Amazing Motion Graphics Background – After Effects Tutorial (Free Project Files)

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  1. Voxyde says:

    x = random(0.3,1.2);

    value * x


    value + [0,index*-30]

  2. Aadi Malik says:

    gud job man

  3. ETC_Stormii says:

    this is god tier stuff lol wut

  4. Grasshopper Cinema says:

    This is great! I can wait to upload it to a stock website exactly the same as the tutorial result! 😀

  5. Ben Ephla says:

    Dang, so many great techniques, thank you!

  6. Guilherme Andrade says:


  7. Art says:

    I bet he got the programme for free ^<^

  8. Бастин Џибер says:

    This very useful. Thank you for sharing.

  9. mine profile says:

    Really cool visuals

  10. Wilmar Toro says:

    Hi… can I replace the cirlces by logos?…. I mean, each line of circles will be a line of logos one after one. Thanks

  11. Sneakersn Visuals says:

    This tutorial was very helpful! Thumbs Up! 😀 Thank you so much!

  12. Xiotus says:

    Your Voice sounds like that this tutorial was published in 2011.

  13. Evgen Te-ko says:

    Как сделать зацикленность данной анимации?

  14. DBM DAN says:

    Great video, one problem I get this error message when trying to render in full "error motion tile cannot allocate a buffer"

  15. Spooky Fantastico says:

    Thanks for explaining the expressions! Most tutorials just say to copy what they have and to trust them.

  16. Eugen C. says:

    cool stuff man! it's interesting you use expressions, didn't saw this to often in other tutorials 🙂



  18. Mister Westbam says:

    Clever stuff in here, many thanks, super cool tut!

  19. Simon Scott says:

    learned a lot from this, thanks, look forward to seeing some more!

  20. Узуматор says:

    Is it possible to make from this video a tunnel?

  21. SpaceKingDinosaur says:

    Sweet! Thank you so much for yet another super helpful tutorial.

  22. DS Han says:

    Damn that was a cool background animation… simple looking background animation YET.. so cool and effective in grabbing a viewer's attention! Great stuff!

  23. Atim Gaming says:

    Hi, could you make a tutorial on those fire plasma things you used in your DBZ AMV?

  24. hOpe hOpe says:

    hehe its the same as this guy

  25. vladan m says:

    Thanks bro !
    simple and nice

  26. Moses Sharma says:

    Great ..

  27. Azra Sultana says:

    Great sir

  28. Sommer Time says:

    Wow ! This is so awesome and so simple to make! 😊 I followed your tutorial and got and awesome effect. Thank you.

  29. AYOUB BERRICHI says:

    Thanks for a new tuto … its been long time we not see u ..waiting for other tuto

  30. Егор Перепелица says:

    nice to see you back

  31. mograph junky says:

    best tutorial channel in youtube for after effects…

  32. Muzly says:

    Very nice. I liked the blur near the end, it really added the depth of field to make it look amazing.

  33. Call gamer says:

    Long wait ends !!! Great stuff…

  34. Niral Sakhiya says:

    Thanks man for this tutorial

  35. Hasuno Works says:

    Super cool tips gan Voxyde <3

  36. Jey Production says:

    U R BACK!1111!!! <3 Welcum back :3

  37. Druvian says:

    Thanks for the tutorial!

  38. Nika Bitiashvili says:

    hey Voxyde <3

  39. Адильхан Сайран says:

    Love it! As always cool! Thank you!

  40. Prasun Saurav says:

    You Are Great 👍

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