Acer KG251QF Gaming Monitor Review

July 30, 2019 posted by

The Acer KG251QF is one of the cheapest 144Hz
gaming monitors I’ve seen so far, so let’s check it out and find out how well it holds
up see if it’s worth buying. The monitor has a 24.5 inch screen with a
16 by 9 aspect ratio and runs with a 1080p resolution, so 1920 by 1080, nothing special
about that. Here’s where it gets interesting, the panel runs with a 144Hz refresh rate,
has a 1ms grey-to-grey response time and features AMD’s FreeSync, making it an excellent choice
for gamers, especially when you consider that it can be picked up for just 299$ AUD, but
it should be around $200 USD once available in the US. That’s pretty cheap, and the lowest cost
144Hz gaming monitor like this that I’ve found, so let’s take a closer look and find
out what else is on offer, as well as any missing features, which should be expected
at this price point. As it’s got FreeSync you’ll need an AMD
graphics card to take advantage of this, unfortunately I’ve only got Nvidia cards here, so I wasn’t
able to test that out myself. It’s also a TN panel, meaning that it’s
going to look best directly front on. Acer list the viewing angles as 170 degrees horizontally
and 160 degrees vertically. Looking side to side I didn’t notice too much of a change,
vertically was easier to notice though especially when looking from underneath you can see the
colours shift. In terms of colour accuracy, I couldn’t
actually find any information about this, so went into my own testing expecting the
worst. Using the Spyder 5 Pro I was able to test the current colour gamut of the display,
and this resulted in 95% of sRGB, 70% of NTSC, and 73% of AdobeRGB, so it’s actually not
too bad, much better than I was expecting. The screen gets quite bright too, with a peak
brightness of 400 nits. I’ve also performed my usual backlight bleed
test, which involves having the screen completely black in a dark room to help emphasize any
bleeding. I then take a long exposure photo to display any bleed, so this is a worst case
scenario test. As you can see here it was basically fine in this regard, although this
will of course vary between monitors. With the UFO test I wasn’t able to see very
much ghosting, although it’s difficult to show here as my camera is only shooting at
30 FPS so I can’t really represent what I actually see. It’s not all about the panel though, granted
that is definitely the selling point of this monitor. Taking a look at the rest of the
monitor it’s got a plastic black and red V shape stand. It felt a little flimsy, but
it does the job. Despite the stand being covered in plastic, it seems to be metal inside, and
it does a pretty good job of supporting the panel. Even if I bump my desk it only wobbles
a little. The bezels are fairly thin, at around 7mm
or so based on my own measurements. The stand can also be removed if you plan on instead
using the 100mm VESA mount. As the mount is above the stand connector you can still use
it while connected to the stand, for example if you wanted to mount a NUC or something. The on screen display was pretty easy to use
and navigate through, all of the buttons are found on the front panel on the right hand
side, making them very easy to access and see what you’re pressing. The back like much of the rest of the monitor
is a matte black plastic. The two speakers are found towards the top, and there’s an
Acer logo on the top right. The speakers didn’t sound that great, probably
as they’re rear facing, and they didn’t get too loud either. The IO is on the back toward the bottom and
faces down. On the left side of the stand there’s the power input, 3.5mm audio input
and headphone jack, while on the right there’s a DVI port, HDMI port, and DisplayPort 1.2. The HDMI port supports up to 120Hz, so you’ll
need to use DisplayPort for the full 144Hz refresh rate. There’s also a Kensington
lock nearby. As for the included cables you get a HDMI cable, DVI cable, DisplayPort cable,
3.5mm audio cable and of course power cable and external power brick. Both the stand and display together weigh
in at around 4.2kg, or just 3.7kg for the panel alone. As for the overall dimensions, the panel itself
is around 55.8cm in width, 42.9cm in height and 5cm in depth. Unfortunately the monitor isn’t very adjustable,
it’s got your typical -5 to 15 degrees of tilt and that’s about it. There’s no height
adjustment, swivel or pivot available here, if you really do need more options though
you could always attach it to a monitor arm using the 100mm VESA mount. So far the monitor doesn’t look too bad,
but how was it to actually use day to day? As you’d expect while playing games everything
looked super smooth due to the 144Hz refresh rate and quick response time, and I expect
it would have been even further improved if I could actually have made use of FreeSync.
It was a bit strange going down to a 24 inch monitor after using a larger one for so long,
but realistically I think 24 inches is an alright size for 1080p gaming anyway. In modern games you’ll need a powerful graphics
card to actually take advantage of the higher refresh rates, but for less demanding E-sports
titles like overwatch and CS:GO you can get away with a lower end graphics card, especially
if you’re willing to drop the settings down a bit. Playing Overwatch on ultra settings
with my Nvidia 1080 ran well above 144 FPS and the gameplay was very smooth the whole
time. I’ve also used the monitor to edit some
recent videos too, and as shown before the colour gamut isn’t too bad, to my eyes it
definitely looked good enough to get the job done. As for the price it’s going for around $299
AUD here in Australia, which translates to $225 USD on for my international viewers,
but things usually cost more here so it’ll probably be closer to $200 USD when it’s
available, making it one of the cheapest monitors with a 144Hz refresh rate. So what did you guys think about the KG251QF
gaming monitor from Acer? I’m still impressed that we can now get 144Hz displays with FreeSync
and 1ms response times for this price. Yeah it’s definitely missing other nice to have
features, but these are the core components needed for a great gaming experience, and
I think it’s definitely delivering, especially considering the price point. Be sure to let me know your thoughts down
in the comments, and leave a like if you found the information useful. Thanks for watching,
and don’t forget to subscribe for future tech videos like this one.


100 Replies to “Acer KG251QF Gaming Monitor Review”

  1. Random Gamezz says:

    Do you get 144 with dvi-d

  2. MATT ANDO says:

    I got a display from Dell on sale $350: 27”, 1440p, 144hz, and GSYNC.

  3. Ivan Buendia Aguilar says:

    Hello, what about the viewing angles of the monitor, being 25 inches, if you sit in front of it you see something obscured by the top of the monitor sitting in a chair in front of him, or it begins to get dark if you crouch too?

    Thank you.

  4. Ok, this is it! says:

    Is this better than the Asus VG248QE?

  5. كروم kroom says:

    is this monitor good with this pc?
    CASE: Cooler Maaster Lite 5 RGB
    CPU: i5 9400F Processor
    RAM: TEAM GROUP Delta RGB 16GB (8X2)2400
    SSD: 120GB L3 EVO 530MB/S
    HDD: 1TB WD 7200RPM
    I am know to pc gaming and I ordered this pc (didn't come yet) and I ordered a monitor with it but they said that the monitor isn't compatible with it so I search and found this monitor and the price is 225$ is it good?
    and thank you for the review

  6. r91plays IND says:

    Please test out gsync/adaptive sync on this monitor with nvidia graphics card.

  7. MrkX .D says:

    Guys what do you think about the 2k model 27" ? is good deal?

  8. Sarthak Mishra says:

    This guy deserves 100 million subscribers 😎😎😎

  9. #THE NOOBZZ says:

    Is it
    Good for console fortnite
    Does it have 1mille second responsive time plssss some one tells me

  10. Nairn Crawford says:

    Coming from a 60hz monitor i see a huge difference, as everybody I could be bothered watching and they say so too. It came out of the box a 60hz though so I had to change that to 144hz.

  11. CombativeJohnny says:

    I’m gonna get this for 144 on Amazon

  12. Snelly says:

    Fantastic review as always, was wondering if I should buy the 27-inch Acer KG271A which seems to have similar specs and is only $329 AUD ( I know that you may not have reviewed this monitor but do you think it would be similar?

  13. DaTs Facts says:

    Does this monitor support nvidia graphics card?

  14. YodicFishy says:

    I use the HDMI for the monitor, you mean its locked at 120hz? Should i switch to displayport to reach 144hz?

  15. johnny iron lung says:

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    I got the 240hz version used for about £225. It was in great condition.

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    I know i'm late, but right now I can buy this product very cheap in my country, so my question is: Since i'm using an Gerforce 1070 gtx 8 gb, does that mean i won't get the chance to use free sync features? Which will result in screen tearing if i don't run atleast 144 fps? I'm using 60 hz and really want to upgrade.

    Best regards

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    What should I get as a secondary monitor for this

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  36. James Clauson says:

    1080p is so dated at this point you really should only be getting one if you have a crap gpu. 1440 & 144Hz is like another universe in comparison.

  37. henry danger says:

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    U have earned a sub

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  64. Eeshua says:

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    Great video! btw could you review the 240 hz one ( Acer KG251QD ) 🙂

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    this is Tn or Va or Ips monitor ??

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    I just bought it and when I type it shakes. It annoys the hell out of me. Anyone got tips to stabilise this flimsy monitor

  71. Phillip Pham says:

    whats the difference between kg251q and kg251qf ?

  72. qwachi says:

    Do you need an amd graphics card for the 144hz to work?

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    how is it compared to zowie XL2411P?

  74. Gruelund says:

    is 27 inch not to big? like i hVE A 24,5 ICNH

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    Hey Jarrod, was wondering what your thoughts were of the Acer KG271UA QHD? There are such few reviews out there. I'm looking for a monitor with 144hz refresh rate, 1440p, 27 inch for around $400-600 AUD. Thanks for your time and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  76. Julian Urtz says:

    The charm of a channel with a low sub count, and the quality of one with a high sub count. Keep up the great work!

  77. synq says:

    Where did you buys this monitor, (as a Aussie)

  78. Toxic says:

    Lol in Finland its worth around 160€

  79. Alex Hutchinson says:

    I bought this based on your review. Along with a 2060 Super for my mid range PC. Looking forward to it thanks dude.

  80. SALTMAR says:

    Ahhh it’s 500 usd in my country:)))

  81. xVilebloodx says:

    Can anyone confirm this is Gsync compatible? I know it’s freesync

  82. iNFG Playz says:

    Hi I’m back my main yt account got disabled because I used my school email r.i.p

  83. Annoula says:

    it’s 150 now for prime day, debating on getting it cause i only have a 60ghz monitor right now

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    I’m in the uk and it’s on sale atm it’s £144 should I buy it

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    I don't know how to change the inclination

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    This would be a good monitor but the stand of the monitor is so big.

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    me:why so low..
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    me :thats good now(with tears)

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  94. Ashwin Alagendran says:

    Where do you buy this in Australia? My friend bought a pc and I’m trying to help him get a good monitor and instantly went to your channel

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    Just got the same monitor for £139 and I have to say that I am more than excited to try out 144Hz for the first time.

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