All For One | S2 EP20 | “Old Wounds”

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Sorry. Dorothy’s roped me into a
hangout day. She’s just gone to get
takeout. So since I was alone, I
thought I would… say… hi. I’m… good! Just keeping up with schoolwork and… the campaign is pretty
quiet right now so… things are okay.
What? I’m not… not telling…you
[sighs] Okay, I am. I… Why can’t I…why can’t I just say it? No, um… I’m not doing this on purpose. It’s like I can’t control it. Like I’m trying to tell you that It’s like there’s
something inside me that’s stopping me Why can’t I just say it? [knock] Dorothy. How much food are you
carrying that you can’t open the do- ……… Miller.>>Miller: Alex What are you– [sighs] >>Alex: Yeah. I’m…actually fine. mmm…I know
I should be freaking out right now. But it’s like I literally can’t feel anything [knock]>>Miller: Alex? Can you open the door? Alex, come on. Don’t just leave me standing in the hallway. I…I…I came a long way. Come on, let me– Heyyyy.>>Alex: Miller. Come on in.>>Miller: I’m sorry. Um, I had a lot of caffeine.>>Alex: Does caffeine usually make you show
up at people’s houses and harass them until they feel pressured to
let you in?>>Miller: Ha ha. Is Dor here? She’s not here,
is she?>>Alex: What are you doing here, Miller?>>Miller: I came to apologise to Dorothy for
everything. I knew this was a bad idea. I should go. I-I’m gonna go.>>Alex: Okay.>>Miller: Hey, wait. I also owe you an
apology.>>Alex: Oh well, you owe me a series of apologies. You owe me infinite apologies, actually.>>Miller: That’s true. Are you okay? You seem
weird, like something’s off.>>Alex: Is this your way of apologizing? Because it usually involves words like “I’m sorry”, or in your case “I’m the worst human on Earth,
please forgive me”. So, was that your apology?>>Miller: Right! No, no! No, that wasn’t the apology. I do have a real apology. I made notes. See, notes. Though I spilled coffee
on them and they’re out of order and also they’re the wrong ones. because these ones are for Dorothy. I need different notes for you.>>Alex: How many coffees did you have?>>Miller: They threw me out after two…elve. I was nervous! I planned it down to
the word. I didn’t want to get…>>Alex: What, like this? Yeah, like this.>>Alex: Dorothy’s pretty unpredictable.>>Miller: I know. I wrote out six versions. Including one where it ends early
because she punches me in the face.>>Alex: That one sounds pretty accurate. So? Your apology? To me?>>Miller: Right, right. I did a lot of bad things to
you.>>Alex: That’s really specific.>>Miller: No, I… God, I went through this
whole spiel with her like eighty times, why is it so hard->>Alex: Her?>>Miller: My therapist.>>Alex: You have a therapist.>>Miller: Yeah, ha ha, I got a therapist.>>Alex: I think that’s good.>>Miller: Of course you would. Oh God, it’s really
hot in here.>>Alex: Look I know this is a really emotional big thing for you, but could you speed it up a bit?>>Miller: Oh, yeah. Sure. [deep breath]
My therapist says I emotionally manipulated and abused you. which was an asshole move. I’m sorry.>>Alex: You don’t agree?>>Miller: What?>>Alex: That you manipulated
and abused me, you don’t agree.>>Miller: I guess I agree.>>Alex: That…that’s really convincing.>>Miller: No, logically… She’s right. I did and I’m sorry.>>Alex: You’re-you’re really bad at this. Do you even
feel sorry?>>Miller: My therapist says that’s “a long
term goal”.>>Alex: Oh, okay great. So no. So you just show up here and
remind me of all the terrible things you did to me and then you don’t even feel
sorry. What do you want from me?>>Miller: I just wanted to say: I’m never
going to do it again. I promise.>>Alex: Miller. I don’t care.>>Miller: Of course you care. You’re Alex.>>Alex: Where have you even been, Miller? You’ve been gone for months. Then you just show up out of the blue?>>Miller: It’s a long story.>>Miller: Short version, I spent a
couple months on the street. I realised that
after everything, I was right back where I started. Decided to change.>>Alex: Just like that.>>Miller: No. It was months of hard self
reflection. I still kinda regret
letting myself get tricked into seeing a goddamn therapist–>>Alex: You were tricked? By who? The Rocheforts?>>Miller: You think the Rocheforts would pay
to put their defective guard dog into therapy? No, they’re done with
me.>>Alex: So who? Don’t lie to me.>>Miller: I’m not. I… met someone. Who has been… helpful. Maybe a
little pushy. But it’s good.>>Alex: Uh, does this person have a name? A
pronoun? Height, weight, date of
birth?>>Miller: No. I’m keeping my lives separate. For your sake as much as for theirs.>>Alex: You’re really committed to this.>>Miller: Look. How we met wasn’t ideal–>>Alex: Huh, another mark.>>Miller: Yeah. We met at a bar, we hooked
up. Cheaper than a motel, which is
helpful when you’re broke.>>Alex: The Anton special.>>Miller: Easier now than when I was fifteen.>>Alex: So what? You, uh, instead of robbing this
poor person blind, you just… caught feelings?>>Miller: No, they figured me out. Offered me
a spare room. Told me I could stay
a while. We became friends. Actual friends. I’ve never really
done that before. We talked. We connected. We’re not
together. Not really. Not yet.>>Alex: So. None of this was about Dorothy or me. This was about you getting closure. So you can walk off into the sunset guilt free. I can’t believe you. You’re-you’re trying to change by
erasing all the terrible things you did. That’s, that’s not how it works.>>Miller: No, I– At least I’m trying. I don’t want to be that guy any more.>>Alex: You’re always going to be that guy. You’re always going to have to work
for it. You can’t erase the terrible things you did to us. What you did to me.>>Miller: I just… I don’t want to hurt
anybody, especially… people I care about. Not any more.>>Alex: [scoffs]
I didn’t know you knew how to.>>Miller: I do, sometimes. I cared about
you. I just didn’t know how to handle
it. So, yeah, I made some mistakes.>>Alex: Yeah, way to take responsibility.>>Miller: I don’t know how else to phrase
it.>>Alex: Oh, how about, you were a perpetually
angry homeless kid looking for someone fragile to leech off of–>>Miller: –Hey–>>Alex: –so you picked a neglected
teenage girl and made her emotionalll rely on you>>Miller: That’s not what I->>Alex: And then when she disobeyed you,
you made her think you killed yourself. Because of her.>>Miller: I didn’t– You make it sound so–>>Alex: What? “Abusive”?>>Miller: Alex, come on! I was in love with
you. And you betrayed me.>>Alex: So you punished me! That’s love, to you?>>Miller: No. I mean, I reacted badly, yeah–>>Alex: You have no idea how you hurt me
do you?>>Miller: –I didn’t mean to–>>Alex: The permanent damage you did. I spent YEARS thinking I killed you
because you ‘reacted badly’. Then
you come back and you systematically manipulate all of my friends into turning
their backs against me. Leaving me
isolated and alone yet again.>>Miller: That wasn’t– I wasn’t trying to.>>Alex: I barely sleep. I don’t really eat. Half the time So don’t act like it was an accident.
I don’t even know if this is real. You did that. You broke me. Like you’re not responsible.>>Miller: I– You’re right. I am responsible. And I’m sorry.>>Alex: Do you mean it this time?>>Miller: I think so! I don’t know!>>Alex: Well, isn’t that a relief.>>Miller: Wait. Can we- I just–>>Alex: No, Miller. I don’t accept your
apology. I don’t accept anything
from you.>>Miller: Look, I’m–>>Alex: You come back and every
time, you leave me worse off than you found me. I’m glad that you’re to be a better person. But next time: leave me and the people I love out of it. You better get your ass out of here
before Dorothy comes back.>>Miller: Goodbye, Alex.>>Dorothy: I got everything, I got-

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