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Hi, I’m Daniel from We’ve now bought and tested all of Samsung’s
4k models released in 2018, so in this video we’ll show you their line-up and how they
compare. Note that Samsung often has small variations
of their model numbers which are available in different regions, or even within the same
region to prevent price matching between retailers. Check the description below for a list of
models which we expect to be equivalent. Samsung generally offers versatile LCD TVs
with good picture quality. They usually have an impressive and iconic
design. All of these models have low input lag which
is great for gaming, but limited viewing angles so the image degrades when viewed off-axis. For each of these models you can check out
our detailed reviews and measurements which are linked below. We’ll start from the most affordable 4k models
and work our way up to the premium models in their line-up. The NU6900 is Samsung’s entry level 4k TV. It has decent picture quality, with a VA panel
that offers fairly deep blacks from directly in-front. It supports the HDR 10 format but isn’t really
able to benefit from it as it can’t produce a wide color gamut or bright highlights. It also doesn’t support more advanced features
like variable refresh rates or local dimming and only has two HDMI ports which may be a
limitation for those with many devices. It has a ‘classic-style’ TV remote which
isn’t as slick as the smart remote found on higher end Samsung models. The next step up is the more widely available
NU7100. It has a slightly sleeker design and a similar
brightness, but one additional HDMI port and a shared component and composite input for
those with older devices. Overall performance is very similar though,
and the NU7300 is the same TV but with a curved design. The curve is a personal preference, so most
people should just go with whichever is cheaper. The step up to the Samsung NU8000 is the first
significant improvement. This brings with it the addition of local
dimming to improve the dark scene performance, although it doesn’t work well as vertical
blooming is noticeable when viewed in a dark room. It also has Samsung’s smart remote which
works well to control other devices and doesn’t require line of sight. The NU8000 also has some advanced gaming features,
including automatic low latency mode and support for variable refresh rates from a new Xbox
or PC with a supported graphics card. The fifty-five-inch model and larger also
half a one hundred and twenty hertz panel, which can be useful for those who enjoy a
strong soap opera effect or want to play games at high frame rates. The NU8500 is also the same tv but with a
curved screen, so between these it depends on your preferences. The regular model naming conventions change
for QLED TVs. Note that these model codes are very similar
to the 2017 ones, so check for the N at the end of the model code to ensure you’re looking
at the latest model. The Q6FN is the cheapest QLED TV of 2018. It offers some small improvements across the
board over the NU8000, with a wider color gamut for HDR and better color volume. Overall though, it is a very similar TV. The 7 series QLED is an incremental upgrade
which is best suited for those in bright rooms. It offers much better reflection handling
and can produce a much brighter image which is excellent for those with glare or lots
of ambient lights. It also has an external one-connect box to
connect devices to, and only a single cable goes from the box to the TV. This can be great for those who want to hide
cables and devices out of sight. It is available as the Q7FN with a flat screen,
or the Q7CN for those that enjoy the curve. The 8 series QLED or Q8FN brings improvements
to the dark scene performance. This is Samsung’s cheapest 2018 model with
a full-array local dimming backlight that helps to produce deep and detailed dark scenes. It doesn’t have the external one-connect
box like the Q7FN though, so all your devices connect directly to the TV. It is a great choice for those who watch movies
or HDR content in the dark. Note that this is a different model to the
Q8FN sold in Europe, and is equivalent to the Q8DN. The Q9FN is Samsung’s highest end 4k TV
of 2018. It improves upon the Q8FN with better local
dimming including many more zones. Like the 7 series QLEDs, it has an external
one-connect box so only a single cable runs to the TV. It is Samsung’s top model if price isn’t
a concern, but in the US it is only available in sixty-five and seventy-five inches. Outside of Samsung’s regular line-up, they
also have ‘The Frame’ TV. Unlike other TVs, the borders resemble a picture
frame with a customizable bezel. Art work can be displayed when the TV is off,
and like the Q7 and Q9 it has an external one-connect box to keep inputs connected to
the TV hidden away. Performance wise it is most similar to the
NU8000 so most people are better off savings the money, unless you really care about these
design elements. So in summary, if you’re on a budget then
go with the NU7100 for a versatile TV. If you’re able to afford the NU8000 then
it is a better TV with neat gaming features, better picture quality and a smart remote. For those in a bright room, the Q7FN offers
a much brighter image and better reflection handling. For those who watch movies in the dark the
Q8FN offers a step up in performance due to the full-array local dimming. And if you can afford it, the Q9FN offers
the best performance of the lot due to the more effective local dimming. So that’s it! Let us know in the comments below what you
go with. You can check out our reviews which are linked
below. If you like this video, subscribe to our channel,
or become a contributor. Thank you for watching and see you next time.


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    I love it! Extremely informative, no bs, straight facts and comparing it with no bias. Hope to see you guys grow and carry on these quality reviews for a wide range of products!

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  7. deebs22 says:

    great video! i bought the Q6 82” it was at the top of my budget or i would have stepped up. no complaints so far

  8. Adam says:

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  9. Ultimate Warrior says:

    Bought the samsung 65 inch nu6070. It's my first 4k tv, but how does it compare to the other 4k models? I've noticed some motion blur during certain scenes. Just wanted someone input. Thanks.

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  17. EVIL JESUS says:

    samsung 6900 is only $379 for an entry model 4k smart television. Why waste your money on anything else when you can wait and save your money for an 8k or samsung's micro-led 4k television?

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  67. Chris Connor says:

    Looking at Getting a 75” samgsung. Torn between NU8000 or q6fn.
    Not sure if there’s enough difference between the two models. It’s appears marginal at best..
    Ur thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Thanks for your reviews! I got the 49nu800 for $599.99 US and absolutely love it!!! I know it’s 60hz but I have the base models of Xbox and PS4 and a Nintendo switch and they all look amazing! The price was right and I’m enjoying it!!!

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