A Hat in Time to the ultra lowest. Increasing fps on an Intel Pentium + IntelHD

July 31, 2019 posted by

Do you ever think back about classic games
like Super Mario Sunshine, appreciate its colorful whimsical levels and think to yourself…
they just don’t make games like this anymore. Well, then you should play A Hat in Time,
literally one of my top 10 PC games of this year. But what if you using an integrated GPU and
you need a bit of help in the performance department? I am Alex, this is the LowSpecGamer… where
we explore ways of increasing performance on games and see what if the most ridiculously
low we can to run this game under the minimum requirements. A Hat in Time is a recently release indie
game running on the Unreal Engine 3 with some rather unspecific minimum requirements. I will be experimenting on this game on a
dual core Intel Pentium G3260, and its included intelHD GPU. No dedicated graphic cards for this one. Let’s go through some of the things you
can change on this game for better performance, which can all be achieved on the configuration
file located on the game’s installation directory, hat in time game, config… and
the file is called hatintimesystemsettings.ini Let’s start with something simple. On the lowest settings the game still renders
shadows on objects that are close enough to the camera. You set DynamicShadows and LightEnvironmentShadows
to false to get rid of shadows all together. Some of the variables at CompositeDynamicLights
and SecondaryLighting can be used to disable some of the game’s light but DirectionalLightMaps
is something you might want to leave enabled as it will make indoor surfaces completely
dark. This does not affect most outdoors levels,
but everything in close down spaces will be very hard, if not impossible, to navigate. It does provide an important performance boost
so only use if necessary. Another simpler option is disabling post processing
effects. The difference here is hard to spot, mainly
the colors being less vibrant which is relatively a small sacrifice. One very interesting element is depth of field. On large levels the game uses a dept of field
effect to blur out elements over a certain distance. This is a trick used to mask some of the draw
distance of the game, but it looks a bit weird on the lower settings. If you want to disable that for aesthetically
or performance reasons all you have to do is to set DepthofField to false. This will of course reveal the low resolution
low framerate elements in the background that you are not supposed to see but in general
some of the levels will look cleaner and work better. And talking about draw distance, that is controlled
by the MaxDistanceScale variable and if you are starting to get desperate you can reduce
it a bit. Cutting it to a dramatic 0.2 will cause a
lot of things to suddenly appear as you are walking around which, obviously might dramatically
affect your gameplay experience. During my own personal experimentation values
around 0.6 seemed to provide a good performance boost without making the game unplayable. If you are interested in a more simple change,
this game supports changing in internal resolution which allow to drop the resolution of the
game without affecting UI. This is done by changing the ScreenPercentage
variable where 100 is, well 100% external resolution. Change to 50 and you will definitively notice
a difference. Experiment until you find a value that works
for you. Finally we have level of details for textures. These variables control the texture resolution
of pretty much the whole game, so changing the Max and Mix LOD values to a low number
has some interesting effects. For example, if you limit all MAX lod values
to a 16 the game looks like this, so there is a very obvious reducing in texture resolution. If you drop them to 1 well… emmm…. Oh Hat kid… what have we done to you. Nothing escapes these changes, grass is weird,
textures are flat, nothing makes sense. Evidently you might not want to got to these
extremes. During the testing, which I streamed I noticed that some surface that were supposed
to be transparent are now opaque, which makes it really hard to complete some levels. So it seems the lowest you can drop the textures without this happening is 16 pixels of Max lod value. You will the find the final configuration file I used
in the description. With this final configuration I played several
levels without major issues in the playability of the game. It is worth noting that the game has a very
curious warning at the start… given the fact that this is not a laptop and that the
only GPU on this thing is the IntelHD. Are you judging me? Because obviously everyone has a dedicated
GPU right… no one would try to play this game on integrated. But on the actual game performance was much
better than I expected even on some of the levels that give me trouble before. Often close to 50 fps. It would drop to around 30 when it needs
to load something or when moving around the map really quickly. But it is still pretty good. There are some levels that are particularly
GPU heavy but, in a game were everything centers around the movements system I was still able
to navigate effectively on this PC. So, if consider playing this. I really recommend you do, it is really charming and the industry could use more games like
this. And if you are in a low end computer give some of the tweaks a try If you would prefer to follow a written guide I wrote an article on ModMy that you can find a link for in the description. Thank you to the people in Patreon who help,
keep this channel going.


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  1. LowSpecGamer says:

    Ok. I have been wanting to do a regular old LSG video on this game for a long time. We will be returning to something more hardware based right after Christmas.

    Since I know a lot of game suggestions for will be made on comments, I wanted to provide an update of my current “blacklist” of games I am currently not expecting to make a video about. If you suggest one of these game expect to be pointed to this comment.

    First, regarding PUBG. I know the 1.0 blocked the config files. If any other way of changing the game is discovered I will make a video about it, but for the moment I know nothing.

    Ok. On with the list.

    -Unturned, Unity game with no config files and no launch commands. I have found nothing to make a video about.
    -Assassin's Creed: Black Flag, it uses a very restricted version of the anvil engine and I have been unable to find anything on this apart from changing resolution.
    -Assassin’s Creed: Unity, game is a bit of a disaster. Configuration file is very limited and I could not measure any difference using old AC commands.
    -Arkham Knight: gave it another try, but still refuses to work.
    -Shadow of Mordor: configuration files only mirrors the config screen. Nothing hidden or extra.
    -Fortnite: the developers blocked changing configuration files, and there does not seem to be any way to overcome it.
    -Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare / WW2: The configuration files are weirdly structure, but I have more or less figured out what each variable means. They do not seem to allow any value outside what the config screen offers.
    -Left 4 dead 2: The great majority of console commands are blocked, very little left of use.
    -Fifa 18: I might be missing something, but so far no results.
    -War Thunder: plenty of Options in the Game, but not much to add via configuration files or such.
    -Rainbow Six Siege: Apart from resolution the config file does not offer any tweaks. There are no launch commands and driver tweaks can easily lead to a ban.
    -Arma 3: There are some slight tweaks floating around, but I have unable to measure any improvement in performance, CPU, GPU or RAM use while using them. I am might be missing something, but it does not seem really twekeable at the moment.
    -Saints Row 3: tried finding something for the game, but so far everything in the configuration file is also on the config screen, so no extra tweaks.
    -Saint Row 2: same situation as 3. People often quote the “Gentleman of the Row” mod as a way to fix performance issues, but this is a collection of mods that adds things to the game while fixing some bugs. I have found no performance difference in the low end using Gentleman of the Row, and I have found no mention in the mod’s documentation regarding performance improvements. Powertools has a tweak for speed, but this does not seem to help if the GPU or CPU is under minimum requirements.
    -Just Cause 3: limited configuration file, no extra tweaks apart from resolution.
    -Ghost Recons Wildlands: I have yet to find any extra tweaks.

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    Please help! When I edit the file and try to save, it tells me that I don't have permission to edit the file; it says to contact the software owner or an administrator account though i'm on an admin account.


    Operational System Of x64 Bits Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N2940 @ 1.83GHz 1.83GHz
    4,00 GB (Usable: 3,88 GB) I Have Intel Inside

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    Got it on my weak laptop from 2010 and it can run between medium and high.
    Got it on my PS4 Pro and I noticed alot of effects were missing and Hat kid's quality was reduced.
    The developers didn't focus on the console versions of this game

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    Installed memory (RAM): 12.0 GB (11.9 GB usable)
    System type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor
    Pen and Touch: Pen and Touch Support with 10 Touch Points
    Graphics Card: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620
    Chip Type: Intel(R) UHD Graphics Family
    DAC Type: Internal
    Adapter String: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620
    Bios Info: Intel Video BIOS
    Monitor 1: My HP Laptop/PC
    Monitor 2: Philips 105S (105S2)
    GB: 915
    I'm On Core i5, The 8th Gen.

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    It has a Intel Celeron chipset and 4 GB of RAM. I will try this configurations because the game caughts all my attention.

    Thanks friend!

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  98. ShadowWolfTJC says:

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    With the release of the Nyakuza Metro DLC, low-end PC players like myself have been running into severe performance issues with regards to the new Nyakuza Metro level. Personally, I suspect that it has to do with the sheer volume of animated and reflective textures that are being rendered on-screen at a time (which, understandably, kills the framerate when the player is viewing an open area such as the main plaza). Since HatInTimeSystemSettings.ini has more options to tweak around than when you posted that file, what would you (or anyone else for that matter) recommend that I change to get more system performance, especially within the new Nyakuza Metro level?

    Edit: I've noticed that there are these different "[SystemSettingsBucket]" settings within the file. Any idea what they do?

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