AMD A6 6400K Richland APU – Overclocks and Benchmarks

July 31, 2019 posted by

so it’s springtime and the Sun is out. weather’s nice. kids and dogs alike are
outside playing in the front yard. so what better time to sit in your garage
and do graphics card benchmarks? introducing the AMD a6 6400K Richland processor. and this puny little
a series is a 3.9 65 watt dual core processor. now being an A series
processor does have built-in graphics being the HD 8470D and that GPU is
clocked at 800 megahertz. pretty respectable really. now we’re going to do
in this benchmark is see how far we can push this little processor and see what
kind of performance we can get out of it. now to be running this benchmark on
Linux like all my other benchmarks and there’s gonna be two rounds of
benchmarks first benchmark being regular clocks, second benchmark being the
overclock. I managed to push this GPU to twelve hundred megahertz. that’s insane! I
was having trouble overclocking the RAM though. I can’t tell if this CPU is
causing some sort of issue or if it’s crappy Gigabyte motherboard I have.
either way I couldn’t push it above sixteen hundred megahertz which probably
severely limited the overclocking capabilities. I was able to use the AMD
memory profile whatever the hell that is and make sure that we’re isolating only
the GPU I made sure to turn core performance boost in the turbo boost off
and I turned all of the AMD extras off like AMD cool n quiet SVM and other
virtualization functions. alright let’s dive in the bench market see this thing
does! and that’s that’s the benchmark. thinking
wow that sucks I think I might agree with you now remember I’m doing this
benchmark on Linux you might see better performance on Windows but I’ve seen
reviews on the GPU and everybody seems to say it sucks to have you plan on
picking this processor up, don’t plan on using the GPU for like anything that
sucks you can barely run counter strike on low graphics with it


24 Replies to “AMD A6 6400K Richland APU – Overclocks and Benchmarks”

  1. moinsen mann says:

    haha very nice ending 🙂

  2. Kevin II says:

    good video Egee and the music was from super mario world wasnt it?

  3. Skwerlman says:

    mmm that simcity audio


    this is my build and it works perfectly to dayz 😛 and arma 3 i get about 27-39 fps 😛


    if you want cheap gaming pc that can handle dayz and arma 3 this is it and it can run rust with high settings with 30-36 fps

  6. Nicolas says:

    if u run this CPU with a graphics card , will it run well?

  7. iRaliex says:

    I have the CPU however I also have a radeon 7850 in it. I do not seem to get good results on many games… I tried arma 3 and it sucked!

  8. Michael Torres says:

    If I were to pair this cpu with a gtx 1060 3gb would it do good?

  9. Humberto Tischler says:

    i had that apu :'v

  10. craety donutkey says:

    Hello Egee. Thank you for your video! How would you get the best performance of this APU by lowering the grahpics in bios? I use a dedicated graphics card so there is no need of this integrated GPU. I'm trying to get as highest FPS as possible in csgo. What need to be enabled or disabled in bios to achieve that goal?

  11. Trashbin2797 says:

    cant play gta 5 on it? i play ton of hour of gta 5 using this shit with 25-30 fps with some high setting and without overlocking

  12. Daniel Dulgheru says:

    I overclocked an amd a6 5400k from 3.6/3.8boost to 4.6ghz and run perfectly fine

  13. Dantepz PUBG says:

    tks u so much help me alot

  14. Helip Official says:

    i can run far cry 3 at 28 fps avg low, medium i dont know cause it drops at 15 fps.

  15. Eggpie_614 says:

    will i perform better with 8gb ram and gtx 1060?

  16. bigjoeangel says:

    I bought this APU and 4GB of 1866MHZ RAM and MSI Grenade MoBo. Overclocked to 4.3GHz with one click! An incredibly cheap PC upgrade for my (non-gaming) dad. For the money it provides great all round performance for basic web browsing and email, that my dad needs. With the added benefit of a small amount of 3D rendering capability for the occasional OLD or less demanding game such as Virtual Pool 4, especially on a 1280×1024 monitor. A6 APU £37, MoBo £31, RAM £34, HDD $40, Win10 £free, TOTAL £142 + used old case and PSU and DVD. Bargain computing serves a purpose!

  17. BalaXpress says:

    AMD A6-6400K Richland 2x 3.9GHz
    Nvidia GeForce GTX1050 2GB, Palit StormX
    can i play destiniy 2 on it ????

  18. find the path says:

    A 6400k I'm testing is able run sticks at 2133MHz. Probably bad sticks if it's Kingston.

  19. Finkelroy says:

    I'm sure it will work just fine with older games. I have been out of gaming for a long time (think the last new game I bought was Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30). IOW, back when most of y'all were still babies. In fact, I started out on Wolf 3D as my first FPS.

  20. speed sLays says:


  21. the bloody eagle says:

    play pubg very low setting?

  22. Seonix says:

    this processor cant play minecraft in 60 fps but can paladin in highest settings with 30 to 40 fps

  23. ROHAN SARKAR says:

    hey can i use any gpu on it? i use gt 730 on it but is not workng properly idk why, can u tell me

  24. Brandon Medrano says:

    Is….is he saying bitch marks.. Or benchmarks?

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