says:

    I run 5×1 portrait eyefinity. Please make 4DP +1 hdmi2.0 outputs.

  29. Marcel Žunec says:

    14 nvidia fanboys…

  30. United States of Embarrassment says:

    Is the Radeon logo configurable to red and blue as well, or is that just the LEDs on the back?

  31. sn4ke says:

    If i have the Money, i will buy this card for the new Star wars battlefront 🙂

  32. Pieter van der Walt says:

    RIP: N. Vidia

  33. Etheoma says:

    And the AMD fanboyism is real on this video.

  34. Etheoma says:

    I thought he was going to go lord of the rings there and say "Its the one card to rule them all."

  35. Overwhelmingly says:

    >Everyone says that Nvidia is dead
    >No Benchmarks against 980ti yet.
    Fucking calm down.

  36. Hendo says:

    Hopefully it won't have 7.5 gigs of ram ;D

  37. DGPF says:

    can't wait to buy 2 of these puppies! 😀 
    come on amd, release them already!

  38. YIC says:

    why do you talk like you are asking a question every single time?
    fucking annoying

  39. Ian Orale says:

    how many watts does it need to run?

  40. UnknownUser says:

    Awesome, now let's see benchmarks.

  41. TheDrumSquad says:

    I see AMD is thinking ahead once again as with their CMT and i hope it pays off this time.
    I mean a steambox with one of these? oh yeah!!

  42. John Kang says:

    I'm hoping they would release a version with G1/4 thread for custom water loops.

  43. wuzupmyhomiz says:

    Shitty talker, though.

  44. pakjai says:

    the nano is more cute obviously 
    the fury-x looks like it was designed by a goth that enjoys mincing up small animals.

  45. guardyangel says:

    Yes!Yes!Yes! GO AMD!

  46. Pesok says:

    AMD's new Fury line is to RX 3XX line as Lexus is to Toyota, Infinity to Nissan or Acura to Honda, or for more appropriate analogy as Nvidia's TitanX to 9XX  = AMD's new Luxury line of video cards! And at the very top of that luxury line now sits Fury X GPU – the first video/graphics card in the world with HBM VRAM(to finallyreplace decade old GDDR5), fully DirectX12 compliant (DX12 games will leave DX11 games in the dust(when coded properly utilizing the new API) as well as VR sets ready(Oculus Rift Consumer version is coming this year finally!). With all of that going for it, Fury X will only cost $650? AMD has reclaimed the crown as the KING of GaminG!
    I am replacing my R9 295X2 with FuryX2 as soon as it is out (dual Fury X GPU card(like 295X2 is dual 290x)) to fully enjoy upcoming DX12 titles like Deus Ex on my 34" UltraWide (3440×1440) monitor! I am so excited, sorry for ranting every1. PC Master race powered by AMD GPU and Intel(Skylake) CPU!!!

  47. DerPolacke says:

    Thank you AMD… now we don't need to cry about CFX because the Cards are not well cooled… omg… i FUU*NG love you <3

  48. T says:

    This is why i game on consoles, pc gaming is so overpriced

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