Alienware: Install Video Card Drivers (Nvidia)

July 31, 2019 posted by

Hello! On this video we will teach you
how to properly install or update your video card drivers. First, let’s check on the current version
of the video card model. Right click on the desktop and find the nvidia control
panel. Now, you can right click the Start menu
to get the device manager app. With this information, we can select the
proper driver from Select the driver’s tab and use the
drop-down menu to pick your card. Once the search is done, select the first option and download the
software. We already have this version in our
downloads folder. Prior to continue the installation, let’s clean up the old files. Head to the
control panel and select uninstall or change programs. You’ll find the whole
list of nVidia programs. We need to uninstall all of them before we
proceed to install the new driver. First, uninstall the graphics driver this will require a restart. From here on
you might lose signal on some video ports. Go back to the control panel and
remove the rest of the software. Once again a restart is required. Now that we have no nVidia software
we can proceed to install the new driver so run it and follow the instructions We know that nVidia has a clean install
option, but in some cases it will only install over the old files. You can
choose this option here if you feel like it. After the installation completes, you can
check your version and update your preferences within the video control
panel. In the manage 3D settings, set the
preferred graphics processor to high performance nVidia processor. Then, on the set physics configurations,
use the geforce gtx 970m options. This will vary depending on your video
card. Don’t forget to apply the changes before
you leave the app. Thanks for watching and as always don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


19 Replies to “Alienware: Install Video Card Drivers (Nvidia)”

  1. TR BLITZ says:

    Can we upgrade our cpu in alienware 17 r3? Like I have a i7 6700hq soo can I upgrade it to i7 6820hk?

  2. ihave7sacks says:

    Get rid of the cheese filled intro please! It makes the videos seem so cheap and nasty. Adults own Alienware products too, we don't need to see an attractive girl for no reason other than to see an attractive girl.

  3. Cam456p says:

    I was resetong my area 51 pc when i nocked out the power cord and now the pc wont load, it just takes me to boot options and i follwed one os yalls other videos about recovering from dell image. But once i do that my screen turns black and wont do anything, please help

  4. Cobra Chris says:

    can you do a video showing how to upgrade alienware auora r5 power supply i wanna upgrade it but dont know how

  5. kavudx says:

    This still doesn't help me update my nvidia gt555m on my m14x

  6. Damine Pagan says:

    hey can you guys at alienware recommend the best video card for my x51 r3 desktop

  7. Sash Talevski says:

    How do you do it for the AMD cards? I have a Radeon R9 M290x and the drivers on the Dell site are still from 2014. When I tried installing the ones from AMD, not only did I get constant error messages during the installation but then my graphics card was recognized as a totally different one. Please help.

  8. nathan turley says:

    +Alienware Services i have a Alienware steam machine will I ever have to update the drivers, if so how never used steam OS before

  9. The real Spidey says:

    I used this method and now my physx only sees my Intel driver and not the nvidia where before I could switch between both! HAAAAAlP

  10. sanjeet arun says:

    I recently installed Samsung M2 SSD 950 Pro which is the primary boot for Win 10 64bit. Well, when I run dxdiag it used to show Display 1 being Intel graphics and Display 2 being Nvidia. But now its showing just the Display 1, sound etc., I did a clean graphic driver install using DDU(Display Driver Uninstaller). I then installed the latest driver from Nvidia site. My bios, Device manager and GPU-Z detects Nvidia graphics but not in the dxdiag. When I bought my AW15r2 the os was installed on 1TB hdd and then I could see the dxdiag picking up 2 displays. Guys let me know and all help is much appreciated!

  11. AngelGab19 says:

    Can you upgrade the video.???

  12. slighty suicidal says:

    when i right click to NVIDIA control panel it tells me "NVIDIA Display settings are not avaible.
    You are not currently using a display attached to an NVIDIA GPU."
    and because of that i dont know which driver to dowload and i also cant anything from NVIDIA because of that

  13. slighty suicidal says:

    ok so because I didnt understand how to chose the righ driver can you pick one for me please, I have a GTX 750 Ti and Driver version 388.13, tell me if you need any other information to pick a driver.

  14. finegamingconnoisseur says:

    Will installing drivers from the Nvidia site disable the Integrated/Discrete card switching function on the Alienware laptop?

  15. Kef103 says:

    I’m so pissed Alienware support refused to listen to me and made me send my laptop in

  16. Khwairakpam Tapas says:

    hello whats the most compatible nvidia driver for alienware 15 r3 graphics gtx 1070 as i update the driver it does not seem compatible as there is a huge drop in the fps in every game that i play . i talk to nvidia customer service and they suggested me different version of graphics driver and none of them seems to work

  17. Ruben Gomez says:

    So some of my features don't work I got a gtx 1080. whisper mode, battery boost, and virtual reality don't work and when I check all of them to see what's the issue is it states that I need a gtx 1060 or higher but you see I got a gtx 1080 so what can I do to get this working again.

  18. Ruben Gomez says:

    To tell you the truth save your money and get a real desktop. This people will take your money and a bull shit you. one year warranty and if you want to renew your warranty its 350 something for a year what the fuck happens in a year not much save your self the trouble and build your own. I admit I fuck up and got one of this expensive paperweight thanks Dell for helping never.

  19. Amar Sangkakala says:

    i got stuck on intel HD graphic 3000 , please help me.
    i use m17xr3 , win 10 64 bit

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