AMD DirectX12 Supported Graphics Card/Gpu

July 31, 2019 posted by

Hello everyone and welcome to another video.Today
I am going to give you guys a quick update on which AMD GPUs will support Direct X12. Directx12 promised a lot for gamers and lets
take a look at the AMD cards that will support Directx12.According to AMD all the GPUs built
on the GCN or graphics core next architecture will support Direct X12.
That means in HD 7000 series from HD 7730 to 7990 all the cards will support Direct X
12.From AMD’s 200 series all the cards from r7 240-r9 290 will support Direct X12.Finally
all the cards from AMD’s new launch the 300 series will support Direct X12. Upto now AMD has the lead in DirectX 12 performance
and in the test of Ashes of Singularity AMD’s r9 390 almost doubled the frames when using
directX12.So what do you guys think about DirectX 12?Let me know in the comments below.Also
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see you later


4 Replies to “AMD DirectX12 Supported Graphics Card/Gpu”

  1. AbsTechie says:

    What are your expectations from DirectX12?

  2. FrogManXX1 says:

    is windows 10 good for gaming? my free upgrade is ready and i don't know if i should download it.

  3. Clash Gamer says:

    i play wolfenstein the new orderXD

  4. Clash Gamer says:

    how to install directx 12?

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