Adam Savage Speaks to an Expanse Graphic Designer!

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Obviously when you think about a show
like the Expanse you think about the sets and the props and the costumes but
one aspect that you might not consider in your head that’s super super
important is the graphic design: the labels on the walls, on the floors and on
the clothes and that is the job of Kim Sison here. Kim, you’re first assistant
graphic designer. Yes I am. I’ve been working on the Expanse since season two. Tell me about what your job is like? You’re sitting and coming up
with graphical information, labels stickers, posters … So I’m the graphic
designer for the Expanse. I basically do all the graphics that you see on sets, on
any props so these would be more obvious things or you would see like branding
and stuff. But we also do the chevrons on the floors and all the splashes
of color that’s vinyl is ours. Numbers, space numbers — lots of space number.
Warning labels … A lot of warning labels. I’ve become pretty much the go-to person
for mechanical labels because I’ve just done thousands at this point and I just
I love looking at them now. It’s something you don’t usually notice. There’s a visual iconography to it that’s very specific. Yeah, and it just adds to
it, adds to the texture. Yeah, that’s what I do. Well so I want to talk about
this because so here is a backpack from season three am i right i season two
season two and like when we when we think about something like this people
may see this as a prop ago oh yeah that looks like a kid’s prop from some show
right but you’ve got a design so it’s funny cuz like I read the book the first
book before I started and this there’s this whole beautiful like segment in the
book where they talk about misko and Mariska but it was never in the first
season right and I was really glad that they like added it in a prop as a nod to
the book series right yeah so I basically took what was described in the
books as two comic character yeah – it’s a children’s TV show that
exists in the universe that Holden and Miller were both reminiscing about while
they were in eros and they were like singing the theme song and they’re like
oh and and like do you remember when they’re always like being chased by this
guy with a pink hat and all that so yeah I just had I mean that’s the thing is it
feels like it carries with it a history of a thing that really existed and
that’s not trivial to give it that was there was their source material you took
inspiration from like the Teletubbies or I just really like looking at lowbrow
art as far as I was really really big into vinyl toys like in the early 2000s
so this was all I drew which was really funny because when it came up as a
project I was just like code like this is I have been training all my life for
this right in your department if you’re super enthusiastic about a specific
design they’re just gonna give it to you pretty much that I usually like the
little drawing ones and there’s usually about four or five people in the
department and each person has something that they specialize in but yeah like I
do the little little illustrations like this eventually you’ll use everything
you ever lived right exactly also I want to talk about this this incredible
intergalactic waffles takeout container now just in when you encounter a real
takeout container from some branded company in the real world it’s the
result of hundreds of hours of meetings and decisions and efficiencies and
industrial design and then you have to do all that yourself in like a few hours
like I think I only had maybe two days to do this or something crazy this is
amazing from incredible it feels like I’m looking at a real thing we we had
some like source material there was just
these like really beautiful packaging like Asian packaging that was just like
from Google like we were just googling like all these really interesting
packaging and they just kind of created this thing out of it
but it’s not even real cardboard because we wouldn’t they could have print on
cardboard so I had to like get a cardboard texture and print it on vinyl
yeah so this is whole like this is all vinyl on cardstock got printed and then
like it was really funny it’s just like getting a prototype done out of paper
and like making sure everything worked in the color matching was great like
okay because all I really was given were these takeout boxes okay the two takeout
boxes and these like ice cream containers and you came up with a
formula and the cutlery in gyms like put them all together
I love the cutlery sitting in this is brilliant and this is what any companies
should actually do this is smart design thank you that is fantastic
okay now a tie Frank just gave me something that I think is partially your
work is the savage industries jumpsuit this is you this is me so yeah you know
how much I love Futura Extra Bold is a great
it’s very Universal and I think it will carry on hundreds of years from now I’ve
talked to me about this gorilla talked to me okay so the gorilla is actually
originally was a stock image because we only we only have like a day usually to
do these things and it’s tricks of the trade so I got this like full-size
gorilla image and then just like manipulated it to get just this head and
like it had to be the perfect shape to go with it with the logo and then it
turned into that and like when I first got it I was really really excited
because I was a huge fan of Mythbusters it’s really bizarre it’s like going a
full circle isn’t it yep you’re gonna find that regularly with life no well
tell me about these other logos these are also all
other logos that were created I think these were created by me
yeah I’m pretty I’ve done so many mission patches on the show yeah it’s so
for every single mission pets you have to again tell a story about that mission
so it can’t feel like every other mission path yeah exactly and we just
looked at a lot of mission patch references online and like even just
looking at sci-fi like other mission patches from sci-fi shows as well just
to kind of get that blend of both yeah I’m curious about your process do you
start out with a paper and pencil doing rough drafts or do you sometimes
sometimes I do usually it’s just mucking around with with illustrator just moving
things around until some it feels right our working files are just it’s an
absolute disaster it’s all these like shapes and like trying to like cut
champers out of things because everything is on an angle okay right um
yeah and then you just kind of keep going until you see a shape that works
and then color scheme that works when I was I was working in the model shop at
the Industrial Light and Magic I did a lot of laser cutting and as such I drew
a lot of weird shapes and whenever I drew a particularly complex one I would
actually store it in a separate file that just was like the repository of all
weird shapes you must have photos like that yeah I do I also have a big file of
just like reference images like going back to mechanical stickers yeah I have
like a library of mechanical stickers that I just go back to every time for
reference just for inspiration just for inspiration
yeah yeah and as far as like for things like where I’m actually illustrating
something like the intergalactic waffles and even the scone risco it would be
like an iPod iPad sketch with a periscope with a pen okay um because
that’s where it’s going now yeah like paper and pencil or another thing I
smell of them I still try to draw on those notes though I do draw on a lot of
post-it notes you save them I do sometimes yeah yeah I still have I
think I I still must have something from the original mr. Moresco somewhere
is there a design in season four that you are particularly ecstatic about well
aside from the intergalactic waffles is pretty Amanda with us my favorite I
think that I’ve done for season 4 is the Tainan the time so I did all the
graphics for the Tyne in the China airlock and it was just so cool like it
just felt like you are in space and you’re in the future and like
everything’s so gritty and it all fell into place for you
oh yeah I was a huge sci-fi nerd growing up and it’s really funny like this is
like a perfect job oh yeah totally totally the perfect job for me because
it’s like again this coming full circle from like now I’m making Kenan right
you’re the person that’s I’m gonna go to to ask about and I used to go to like I
mean I still go to comic-con so I still get excited about cosplay and everything
and now there’s like people that are cosplaying stuff that I’ve done and like
replicating graphics that we’ve done and it’s just really cool that’s the best
channel thank you so much for giving me an eps into your world yeah


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    No wonder she said "some Asian packaging". It's Japan. Packaging is alsomst a religion in Japan. The most fun, well thought, comfortable and practical packaging is designed there.

  2. Austin Whitaker says:

    “It started as a stock image” is the most honest graphic design statement lol.

  3. Rena A. Altman says:

    So cool, thanks! I never really thought about how in a sci-fi show you have to make EVERYTHING in the world. Obviously there's a lot of original design needed in, say, a modern legal drama but at least there you could buy real-life products to have in the background. It's so wonderful to see how much effort goes into world building. Brava, Kim and the whole Expanse team!

  4. GreenAppelPie says:

    That is a boring ass show after watching the first 3 episodes. Does it get any better? There’s just nothing original about it.

  5. Freddie Beltran says:

    I studied graphic design.

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    Once she was but the learner. Now, she is the master… Loving the Expanse Keep up the awesome work!

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  16. Frank Ozaki says:

    as a graphic designer, i'm both devastated because her job and work is infinitely cooler than anything i've ever done, but also super heartened because her process and technique sounds very similar to mine.

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